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  1. Don't engage with his channel, that's what he wants. In the comments of the last link, he posts his email address. I wonder what newsletters he's about to get signed up for? 🤔
  2. Question for those that already have this year's game. If you start a career in F2, does your performance actually affect which F1 teams you are able to sign with?
  3. But it's the same argument. These options didn't exist the year before and now they do, so CM already have programmed these in after community feedback. To be clear, I'm not saying "I'm not buying because of this" or "this is lazy design", I'm just making a case that it's an option that I'd personally love to have so that I know that I don't have this safety net option of a restart. I try to play as much as a "simulation" as possible, like always driving out and into the garage. and if I'm in a race and too aggressive into turn 1 causing damage, it's too easy and tempt
  4. I don't disagree, but if that's the counter argument, why bother giving the option for recovery or to limit flashbacks/ turn them off entirely? Using your logic, they shouldn't be options either, people should just practice self control and not use them. I'm not arguing that it's game breaking, I've dealt with it long enough, just something that I'd like to see implemented and I can't see why it couldn't be.
  5. I've not bought this year's game yet so I'm hoping somebody could tell me if voice commands now work with the Xbox Series X?
  6. Personally I'd also like the option to turn off the ability to restart a session. I know that I asked for this last year, and I could just not press it, but it's always too tempting. I want to be punished for being too aggressive and making a mistake as this will make career more realistic (and therefore fun) for me.
  7. I get what you're saying, but when you left the garage for your qualifying lap, you'll have left the garage with just enough fuel for an out lap, hotlap and then an inlap. Therefore if you're planning to come in in the middle, you'll not have enough fuel to go back out and complete your lap and you are only allowed to refuel in the garage. With that being said, it would be good if the mechanics got a frigging move on!! Far too casual 😆
  8. Personally I disagree, I've seen it done in other games (I think ACC) and it's done really well. It's a middle ground between all or nothing.
  9. This has been brought up multiple times since F1 2018, unfortunately it's fallen on deaf ears everytime which really is a shame as I'd like this too.
  10. Ultimately this is exactly the reason. Someone earlier asked why not 100%, simple matter is there is not enough audience appetite to watch that length of race. It's highly likely that CM have done their research and balanced this against the need to have a fair/competitive series and 35% is the compromise.
  11. One thing that annoys me about the "safety" rating. My last ranked race I had zero contact with anyone, yet my rating went down by around 10 points. The only thing that I can think of is I had two warnings for exceeding track limits.
  12. Thanks @issueskid. Besides it being too loud, why does it sound more like a crowd at Wimbledon (polite clapping) and than a more rowdy F1 crowd (cheering).
  13. As far as I understand, this is correct. Changing fuel flow would still be legal. What is not going to be legal (potentially) are the teams being able to adjust the engine mapping as soon as they enter parc ferme.
  14. I'd be interested to know if the individual upgrades have their own specific effect, or do they just improve a generic "Chassis" value behind the scenes? With different upgrades having different impacts on this value.
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