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  1. Vtagscen

    Unable to turn on DRS on China

    There is a chance of having a random DRS failure in career and online races, this was probably what happened. Can be fixed by pitting but not guaranteed, one time in career qualifying I had to pit twice to fix the DRS.
  2. Vtagscen

    CSL Elites + LC Brake.

    Only thing I can think of is in control and calibration schemes, check that the pedals are enabled ( select pedals -> edit -> enable/disable )
  3. Vtagscen

    Unusable Steering Wheel.

    driver here under support http://www.e-pxn.com/view-article-cid-2-id-26.html Also I can't find your wheel listed here, so maybe it's not usable in F1 2018
  4. Vtagscen

    CE-34878-0 Problem

    Found this on the same issue, someone there said deleting their save + turning off auto save worked for them. I am on PC so Idk anything about this myself.
  5. Had a real bad time with this myself. Not 100% sure but i think turning off fast startup in control panel power options may have fixed this for me. have run 3 test races since and no D3D error crash.
  6. Vtagscen

    CE-34878-0 Problem

    A quick google search shows CE-34878-0 is triggered by PS4 corrupted data or system software. A list of things you can try here :- https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/ps4-error-code-ce-34878-0-best-solutions/