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  1. Sopkoppie

    F1 2020 Voice Commands

    Just press the button once, don’t hold it down. Speak load and clear, just the words of the command you see on screen.
  2. Sopkoppie

    Not a huge problem :p

    Was doing the Track Acclimatisation program in Mexico and noticed the DRL line and sign are aligned with where you can activate. Only the ‘box’ on the track for the program is positioned 10m behind...
  3. First of all, calm down.. “USING CAPSLOCK EVERYWHERE ISN’T REALLY HELPING”.. And noticed it too in my last race in Japan. Weather went from dry to light rain, to heavy and then light and dry again. Both Mercedes pitted for new inters when everyone pitted for wets. After wets to inters went well for them, but inter to dry they did the same. Having new inters and then take softs.. they were running 1-2 at the start, finished 17-18 (2 retired). I’ll try to see it as a strategy mistake from the team, helps with dealing with the situation 😂
  4. Sopkoppie

    No Safety car and Vsc at all [SG]

    Report code: ADMX BGTR SASP KVKV. playing career mode, 100% races, 103 AI, simulation damage, SC and Flags on, corner cutting regular. just finished the Japan race, had a SC just for two laps. Fist SC I’ve seen so far, still in season 1. Don’t remember correctly, but only had 1 or 2 VSC before... this SC was probably because of the weather, no one retired of damage his car when SC came out. Seen some big crashes in races before this one, no SC... thanks codies, pls fix!