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  1. pacers101

    Cars over-sparking - Career mode

    Sparking as a visual thing, I don't really see it is a problem. The far more serious side of the car bottoming out is when it does so in a high speed corner such as Eau Rouge, Yas Marina T3 or Bahrain T12, leading to a total loss of control. I have noticed that there are minimum levels of rear ride height for avoiding such incidents, and these do increase a 1 or 2 points during the career (although certainly not to the point where you need it at max level). Personally I don't mind the car changing in this way, it keeps practice fresh and interesting as I tweak my setups from season to season. It is worth noting that having to use a higher ride height does slightly negate an advantage that the user has over the AI to run much lower ride heights.
  2. pacers101

    Thanks codies for the new features in the game

    This and the new HUD info showing tyres and penalties is very much appreciated.
  3. pacers101

    1.13 patch is out

    I'm a big fan of the additional info on the HUD (tyre and penalty info)! Nice little additions.
  4. pacers101

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    Thanks Barry. I'll try and do some tests and let you know roughly what kind of swing we are looking at, vs my team mate, trying to keep as much constant as possible, but it may take a few days. As an initial stab I'd estimate a swing of approximately 1.5+ seconds per lap in favour of the AI when the cars are fully developed. It is quite a noticeable jump in a game that is all about consistency of lap time (say you have found a great level and would regularly qualify within +/-0.2secs of Leclerc in season 1, by season 6 or 7 you are qualifying 1.0-1.5sec down, that's a big difference). The OP talked about dropping the AI level from 98 all the way down to 85 by season 7, and others seem to be noting a similar scale of change. You raise a good point on driver ratings, although someone like Leclerc can't actually get much better because his initial ratings are very high, so he is maxing the ratings out early on in the career. Ps. I don't want to complain about the game too much, overall I consider it to be one of the best, if not the best, single player games I have ever played. But it would be even better if this was looked at, as it does affect the enjoyment of otherwise awesome game modes (myteam and career).
  5. pacers101

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    Sorry to bring this back up my career save (which I was very much enjoying) is being ruined by the AI becoming much, much faster as the cars develop, exactly as identified by the OP in this thread. The result is to completely unbalance the game mode. We have seen a few issues like this in previous games but nothing on this scale- the only option is to significantly reduce the AI level, but its almost impossible to then work out what level you should be at as it changes so much and your in the middle of a career. Very frustrating and very unsatisfying. @BarryBL, I did ask a while back if you could raise it with the developers, is this something that is being looked at? Its a bit of a gamebreaker for offline career and myteam for me, I'm seriously considering going back to just playing single championship seasons.
  6. pacers101

    Hanoi dropped from 2021 calendar

    It is quite amusing that I have had to spend so much time learning the Hanoi track this year, with its horrible slow corners into long straights (T2-T5 and T8-T9), the technical high speed twists in the last sector (T14-T19), and not to mention that last corner, which has established itself as one of my all-time favourite spots for damaging my front wing. And now it looks like a one season wonder, at least as far as the game is concerned! I suppose I shouldn't complain, I really am terrible around that track.
  7. pacers101

    My Team, Push to pass

    I think you to do a video and and report this as a bug. As I said earlier, there is supposed to be a maximum amount of deployment per lap (which is separate from the totally OP replenishment which occurs when you upgrade the ERS). I think this thread explains it much better than I ever could:
  8. pacers101

    My Team, Push to pass

    Are you sure? If the bar turns red, it means you have used the FIA maximum allowance for that lap. If you could run it all lap then it is possibly a bug and may be worth reporting.
  9. pacers101

    My Team, Push to pass

    The ERS becomes OP very quickly whereby it can be virtually impossible to actually fully deplete the ERS to 0% over the course of a race. As @dshepsman points out, you can only use so much ERS overtake deployment per lap (i.e. until the ERS bar turns red, in which case ERS has totally run out and your car will be much slower). But you can use the maximum amount of ERS per lap and quite often start the next lap with 95-100% ERS. And yes, I agree that this has a poor impact on gameplay. Using the overtake button is far more fun when you have to weigh up exactly which parts of the race to use it, rather than just using the full quota available each lap.
  10. pacers101

    Understeer in 'slow' corners.

    Good to hear. Try and get the hang of trail braking as well if you haven't already. It really gives you control in corners and that bit of extra rotation when you need it. This is a decent guide video for controller users (old version of the game but same principles):
  11. pacers101

    Understeer in 'slow' corners.

    I'm also an XB1 controller user. I assume you are having issues with corners such as the hairpin at Monaco? Try the some or all of these setup adjustments: - reducing off-throttle differential (as a general rule I don't go any higher than 60%) - increasing front downforce - sliding front toe to the left - reducing front suspension stiffness Clipping a little bit of inside kerb can help on some corners with getting the rotation, but make sure you now the corner and have sufficient ride height. Also I know its obvious, but make sure you use all of the track and swing it in from as wide as possible.
  12. pacers101

    Who invented the strict penalty system?

    As I have said before, there is definitely too much difference between 'normal' and 'strict'. For some tracks normal is fine, but for others you can get away with a warning (or nothing) for some massive corner cutting. Ideally we would have something in between (which would be closer to real F1).
  13. pacers101

    AI Settings with mid value 90, track by track

    Great work as always @svensenk86
  14. pacers101

    Qualifying or Race

    The sign of a good racer! I wish I was more consistent over a race. I'm improving, slowly. I'm a pad user, which may or may not be relevant to one lap pace vs consistency. I have a wheel but I've always found it too frustrating to try and get up to the same standard as I am on the pad!
  15. pacers101

    Qualifying or Race

    Qualifying. I can smash out some great lap times which can compete with 100 AI. But doing it consistently over a 25% race is a different story, 100 AI is just a little too tough for me in the race.