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  1. Don't engage with his channel, that's what he wants. In the comments of the last link, he posts his email address. I wonder what newsletters he's about to get signed up for? 🤔
  2. Question for those that already have this year's game. If you start a career in F2, does your performance actually affect which F1 teams you are able to sign with?
  3. But it's the same argument. These options didn't exist the year before and now they do, so CM already have programmed these in after community feedback. To be clear, I'm not saying "I'm not buying because of this" or "this is lazy design", I'm just making a case that it's an option that I'd personally love to have so that I know that I don't have this safety net option of a restart. I try to play as much as a "simulation" as possible, like always driving out and into the garage. and if I'm in a race and too aggressive into turn 1 causing damage, it's too easy and tempt
  4. I don't disagree, but if that's the counter argument, why bother giving the option for recovery or to limit flashbacks/ turn them off entirely? Using your logic, they shouldn't be options either, people should just practice self control and not use them. I'm not arguing that it's game breaking, I've dealt with it long enough, just something that I'd like to see implemented and I can't see why it couldn't be.
  5. I've not bought this year's game yet so I'm hoping somebody could tell me if voice commands now work with the Xbox Series X?
  6. Personally I'd also like the option to turn off the ability to restart a session. I know that I asked for this last year, and I could just not press it, but it's always too tempting. I want to be punished for being too aggressive and making a mistake as this will make career more realistic (and therefore fun) for me.
  7. Thanks @issueskid. Besides it being too loud, why does it sound more like a crowd at Wimbledon (polite clapping) and than a more rowdy F1 crowd (cheering).
  8. CarloLewis

    Pit Coins

    Did you not have a redeemable code in the physical version?
  9. Sorry @BarryBL (this isn't aimed at you but you are our conduit to the Dev team), that's a terrible decision. I can only let you know how severely frustrated and disappointed I am that this is by design. With this news. The F2 section of career is more pointless than last year's! The fact that it explicitly states "How you perform will will affect how you are viewed in F1" is incredibly incorrect and the giving the player the option to skip F2 all togher should be enough to satisfy the casual player. I can also sort of understand that you don't want to restrict a player who may have
  10. Thanks @s00zster for the fantastic level of detail. I forgot to mention in my original report that both times I'd chosen Mercedes as my F1 team. I wonder if the reason the acclaim level starts at 6 is to do with the driver academy choice? I'll give this a test later.
  11. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. - No matter how you perform in the F2 experience portion of the career mode, it has zero impact on your starting position in F1. Absolutely no difference at all. Exactly the same acclaim level (6), exactly the same starting money ($300k), exactly the same starting resource points (2,750), exactly the same market value ($2m), exactly the same contract length (132d) and exactly the same driver perks (none). This is despite each experience saying "How you perform will affect how you
  12. No, the issue was that Time Trial was not working at all I believe. Barry put out a post stating what or was. It only applied to PS4.
  13. Well, you can say the Xbox team, but it's still Microsoft. The Xbox is essentially still the same OS as Windows 10 behind the scenes, but it's a closed ecosystem. They can control what games and apps are distributed. Microsoft have no ability to stop software patches hitting PC unless they enforced everything to go through the Windows store. I have some experience with mobile apps. We released an app last year and had to go through the approval processes for Google and Apple. Long and short of it is, Apple REALLY vet the app before it goes on there store, Google don't. I'm assuming i
  14. 1.03 was essentially the "day one patch", but there has been an issue releasing this to Xbox. I'm guessing Microsofts approval process is more stringent and this flagged an issue. PlayStation is now on 1.04 as this fixed an issue with Time Trial that was a PS only issue.
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