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  1. Hi @BarryBL, Yes you are correct, that is the 'point' (didn't know what else to call it) that I meant. I got 2 rivalry points for the race, 'Fastest lap' and 'Finished race' One thing that I did forget to mention, is that I also have flashbacks turned off. Unfortunately I'm away with work all week so won't get chance to retest, nor am I really willing to as @sloppysmusic stated, this would impact my career save. I'd like to think though that this is a simple error that the team could find. Basically the point is probably being awarded as soon as the winner crosses the line and the countdown to the end of the race appears.
  2. Maybe, still not sure that it would be correct in this instance. As you said that you don't play career, you have rivalries with other drivers, one is your teammate, the other you choose. Each race you and the other drivers can score a point in the following categories: Finished race, Fastest lap, Penalty free, Finish position v the other driver, And one other that I can't remember off the top of my head. I believe I was incorrectly (although gladly in this instance) awarded a point.
  3. I encountered a bug this morning, not been able to recreate it, mainly because I don't fancy wasting 30 minutes trying. Xbox One X - Logitech G920 - Career mode - Hungary - 25% distance Race Found myself at the back due to a crash and needing to change my wing fairly early in the race and my tires were pretty worn. The race winner had crossed the line about 45 seconds before I was rounding the last corner. I proceed to squeeze the throttle a little too hard and proceed to spin out resulting in terminal damage about 100 yards before the finish line. Naturally I was devastated, mainly because it was my own fault. The race summary at the end confirms that it was a DNF. However, when I get to the rivalry screen, I received a point for finishing the race in both of my rivalries. I'm assuming that this point is incorrectly being awarded due to the race being classed as finished when the race leader crossed the line and you are still in the race.
  4. CarloLewis

    Welsh players

    I'm part Welsh, but born and raised in Birmingham so...
  5. CarloLewis

    Career mode - sudden loss of reputation

    Nope. My current objective (Finish 15tg or higher) was completed in the previous race. My thinking is that there was simply a big/glitch where an interview was triggered but not displayed and because I still have the timer on, a bad answer has been auto selected.
  6. CarloLewis

    Career mode - sudden loss of reputation

    Thanks for the responses. I'll edit my post for clarity, but there was no interview after the session. The rep just tanked. The only reason I'm annoyed is because it is a driving factor when it comes to negotiations, and that is where you can speed up development and faster pit stops etc.
  7. CarloLewis

    judging ability

    Firstly, this is a game and people are free to enjoy it how they wish. I wouldn't say one is better than the other. With that being said, I think there are two parts to being considered good at this game. Being a good driver and being a good racer. If someone can beat the AI at 110 while using assists, then they're clearly a good racer. If another person can drive without any assists but on a lower AI then they are a good driver. The aim for me was to conquer no assists first and then slowly increase the AI level. That is now at 90 but I struggle with the racing element, knowing when/where to attempt an overtake and how to defend.
  8. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar to the below. It's happened once before but I took no real notice. I'm in my first season at Williams and had just completed FP1 in Hungary, perfecting all 3 practice programmes that I attempted. I also completed some team and R&D objectives. I had no bumps (sim damage enabled and no flashbacks) so the car was fully intact. I can't remember what my fastest lap was or where I ranked but I know that I was faster than my teammate. I received a total of 325 resource points for the session. EDIT: There was no interview after the session. However, upon advancing to the Reputation screen, my reputation has plummeted with my current team and a slight loss with all other teams except one, and I'm at a complete loss as to why. My respect level increased. This is frustrating as I have been slowly building the reputation as I am slowly getting better at the game. The car is still bottom of the performance charts and I've been hitting my performance targets. Plus, this all happened in practice. Why would I lose reputation in practice of I didn't crash?
  9. Wowza! 7.2GB download on Xbox!
  10. CarloLewis


    But they're assists. He doesn't use any assists...
  11. Xbox One - Career mode, race 5 at Spain. I was given a 5 place grid penalty due to an incident in practice. I qualified in 8th and as I already had the penalty from practice, I decided to take a new gear box and 1 of each power unit part (not a part from my current allocation, i.e. a 4th ICE, a 3rd CE etc.) and I was warned that there would be a penalty for this action, yet no additional penalties (except the initial grid penalty) was applied.
  12. Even if we can't save them on a per car basis. At least being able to save the setups in the same way we can controller settings would be useful. That way we can name them as we wish.
  13. CarloLewis

    Just sharing my happiness

    I think the people who only 25% races are less likely to purposely take people out as it is a lot of time to invest to just be a troll. Obviously there will be accidents, perhaps even due to some people being over aggressive, but 5 lap races seem to attract the worst people.
  14. CarloLewis

    Using Look to Apex?

    I have it all the way up (I think it's 15) but I've had it this way for ever. I've always thought it helped me see the corner, but I'm going to try it turned right down for a while to do an actual comparison.
  15. CarloLewis

    Wheel damper/ Understeer Enhance

    All FFB (Force feedback) settings are only used on wheels so changing these will make zero difference in a pad