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  1. no its just like mphgp817 says the ai can go flatout in turn 7 at zandvoort and i have to slow down but the ai doesnt and thats very unclear to me as in f1 2020 i raced there with 78 ai in a red bull could always make a chance for a pole or the win but in f1 2021 i have it on 58(!) and im just struggling to even get a pole or win in also a red bull that to me seems very unrealistic and in the f2 i have tested it also there are no problems but in the f1 cars its just not realistic and this doesnt seem like it is to be likd this
  2. i also have seen videos on youtube where the ai dont go unrealistic fast but thats on ps5 it looks like its only on ps4 but not sure
  3. yep i also have it easy in bahrain and so super difficult in zandvoort also with the hungaroring havent tested every track yet but its far from being realistic
  4. is it me or is the ai unrealistic fast on some tracks? i always ran on f1 2020 with 78 difficulty in which i always did make a chance for the win in like a red bull but in f1 2021 i have the difficulty on 58 and its on the same track and same team and the ai always wreck me is this me or is this just very unrealistic? A detailed description of the issue: check above Report Code: im not playing right now Platform?: ps4 Game-mode?: only mode i checked was grand prix dont know about career mode [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players
  5. there is an glitch if you start your driver career in f2 and then move to f1 you suddenly have acclaim level 19 which in my opinion is very unrealistic/glitchy my platform is ps4 and i dont have an report code as i am not playing right now but have also seen this glitch on youtube
  6. I also have this bug on f1 2020 ps4 slim some barriers of the track suddenly disapear and the brake boards are not there and the pits is completely black you cant see anything its only on the f2 side f1 nor classic dont have this only f2 2019 and 2020 season
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