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  1. CarloLewis

    what about a fast pit stop during Qualifying?

    I get what you're saying, but when you left the garage for your qualifying lap, you'll have left the garage with just enough fuel for an out lap, hotlap and then an inlap. Therefore if you're planning to come in in the middle, you'll not have enough fuel to go back out and complete your lap and you are only allowed to refuel in the garage. With that being said, it would be good if the mechanics got a frigging move on!! Far too casual 😆
  2. CarloLewis

    Halo column

    Personally I disagree, I've seen it done in other games (I think ACC) and it's done really well. It's a middle ground between all or nothing.
  3. CarloLewis

    Halo column

    This has been brought up multiple times since F1 2018, unfortunately it's fallen on deaf ears everytime which really is a shame as I'd like this too.
  4. CarloLewis

    35% Race distance

    Ultimately this is exactly the reason. Someone earlier asked why not 100%, simple matter is there is not enough audience appetite to watch that length of race. It's highly likely that CM have done their research and balanced this against the need to have a fair/competitive series and 35% is the compromise.
  5. CarloLewis

    Does invalidating your Qualification lap affect Safety Rating?

    One thing that annoys me about the "safety" rating. My last ranked race I had zero contact with anyone, yet my rating went down by around 10 points. The only thing that I can think of is I had two warnings for exceeding track limits.
  6. CarloLewis

    How many Flashbacks do you use during a race weekend

    None. 'Restart session' however... 😂
  7. CarloLewis

    Turning down ambient sounds (crowd cheering)

    Thanks @issueskid. Besides it being too loud, why does it sound more like a crowd at Wimbledon (polite clapping) and than a more rowdy F1 crowd (cheering).
  8. CarloLewis

    Party mode ban

    As far as I understand, this is correct. Changing fuel flow would still be legal. What is not going to be legal (potentially) are the teams being able to adjust the engine mapping as soon as they enter parc ferme.
  9. CarloLewis

    Weight re-distribution

    I'd be interested to know if the individual upgrades have their own specific effect, or do they just improve a generic "Chassis" value behind the scenes? With different upgrades having different impacts on this value.
  10. CarloLewis

    Safety car

    Thanks @TasmanianTiger. You're having the exact same issue as me. I've recorded it too, but I really can't see it in the capture, but while driving it's real bad. @BarryBL what does it take to get an acknowledgement to this?
  11. CarloLewis

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    My plan is to run with the G920 for a while then when that breaks, sell a kidney for a fanatec direct drive wheel base, formula rim and elite pedals
  12. CarloLewis

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    Ooh, more buttons for Codemasters to ignore! 😂
  13. CarloLewis

    Safety car

    Thanks @TasmanianTiger. Although likely related, I'd argue that this issue doesn't completely match this topic as the OP of that topic stated random stutters and FPS drops. The issue I'm having only occurs during the SC. As soon as the safety car ends, everything goes back to normal again.
  14. CarloLewis

    Safety car

    Fwiw, UDP telemetry data was turned off.
  15. CarloLewis

    Safety car

    Same issue again in Spain.