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    F2 Sprint race strategy

    Apologies if this is the wrong section, as I'm not overly familiar with F2, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. In the F2 sprint race, is it common for teams to pit for a tyre change? I've started a career doing a full F2 season. Feature race was a nightmare and finished 19th pitting 3 times, meaning I had to use my medium tyre that was being saved for the sprint race. Started the sprint race 19th on my couple of laps old medium tyres and managed a couple of overtakes. Halfway through the race I noticed that people had started pitting and slowly found myself 1st without overtaking anyone else. Managed to hold on to the lead with my worn tyres for the race win. Turned out the entire field pitted except me.
  2. CarloLewis

    Who gets pre-order Pitcoins Query

    I could've sworn I read an article saying that anyone playing within X days of launch will be given coins. Can't find it now though.
  3. CarloLewis

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    @BarryBL I understand that the patch issue may not be entirely with CMs control, but given that we are only able to run 1.02 on Xbox now, can we please have patch notes as to what is included within 1.03 so we know what to expect. Even if it is an high-level overview, no deep dive.
  4. CarloLewis

    Speed trap info?

    On top of the above, all the info that's in the race director screen should also be available in the session info screens while in the garage so you can see all lap and sector times for all the drivers.
  5. CarloLewis

    Speed trap info?

    You'd have thought after all these years this would already be available, but sadly it's not.
  6. CarloLewis

    Coop championship with friends (private)

    A big omission since 2019. Not been added again this year.
  7. CarloLewis

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    The wing lights are perfectly fine. They appear at the same time as time and I would say at the same brightness, but they're smaller lights so aren't going to be as noticeable.
  8. CarloLewis

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    I'm guessing that MS have a more stringent release process than Sony and they've found an issue which has stopped the patch from being released.
  9. CarloLewis

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Would be good to get the official word from @David Greco CM, but from my view point, 100% pressure would be perfect for dry, flat surfaces. You'd then want to remove pressure if bumpy track and or wet.
  10. CarloLewis

    Downshifting change

    It has been improved, it's been improved to make it more realistic and stop people spamming down the gears. You can't go 8th to 3rd in a split second while traveling at 200mph
  11. CarloLewis

    Track limits and penalties

    Regular is correct. Strict is strict and follows the rules to the letter. I suggest that anyone complaining check the F1 2020 sporting regulations in relation to track limits.
  12. CarloLewis

    Friend invitation in ranked lobbies

    Or maybe they're dead because the full game has not really been released yet.
  13. CarloLewis

    F1 2020 Michael Schumacher Edition GIVEAWAY

    So, did I win? 😄 @MotorworldHype
  14. CarloLewis

    Naming team as Honda

    Or H0nda
  15. CarloLewis

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    Try watching this.
  16. Agreed re engine supplier. I was disappointed when I saw that this was not the case. Although, in real life, do Racing Point have a Merc logo, Alfa Romeo have a Ferrari logo, and McLaren have a Renault logo on their cars?
  17. CarloLewis

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    Ok, it was fine throughout the beta, not got the release yet so can't comment further.
  18. CarloLewis

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    Apparently the steering in a F1 car is extremely light due to the power steering. Personally I increase the wheel damper setting which makes the steering heavier. Tweak it to personal preference.
  19. CarloLewis

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    But by the same token, you're asking performance to be based on an extremely small sample size. A single race on a fast flowing circuit. How do we know how the performance should look like at other tracks? Should CM tank the durability of all the teams that didn't finish the race.
  20. CarloLewis

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    There was a post in the beta forum about track surfaces "rubbering in" over the course of a session/weekend. Unfortunately the forums went down as I was replying to it. Can you talk more about this, please? Things that I'm mainly interested in are, does the grip "reset" after rain? If I jumped straight into an online race, is the grip level similar to FP1 as there has been no rubbering in or does it simulate how the track would be come race time? Lastly, all of this is new to 2020, so was Jeff lying to me all this time about the track being green and telling me to take it easy? 😄
  21. CarloLewis

    Strict Corner Cutting

    *Regular 😉 Strict is strict. When this happens, check the replay. No part of the car in contact with the track is over the limit. The white line counts as the track per the rules. So if 3 of your wheels are off completely off track, as long as part of your 4th wheel is on, that should be fine. Log any issues you find with CM in the bug section of the forum.
  22. CarloLewis

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    Correct, the Xbox patches have always taken longer to land on Xbox due to this.
  23. CarloLewis

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    CM have stated that it wasn't just winter testing that performance was based on. It was the end of last year, plus winter testing and predicted data. Not a perfect science but what else could they do? They've also said that it is not a quick thing to update performance data.
  24. CarloLewis

    Friend invitation in ranked lobbies

    I hope not
  25. CarloLewis

    Forum Update | Thoughts & Suggestions

    This has always been one of my biggest gripes with the beta process, so happy that something like this is being looked into. 👍🏼