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  1. Heinos

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    Yep. I use this too to fix it and it works. But surely it's a strange bug.
  2. Heinos

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Haha yep, same here! After a corner the first few meters are ok...but when i reach 3rd gear, i notice some powerdump or strange traction. And then i got catched by the rest and drive dead last! Balance is totally of there.
  3. I want to react at this part because i want to give you some back on this one. I recently had a similar situation at Hungary. 1 stop race, as every race in 25%... (also in my strategy) i suddenly hear that i can come in for a 2nd time. I ignored it because i would drop very last with a huge gap. So it came out of nowhere that call from the team what i didn't understand.
  4. Heinos

    Your favourite Formula 1 game

    I would go for F1 Challenge '99-'02 too. What a great game! Even with the mods i played it for years. But my all time favorite would be GrandPrix 2. Oh boy, days and days of playing. I get such a nostalgic feeling about that game, awesome! And ofcourse we are on a Codemasters Forum. I wouldn't be here if i didn't like the game. For sure i like F1 2019 despite all the critics around here 😉
  5. Heinos

    1.08 patch available on PS4

    722MB on PC.
  6. Heinos

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Yeah could be! I hope they fix this problem.
  7. Heinos

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Oh okay! I was just curious because i also read stories about the teams were Butler or Weber were in it, are developing much faster than anyone else. So it's not the case in your career 🙂 . Thanks!
  8. Heinos

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    May i ask who's in the Williams? Is Butler or Weber in it?
  9. Heinos

    Your first F1 game

    I think mine was Grand Prix Circuit from 1988 as a little boy. I was 2 years old at that time, but i bet i played it some years after that. In the rest of my lifetime a lot of different F1 games what came on the market like the ones made by MicroProse (played GP2 day and night, best game ever!), Ubisoft, EASports and ofcourse Codemasters.
  10. Heinos


    Actually some of them were in older versions. Didn't remember which year it was. Dry line after wet (like Canada 2011 or Germany 2019) and See the marble on the tires It looks like some features are disappearing sometimes.
  11. Heinos

    f1 2019 low fps

    In some other topic there are people talking about a fps drop after patch 1.06. Maybe that's happening? * Also noted inPatch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread
  12. Heinos

    Using ultra or hyper soft tires

    Yep. What he said 🙂
  13. Heinos

    F1 2020 Holland edition

    Yeah i agree. Dutch commentators in games are not really realistic and sounds really like they are reading it from paper like Fifa . English language is the way to go in my opinion! 😉
  14. Heinos

    Prlblems of the F1 2019 in the PC

    Unfortunately DX12 is crashing here also and i have the latest Nvidia drivers (1060 GTX). It happens when it enters the main menu.
  15. Heinos

    Career number 1

    Haha yeah i know. Luckily you can always change it. But thanks! 👍