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  1. doyidoyi

    Always Slowest Car on Straights

    Yeah, i am. How do i check the trigger? Even with overall wear is around 30-35 percent, i remember that i have that issue. Anyway maybe it is a setting issue as you said.
  2. doyidoyi

    Always Slowest Car on Straights

    Thanks, it is really sucks your motivation for the game. So what do you suggest?
  3. doyidoyi

    Always Slowest Car on Straights

    If williams is 1st on drag, also they can overtake easily. Also Alfa Romeo can pass easily. like something pulling the car back. Maybe some setting but i dont know, i lost the motivation. In every straight everbody can overtake like i have broken fron wing.
  4. doyidoyi

    Always Slowest Car on Straights

    Hello Dears, I am having issue with my speed on straights with Haas in Career Mode. Even if the car is the 3rd by bottom, why even Williams are able to overtake me very easily on straights? I dont think it is related with DRS. My car always stuck on 260-270 km/h despite sometimes(especially in qualilifying) i can do 320-330 km/h? It is reallt frustrating everybody can pass me increadibly easily.. Before patch 1.12 i hadnt issue like that after 5-6 races.