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  1. personally after watching both on offer in the uk I think the guy on BBc Ben Edwards and Dc are the best at commentating, brundle makes far too many mistakes and never corrects them, David Croft is good tho, him and Ben Edwards would make a good commentary team imo. I think the reason I like ben Edwards is because he done the season review dvds you get in the uk and he was excellent on them, he knows a great deal about f1 and BBc are lucky to have him, and his commentary is excellent and not biased at all.
  2. I was really impressed by our world champion at the weekend there, I only just saw the race when I got home and thought Sebastian Vettels drive from 15th to 4th was awesome. The overtake on Massa was brilliant and he showed the 2 Ferrari drivers how its done. its a pity the Bull cant compete with the Mercs it would be nice to see some close racing up front between more than two team-mates.

    how on earth did he manage to get a faster lap than the Mercs? I know he done 1 more stop than them but still it was very impressive as always from Seb.

    I know like on many other motorsport forums there is a lot of hate towards Vettel but please refrain from the abuse on here, lets talk about him in a mature manner with a little emphasis on the racing and not whether you think he is deserving of his 4 championships.

    On another note its great to see Daniel Ricciardo doing so well in his first season, I think they will make an excellent team for years to come.

  3. hello Bobby, We are also having the same problems. I think its because they use peer to peer connections online and not dedicated servers. We would very much like to know if this is being addressed before buying another codemasters f1 game. we stupidly thought CM had learned after some glaring mistakes but yet again it seems like they have introduced even more faults in this game than in 2012 and that doesn't seem possible. It makes playing this game a frustrating experience and we know what gamers do when that happens, they move on and the sales figures for 2012/2013 prove that. In other forums like racedepartment CM received a lot of criticism for abandoning ship 1 month after releasing a game, in my eyes that was shocking, the pr is just so bad yet it was done to cover up a lot of negativity over another half finished game released to the paying public, with the added bonus of the classics. like many people have said before, 2014 is the last straw with our league, as much as we love playing f1 games we don't want to play a game that frustrates us constantly so if 2014 is not up to scratch we will wait for a new developer to come in and give them a try.

    you know things are bad when members of a league would rather play a game from 3 years ago than the newest installment!!

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