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  1. Vtagscen

    This week's Featured Event is broken

    Also had this issue. Had ai set to 101 and by the end I had lapped some cars 4 times lol, think I had lapped everyone upto p4 or at least once.
  2. Vtagscen

    I can't play the game [R2]

    You could try disabling fast start up in your PC power options. In F1 2018 I had big problems with D3D error and that fixed it for me. Having said that I did 're enable fast start up to test for D3D error in the beta and never had a crash though since I last had a d3d crash myself I have upgraded my gpu to a RTX 2080 and updated my motherboards BIOS.
  3. I have an RTX 2080, not had any game crashes and performance has been good with 11 hours in game using DX12.
  4. Vtagscen

    Unable to turn on DRS on China

    There is a chance of having a random DRS failure in career and online races, this was probably what happened. Can be fixed by pitting but not guaranteed, one time in career qualifying I had to pit twice to fix the DRS.
  5. Vtagscen

    CSL Elites + LC Brake.

    Only thing I can think of is in control and calibration schemes, check that the pedals are enabled ( select pedals -> edit -> enable/disable )
  6. Vtagscen

    Unusable Steering Wheel.

    driver here under support http://www.e-pxn.com/view-article-cid-2-id-26.html Also I can't find your wheel listed here, so maybe it's not usable in F1 2018
  7. Had a real bad time with this myself. Not 100% sure but i think turning off fast startup in control panel power options may have fixed this for me. have run 3 test races since and no D3D error crash.