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  1. Wowza! 7.2GB download on Xbox!
  2. CarloLewis


    But they're assists. He doesn't use any assists...
  3. Xbox One - Career mode, race 5 at Spain. I was given a 5 place grid penalty due to an incident in practice. I qualified in 8th and as I already had the penalty from practice, I decided to take a new gear box and 1 of each power unit part (not a part from my current allocation, i.e. a 4th ICE, a 3rd CE etc.) and I was warned that there would be a penalty for this action, yet no additional penalties (except the initial grid penalty) was applied.
  4. Even if we can't save them on a per car basis. At least being able to save the setups in the same way we can controller settings would be useful. That way we can name them as we wish.
  5. CarloLewis

    Just sharing my happiness

    I think the people who only 25% races are less likely to purposely take people out as it is a lot of time to invest to just be a troll. Obviously there will be accidents, perhaps even due to some people being over aggressive, but 5 lap races seem to attract the worst people.
  6. CarloLewis

    Using Look to Apex?

    I have it all the way up (I think it's 15) but I've had it this way for ever. I've always thought it helped me see the corner, but I'm going to try it turned right down for a while to do an actual comparison.
  7. CarloLewis

    Wheel damper/ Understeer Enhance

    All FFB (Force feedback) settings are only used on wheels so changing these will make zero difference in a pad
  8. CarloLewis

    Hockenheim DRS zones

    Literally unplayable /s
  9. CarloLewis

    Black Flag

    Maybe the parents need to know that little Dennis is a ****
  10. CarloLewis

    Simulating practice

    It's on the workstation. When you are on the screen showing the sessions for the weekend, you can press a button (On xbox this is X) to simulate that session. If you're already in a session, 'Advance' will simulate the rest of the session for the AI but it would be like you've sat in the garage so it is not the same as pressing simulate before the session starts.
  11. CarloLewis

    Black Flag

    @Faya Out of interest, what's the harm in "naming and shaming" when the culprits are clearly, actively making online not fun for many users. I don't often agree with @BluntRS (in fact I often publicly disagree), but they're correct on this one. If you're not going to DSQ these drivers, or allow a formal 'Report' system, then what else do you suggest we do?
  12. CarloLewis

    Black Flag

    My strategy was to hang further back in F1 to avoid kamikaze drivers and then go on with my race. Be ultra conservative in online and as soon as you know it you'll get a B+ rating and online is fun again.
  13. Yes, you have 2 red squares (each side of the 'P') when stationery and these change to green when you can go.
  14. They've added the lights to the steering wheel.
  15. CarloLewis

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Looks like we have a BDSM expert over here! 😉 🤣