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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    To be honest. this is the best online game i have ever played. I think there should be a tab in "Main Menu" so for car setups. Someone mentioned lagging, i have never lagged, so lagging is down to connection. The current game is excellent. I think a great addition would be an option to create a league so we can race against our friends in a league. fIsince08 wrote: I want:Better penalties        Agree                                                  More realistic damage    Agree Less tyre wear (2013 is ruined by tyre wear for me) Disagree The paddock menu to come back Agree All 3 practice sessions    Strongly agree Interviews to return    Agree Optional commentary  Agree FOM Graphics    Not sure Real life-like timing screens Currently ok Weather radar & TV Feed in the garage  Agree Snake9400 wrote: April 3 Racing in a League - Leagues are the mass majority of people to keep playing these games up to the release of the next. Online Practice Sessions are a must. So much time is wasted having to restart the qualifying session. Which causes no online high fuel runs to be tested. (15 minutes is not long enough, why is there no online practice - like there is single player practice)  Disagree (you can use "Time Trial" for practice. Controller users shouldn't have any advantages, therefore equal. Strongly agree The host of the server should be able to chose where each driver starts if necessary. Strongly agree Setups which actually mean something, not 1-11.  Disagree 22 Player Grids Agree Obviously minor changes can be made, but still an excellent product and value for money. If you wan't to waste your hard earned cash, buy FIFA 14 (biggest pile of junk ever made)