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  1. Hey Barry, I'll understand the system codi now want to use for bug reports, but it ain't all black and white always. Is there any way for post like @Spr1ngz2mind to post? Sander
  2. sanderu1983

    Bugfest galore on PS4

    Mate this is a game review! Keep posting. When the ps5 is out they have I hope fixed it all
  3. sanderu1983

    Reviews are pouring in

    Yes so this year I wait for the bug report first in the forum
  4. sanderu1983

    Reviews are pouring in

    I'll don't read any review I think. Every year the game is perfect in reviews but in the end it is full of bugs. I'll have to say it looks more promising with all the more testing! I'll wait for the game when the new consoles are out.
  5. sanderu1983

    Astro C40 and F1 games?

    Nacon revolution 2 did worked perfectly here, astro c40 tr works perfect too. 1 of the best controllers I ever used.
  6. sanderu1983

    Olav mol, Dutch commentary

    He was better yes. But like I said he is doing it alone. If you have the f1 TV app to have already more information. He needs to check everything. Tire lifespan what is happening around the track. All the monitors etc etc. That's the reason the big sky isn't doing it alone. Yes Plooij should go back to his office and fixing tooth's... That person shouldn't be giving a podium to open his mount.
  7. sanderu1983

    Olav mol, Dutch commentary

    Olav Mol isn't bad. He is just a relic of the past. They tried to put giedo vd Garde next to him a few times. But that wasn't a good connection between those 2. He need a wingman. Did someone ever seen how much information he gets? 4 or 5 screens and then still need to watch the race ,talk with Jack Plooij and comment the race. Difficult job but he need to find a wingman.
  8. sanderu1983

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    The game is a joke. The bump is there for years and we are complaining every version. Then the have time for skins?? Instead of really fixing a game. It is a bloody joke.
  9. Simulator training before a race what helps to make a custom setup based on personal level. Upgrade for the simulator to make it better.