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  1. sanderu1983

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    For real? Spoiled? Do you know how F1 works? How often do you see this kind of pitstops in real? Except with yellow flags. Pitstops are very good tactic only not in this game. So that is not spoiled but disappointing!
  2. sanderu1983

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    Really big news is better pitstop strategy. How often you see a pitstop and you are dropping massive places or you're teammate. That would be news.
  3. sanderu1983

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    I play a long time F1 games. This is the first time I cancel the pre order. No real difference in career mode. Except for f2 in it. So in 2 season you almost max the car performance and game is done... Does someone know about the pitstops? Is that the same too? Everybody going to the pit for changing tires on the same time? I had high hopes for 2 years developing this game.. now I will wait for the release and the comments in the forum. Too bad
  4. sanderu1983

    Why Codemasters shouldn't even release F1 2019

    F1 2018 had offcourse a lot of new stuff, can say a lot bad things from codies but they are working on it. Only it is not always going to be smooth. Tyre heating problems for many players, but the idea is perfect! They have a passion for this game. So only what they have to do now is fixing the bugs, make a even better career mode and fix the online problems. I have faith for the next game.
  5. sanderu1983

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    The next beta release is F1 2019, sometimes I think F1 2018 is still a beta...