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  1. sanderu1983

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    The game is a joke. The bump is there for years and we are complaining every version. Then the have time for skins?? Instead of really fixing a game. It is a bloody joke.
  2. Is ai level fixed? Like Japan they are crazy good.
  3. Simulator training before a race what helps to make a custom setup based on personal level. Upgrade for the simulator to make it better.
  4. sanderu1983

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    In f1 2019 I'm never seen it yet.....
  5. sanderu1983

    'Lapped cars may overtake now'

    No way? You have a SC? How? What did you do?
  6. sanderu1983

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    Ps4 Pro Career mode Right away No No No More information, I have the first ps4 pro. in the menu like car setup the ps4 Pro fans are on full throttle for cooling. So I think no locked frame rate there. That will heat the ps4 Pro extremely.
  7. sanderu1983

    lock frame rate in menu

    @Faya I know you're very busy with all the post here. But can you look into this please? Lots of people complain about a loud ps4 and this can help a little bit. Thanks in advance
  8. sanderu1983

    Patch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread

    Didn't check for framedrops(too hot here in the Netherlands) but in the menu the frame rate is not locked. Ps4 pro is almost lifting up then. In racing sometimes the fan is going harder but in a menu it is crazy! Please please lock the frame rate in the menu!
  9. sanderu1983

    lock frame rate in menu

    Hello, Can you please lock the frame rate in the menu? Mine ps4 pro is almost lifting up in a menu. With racing no problem. If you lock the frame rate in the menu the ps4 won't get that hot. Thanks
  10. sanderu1983

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    Nobody mentioned yet. Fix the penalty system for replacing parts!!! 60 places grid penalty and still on P1.. 2 years making this game. Then it is a joke. And not a lift off ps4 pro when you are in the system settings.. lock that please!! No more unlimited frame rate please!! For the sound I don't understand the frustration? Maybe you should take a better system for you're sound? Not using you're TV speakers of a cheap headset?
  11. sanderu1983

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    Today in Baku race. I get a release when a Ferrari was there. He ghosted in me and then he was put behind me. Don't know if it is the update or just luck.
  12. sanderu1983

    Big changes needed.

    For online use more options in the lobby for the non assist racers and nerf it more down In career mode don't nerf it down and make it what it is.. a assist. A help for the casual players that like the races now and then. Fix the damn pitstop. It is a shame that gentleman waiting till everybody is gone. Make it more realistisch. Help with the setup in career mode, create simolator work. Every team create a base setup in the simolator in the week before a race. F2 is a nice career mode idea but so bad implemented that it is worse. 5min story and then in F1 is it nothing?? And still no performance update. It should never been a update but basic.. red bull driving on paper a Renault engine.. honda and red bull should take actions to codi. I'm done for now
  13. sanderu1983

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    Codi don't care. Rain lights are more important to fix. 1 of the most important strategies are pitstops. But codi don't care about it. Better they are saying that they are listening and do something about the feedback. They don't care.
  14. sanderu1983


    In 2018 he did drive me crazy. But for now he is on point! He acknowledged or growing in better and constructive opinion. So what you are responding on him is the reason I don't respond. I don't have anything to say on it. I don't race online. But responding now only to say that you literally have nothing to say any good like always. Go back in you're black hole please.
  15. sanderu1983

    Assists way too good

    Maybe if you don't have autism like me it is easy? I drove like days 2 days in timetrail without any assist and can't handle it. Mine brain don't function like that. I needed complete 2017 for adapting to only medium tc. I'm playing F1 games from 2016 now. So I'm not going to learn it. It takes away the pleasure to just play a game for me. I do agree that for online it is different but you can't blame assist when codi don't change online racing. Change that you can input assist on or off in the lobby and done. No more complaints (then people complaining about only tc or abs but we like to complain)