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  1. Hi! I want to address an issue. Suddenly during chapter three mid-race in France the engine sound was gone. First i thought my speakers were broken because i didn't hear anything anymore, but later when the enigneer spoke i knew it was not my speakers haha. So i only heard the radio and that's it. Also language settings (i did reply to someone else on the forum with this) won't change during Braking Point. I didn't start any other modes, so don't know if it's correct at those. Thanks!
  2. I want to report the same problem. Playing on PC. I switched the language from Dutch to English for the Braking Point mode, but nothing changes. Cutscenes are staying in Dutch i believe and the commentary is English, which is correct. edit: *sometimes it seems commentary and cutscenes (podium celebrations) the languages are mixed. Really weird.
  3. My Team: Caterham F1 Team In my 1st season i created a green/black livery inspired by the first Caterham liveries. For my 2nd season, i put a little white in it. But then for my 3rd season i wanted something different, and i went for a whole different livery. Inpsired by the "Polestar" livery of designer Sean Bull, i created my new Caterham F1 Team colour scheme!
  4. Hmm it's really this particularly event. The others are no problem. This is the first one (also with all the other games) that i am struggling with ever. But no men overboard, i just skip this one because it's not really affecting my career. 😄 But i am glad it's not only me 😛
  5. Hi folks! I have an issue. In the past the invitational events were extremely easy, no matter what sort event it was. But suddenly yesterday i had a invitational event in France with a Williams (2nd season). I had to catch all the cars (5 cars) within 3 laps. Normally no problem you would say.... But now i couldn't catch none! And i was really pedal to the metal, and not driving differently as i always do. Are there people over here with the same issue?
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