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  1. Heinos


    Yeah i think it's overkill too, or the AI has too less sparks. When i am watching replays it's not hard to find my car between everyone 😂
  2. Heinos

    A.I. Slow Acceleration in Rain !!!

    Yeah well even in the rain i can't get a advantage in the Nouvelle chicane haha. The rain in general i find atrocious (in sense of car handling and performance) 😛 .
  3. Heinos

    A.I. Slow Acceleration in Rain !!!

    Hmm... I qualified pole position in Monaco last night in dry circumstances. Then there was light rain in the race and i still can't keep up the pace, i was creating a Trulli train! Nowhere near my good pace of the qualification as compared to the AI.
  4. Heinos

    Changing AI diffilculty F1 2019

    I'm also on PC and the notification is there 😉
  5. Heinos

    Changing AI diffilculty F1 2019

    Haha yes. What he said: Act quick! 😂
  6. Heinos

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    My AI is sometimes is still like this 😛 :
  7. Yes. It's hard to troubleshoot for all those players with different settings etc. One thing i definitely agree with is the inconsistency of the SC. A big crash can have no SC, and one car on a reasonable safe place can trigger a SC. So i hope it's getting fixed for everyone!
  8. Yeah it could be. I have to say i never intend to make a big crash ofcourse. So if it's before lap 8 or after i don't know, don't pay attention on that one actually. I race 25%, full simulation damage and 100% AI btw. But again i didn't saw some connection with the flashbacks yet 🙂
  9. Yes sure. But you never know when the SC is coming, so i just use it. And never saw a connection with the flashbacks and SC.
  10. I also play on PC and i have no problems with the safety car and VSC. I get both regularly.
  11. Heinos

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    Yep. I use this too to fix it and it works. But surely it's a strange bug.
  12. Heinos

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Haha yep, same here! After a corner the first few meters are ok...but when i reach 3rd gear, i notice some powerdump or strange traction. And then i got catched by the rest and drive dead last! Balance is totally of there.
  13. I want to react at this part because i want to give you some back on this one. I recently had a similar situation at Hungary. 1 stop race, as every race in 25%... (also in my strategy) i suddenly hear that i can come in for a 2nd time. I ignored it because i would drop very last with a huge gap. So it came out of nowhere that call from the team what i didn't understand.
  14. Heinos

    Your favourite Formula 1 game

    I would go for F1 Challenge '99-'02 too. What a great game! Even with the mods i played it for years. But my all time favorite would be GrandPrix 2. Oh boy, days and days of playing. I get such a nostalgic feeling about that game, awesome! And ofcourse we are on a Codemasters Forum. I wouldn't be here if i didn't like the game. For sure i like F1 2019 despite all the critics around here 😉
  15. Heinos

    1.08 patch available on PS4

    722MB on PC.