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  1. I have no idea what you are on about! For me (and possibly everyone else) it's running perfectly. Perhaps you could maybe contact CM for further assistance.
  2. Thanks man! Much appreciated. I will send throw an email at the team very soon. I will be asking them about why I want to change it and what name I would like to change my display name to. The name I have thought of is a bit more user-friendly and appropriate, if you know what I mean... But anyways, thanks for the reply though! :smiley: 
  3. Has anyone around here already made that mistake in thinking of a name to go with the specific account that you have made? Well, I don't like the name I started with at all. It doesn't have any type of style that I have entirely. Codemasters, please! I'm begging you to let us change our display name, if possible. Thank you. Anyone agree? And yeah, this is about the display name for your RaceNet account. (I'm possibly thinking that everyone would argue over me, just because of some pointless name which I didn't damn like in the damn first place!)
  4. Tuner is our favorite discipline in the game. It features a vast variety of vehicles to use in multiple events, and we like that. A lot.
  5. I was hoping for the Demoman Derby to be released on Xbox and PlayStation. But if they do release the free DLC on the consoles, I would be rather happy. :smile: 
  6. Really? But I still think the Al is unfair though....
  7. Hmm... It's like the Demo Derby mode all over again.... ._.
  8. Why are the AI so aggressive on Eliminator Events on GRID Autosport? This can be a problem when you are competing for the best time on RaceNet Events, and I find the Party Mode on some occasions.... rather difficult. Codemasters, please fix this damn problem! I am being destroyed by the Al on Party Mode on Eliminator Events!
  9. It's a possiblity... Maybe.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgf2Z8FbFY8 - Look here. Music by Phonat - All This Time  
  11. Hello, there. My name is GRID101 (or TheButtKickerUK on PlayStation Network). We have created a new club, and we need your skills to help boost the club's performance. We already have a few members, but still need more people to race in our club colours. We have multiple updates along the way, and even a 'Black Edition Livery' update for our club is coming soon. Please add TheButtKickerUK (host of Team Alpinestars) via PlayStation Network for more more information about the club and even more info, regarding the upcoming updates. Here's some notes on our club livery colours:Matte White (Primary)Matte Black (Secondary) Not really much information though, but we'll be changing the club's livery in the future. So in the meantime, here is the link to the Team Alpinestars racenet club: https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/5613/team-alpinestars We wish you good luck in our team, and we shall see you out on the track, (in our club colour obviously)...
  12. Hmm... not sure mate. You'll just have to keep up to date with Codies' updates on the game, unfortunatly.
  13. GRID101

    Will GRID Autosport have V8 Supercars??

    Maybe. Who knows? [-O<
  14. GRID101

    What you want to see from GRID

    Probably better crash physics. GRID2's crash physics were a little too hard for my tasting.