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  1. acurafx

    Navigating emails help.

    If i hit it quickly, it will go down one, but immediately come back to the top upon release of the key. Again, this only occurs on the email and contract screens in career mode.
  2. acurafx

    Navigating emails help.

    It isn't my keyboard - I can navigate the control settings screen fine. It seems to be only the email and the contract offers screen where I can't scroll to an individual item.
  3. acurafx

    Navigating emails help.

    Thanks guys. I'll check that out and let you know. Much appreciated.
  4. F1 2013 PCIn career mode - when checking emails or contract offers, the down arrow key on my keyboard scrolls down fast, and when I let go, it goes back up to the top of the list, so in a list of emails, I can't look at the second, third, fourth, etc. email. Any help would be appreciated.