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  1. On 9/5/2020 at 2:02 PM, CarlosSantos87 said:

    I agree mate.. This year some invitational events are beast to beat.. On this in particular you have to be very easy on the throttle and do the right Racing line.. Put the diff on 55 Max and run on Rich fuel mix all the time.. For this Williams car is too easy to loose the rear when Accelerating.. I had passed this event without any issues but there is really really difficult and you need to be very accurate in your driving style 

    Hmm it's really this particularly event. The others are no problem. This is the first one (also with all the other games) that i am struggling with ever. But no men overboard, i just skip this one because it's not really affecting my career. 😄

    But i am glad it's not only me 😛

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  2. Hi folks!

    I have an issue. In the past the invitational events were extremely easy, no matter what sort event it was. But suddenly yesterday i had a invitational event in France with a Williams (2nd season). I had to catch all the cars (5 cars) within 3 laps. Normally no problem you would say.... But now i couldn't catch none! And i was really pedal to the metal, and not driving differently as i always do. Are there people over here with the same issue?

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  3. Funny, i came across France yesterday in my career. 2nd on the grid behind Hamilton, both on softs at first. Till the first stop he was driving away from me with ridiculous speed and i had to hold off everyone behind me. I got a new pit stop strategy of my team and agreed with it. 2 laps more before pitting. After putting on the mediums (and everyone else) i was much faster than Hamilton and easily the quickest on the field. Eventually i passed Hamilton and drove away from everyone. Hamilton broke down couple of laps later, and don't know if it's coincidence or i really was much quicker after the pitstop. So i won for the first time the French Grand Prix. So i was a bit amazed really, because indeed French is a strange track to drive on compared with the AI. Was it the tyre change? I don't know.

  4. 1 minute ago, Formulaoneteam said:

    thank you for your answer i think i will take F1 2020 on pc the key mapping for the steering wheel and better than on xb1

    No problem! Have fun on PC! 😉

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  5. 1 hour ago, Formulaoneteam said:

    hello everyone sorry in advance if it is not clear I use a translator, I am currently an xb1 player and I wanted to know if I could run the f1 2019 and 2020 on my pc GTX 1660ti i5 9400 12 go RAM thank you  to all of your responses.

    Yes you can. I have lower specs than that, and still play everything on high resolution.

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  6. 52 minutes ago, TheWalker17 said:

    As sad in another topic I think it's still a great game, looks fantastic for a game from 2007 and the official graphics add more immersion to the game. The only bad thing is that AI is inconsistent, in Bahrain you can easily win on the hardest level of difficulty, but then in Australia and Malaysia they're like super fast, and again at Imola they're slow like in Bahrain, all of this with the same level of difficulty, the hardest. 

    Yes what i said before i never played the game before on Playstation. Maybe once on a PSP or something, and it felt really Arcade'ish. And the AI inconsistency was indeed there! But you get great immersion of the official graphics and good commentary!

  7. It's really a shame that the official broadcasting still is not going to be implemented it seems. Yesterday we've heard that our Dutch commentary of Olav Mol is coming to the game . Great addition! But staying on topic, and i posted it before i believe. 14(!) years ago you've had Formula one Championship Edition for PS3. And i really love that vibe with the official broadcasting of back then and the combination with real commentary during the race (and not only pre - and post race and ofcourse the engineer. And i never owned a Playstation, and even never owned that game. I would love to see that vibe again in future F1 games.


  8. Hi Forum, racefans and collectors!

    Recently i launched my own website about my collection of Formula 1 models! In the future i also add normal and other racecars.
    It's a big passion of mine and now i decided to sell some of my collection. But if there's something interesting out there i am still buying too!

    It's mainly in Dutch, but if you're outside The Netherlands i can ship it to other countries if you like.

    So check my website www.f1miniatuur.nl

    Tips are always welcome!


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  9. 45 minutes ago, Coffer said:

    The AI is atrocious in qualifying in Monaco but strong in the race...

    ...if you don't take advantage of the infamous Codemasters Nouvelle chicane cut. That alone gains you a second and will completely destroy the AI, and you can get away with it even with strict corner cutting rules. This is one of those cases where a "nerf" is completely balanced out by the usual AI balance, which, as I mentioned earlier, is deeply inconsistent because they're not playing with the same rules as we do.

    Yeah well even in the rain i can't get a advantage in the Nouvelle chicane haha. The rain in general i find atrocious (in sense of car handling and performance) 😛 .

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  10. 13 hours ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    They nerfed the AI in the rain a couple of patches back because a few people complained they were too quick.

    They weren’t, they were fine. Now they are too slow. That’s how **** works these days apparently.

    Hmm... I qualified pole position in Monaco last night in dry circumstances. Then there was light rain in the race and i still can't keep up the pace, i was creating a Trulli train! Nowhere near my good pace of the qualification as compared to the AI.

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  11. 8 minutes ago, janbonator said:

    When loading up a session (practice, quali, race) there's a notification in the lower right hand corner ("Options" on PS4). Press the suggested button and you get the menu for difficulties, assists etc. The time window is pretty short (a few seconds), so act quick!

    Haha yes. What he said: Act quick! 😂

  12. 3 minutes ago, BiohazardBGR said:

    I play mostly 100 full race and sometimes 50 lengths and there is no sc at all. I use flashbacks and its easy to spot the lack of SC after 2 hours in 21 races some people report no sc even after 5-6 seasons. People talk that the SC is inconsistent and some have many SC other don't but it's not so simple there is a reason why is not coming and some players do things others don't like don't use flashbacks and here comes the difference in my opinion. It's even confirmed by CM in one of their patches 1.14 and later 1.15 The Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car should no longer trigger after a flashback. Quote from 1.15 patch notes

    Yes. It's hard to troubleshoot for all those players with different settings etc. One thing i definitely agree with is the inconsistency of the SC. A big crash can have no SC, and one car on a reasonable safe place can trigger a SC. So i hope it's getting fixed for everyone!

  13. 1 minute ago, BiohazardBGR said:

    Interesting after the 1.16 patch in 2018 I only get VSC on some races but never an SC soon as I use FB they are gone. In 2019 I have a similar experience after a couple of laps. Maybe you have SC early in the race In my observation after a couple of FB and around lap 8 the SC option is no longer available even if you create big crashes and block the entire track. The result is that you and the blocked cars are black-flagged and just disappeared off the track. 

    Yeah it could be. I have to say i never intend to make a big crash ofcourse. So if it's before lap 8 or after i don't know, don't pay attention on that one actually.

    I race 25%, full simulation damage and 100% AI btw.

    But again i didn't saw some connection with the flashbacks yet 🙂

  14. 25 minutes ago, F1XL Roland said:

    Dutch people don't like the Dutch language in their games. It sounds so childish so it's a waste of time. 

    Yeah i agree. Dutch commentators in games are not really realistic and sounds really like they are reading it from paper like Fifa :classic_biggrin:. English language is the way to go in my opinion! 😉

  15. 2 minutes ago, 2Pacalypse said:

    No big deal.

    You can change your helmet and all that stuff any time afterwards you start your career.

    Haha yeah i know. Luckily you can always change it. But thanks! 👍

  16. On 7/7/2019 at 1:25 AM, Raymy said:

    Thanks for the answers. I guess it really sets itself up during the first creation of the avatar and I forgot about that choice. My driver's career statistics screen still showed my original number 89, but when I went to practice 1, number 1 appeared on my car 😉 

    Not as bad as my start of the career. I forgot all the other tabs for helmet and suit creation 😂. I started in Australia and i thought: What helmet am i driving?! Somehow i skipped those tabs during the creation of my profile. :classic_huh: