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  1. Heinos

    Prlblems of the F1 2019 in the PC

    Unfortunately DX12 is crashing here also and i have the latest Nvidia drivers (1060 GTX). It happens when it enters the main menu.
  2. Heinos

    Career number 1

    Haha yeah i know. Luckily you can always change it. But thanks! 👍
  3. Heinos

    Career number 1

    Not as bad as my start of the career. I forgot all the other tabs for helmet and suit creation 😂. I started in Australia and i thought: What helmet am i driving?! Somehow i skipped those tabs during the creation of my profile.
  4. Heinos

    Career number 1

    Yes. The option is at the start 👍. There's a popup where explicit is asked if you want #1 or stay with your number later on with a championship. Something like that, i've read it quickly 😂.
  5. Yeah it's always the case. The majority of the gamers who are aren't on these forums are very pleased with the game. The ones on the forums are always the biggest criticasters and are whining about the smallest things. If you go on some kind of Mortal Kombat forum you will see that Mortal Kombat is the worst fighting game ever with the shittiest game developers 😂. I expect my copy today, and i expect just as 2018 a real fun racing game!
  6. Oh yes! This is good news! This certainly give the career mood a nice boost. Why they didn't communicate this before...?
  7. Heinos

    F1 2019 is too expensive on xbox one

    Oh wow. That's expensive! I am glad i bought it for pc. Physical copy, €38 (anniversary edition though)
  8. Heinos

    Commentary in F1 2019

    Haha some things were static indeed. But i liked the commentary overall and also get useful information out if it like someone has crashed or something. I liked it haha!
  9. Shot looks good. But i am afraid the old crash physics will be unharmed.
  10. Heinos


    Yeah. There are pictures of the screen on the background during the presentation. And you see indeed Official broadcast. But i bet it would be everything around it except during the race. But hey, we are going to see it! I hope i am wrong! 😉
  11. Heinos


    Yeah, it would be nice and all, and i really hope the official HUD is coming (with some adjustments to not have your left screen full) . But i think she's wrong and not understood the messages about the official HUD. I bet they are implementing the fonts and all that into a HUD, but that the HUD still is Codemasters design. Also the menu will be more Liberty media like. What i do believe is that the broadcasting at the start of the race (grid presentation etc) would be the same as in real life, just like previous years (but with grid presentation with real pictures). Gameplay video's also are not showing some 'official' HUD. So i doubt that it will change in this short notice near release day. So long story short. My opinion. I think that there's a HUD coming inspired on the official broadcasting design.