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  1. CarloLewis

    F1 2019 - Voice commands on xbox one?

    The voice commands is an Xbox issue. They work with kinnect but not a headset
  2. CarloLewis

    [F1 2019] Lukas and Devon

    I mean, I may be completely wrong, but could the 3 characters referenced, not be Albon, Russell, and Norris? All were F2 drivers last year...
  3. CarloLewis

    F1 2019 Pit Realise Lights

    Your level of hypocrisy is outstanding! Quote from you in a thread about virtual mirrors: Search on YouTube F1 drivers eye view, thier view is excalty the same wilst looking straight forward, simple just map look left look right, problem solved,  And in this thread you say: a reasonable solution in your opinion is not a reasonable solution in mine Laughable! 🤣🤣
  4. CarloLewis

    One of many solutions to end griefing and ramming

    I'd like to know how they are perfectly visible?
  5. CarloLewis

    One of many solutions to end griefing and ramming

    In cockpit cam, those arrows are vital because you can't see the wing mirrors. Also, with those settings you'll be the only 1 in a lobby.
  6. CarloLewis

    Resource points

    I'm assuming that this is on the mobile game
  7. CarloLewis

    How to change ERS on controller?

    It can be done with a bit of remapping. I mapped the DRS & Pit entry to the LB, and RSB to the MFD menu. That left Y for ERS+ and B for ERS-
  8. CarloLewis

    No driver hands or wheel in cockpit

    No option to remove but you can turn off the steering animation and change the camera options (decrease field of view) which may get you closer to what you'd like.