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  1. ArnoFbr

    Lag + Stutering issue with F1 2019 DX11

    Hello ! CPU : Intel Core i5 7600k GPU : KFA2 GTX 1070 8GB Motherboard : Gygabite Z270XP - SLI Memory : DDR4 Ballistix Tactical 2x4 Go 3000mHz CAS 15 Drives : Samsung 960 Evo NVME S.2 SSD 250Go + Kingston 512Go SSD Water Cooling : Corsair H105 Hydro series Power Supply : Corsair RM750x Fresh Windows 10 install GPU up to date. On F1 2019, when I launch in DX12 mode, the game launch, I can see the start sequence and then it crashes. I really don't understand what's wrong with my PC because I'm the only one getting this type of issues
  2. Hello, I posted a message a year ago to ask why my game was having stutterings and lag issues in multiplayer (like this : https://streamable.com/enfwy , video is from F1 2018 but it's exactly the same on F1 2019) it's litteraly unplayable. I have a good internet connection (70mbps down / 10 up / 15ms ping) and a good PC too (i5 7600k + 1070 and game on SSD). On every other game I don't have any issue apart from Codemasters's F1 game. When I used the DX12 version of F1 2018, all of this was gone but the game was slow and crashing at random times. Here with F1 2019 I can't launch the game with DX12 otherwise it just crash. It's killing my game experience Help would be appreciated Thanks !