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  1. Happens to me all the time after setting a faster lap, at every track. Playing PS4 pro.
  2. Roberto31

    F1 2020 costant crash

    Time trial crashes after setting a faster lap. CE error pops up. Happens at all tracks. Playing at PS4 pro.
  3. Game crashes and error pops up in time trial after completing a lap, any circuit, play at PS4 pro With Logitech G29
  4. Roberto31

    Time Trials Bug

    Game freezes after completing a time trial lap at any circuit. Play on PS4 pro. CE ERROR pops up.
  5. Roberto31

    Language option

    where can I find the option to select language? Only possible to have dutch text and voice.
  6. Roberto31

    F1 2020 - Commentators

    Im dutch but would like english text and voice, I can not find the option to select language on PS4. Please help me.
  7. Roberto31

    F1 2020 - Commentators

    https://www.formule1.nl/nieuws/olav-mol-voorziet-f1-2020-van-nederlands-commentaar/ Dutch commentator Olav Mol confirmed for F1 2020, much like Sierd de Vos in Fifa 20 😄
  8. Roberto31

    Pit stop glitch

    PS4 grand prix mode leading the race at hockenheim, safety car comes out, I pit and then I am blocked by a double pitting Ferrari VET and LEC, ending up behind the two Ferrari in third position. Why is it not possible to drive like a ghost through both Ferrari?
  9. Roberto31

    Excited for new Broadcast presentation styles

    What do you expect ? Official HUD petitions have been performed at the forum with very clear results. We have asked for 5 years, each year we read “we consider it for future titles” I dont expect official broadcast graphics for upcoming 70 years
  10. Roberto31


    Many many years of asking for official HUD, now leaving the majority of customers (excluding those YouTube content creators) with a lot of frustration Customisable HUD for consoles is definitely a step in good direction we only ask for official colors, purple instead of red, real broadcast graphics! ! now Its time for a honest explanation, no excuse like “we will think about it for for future titles”
  11. Roberto31

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    I completely agree, for example the speedometer blocks the right mirror
  12. Roberto31

    Official HUD in F1 2020

    Official HUD or customisable HUD in F1 2020?
  13. Roberto31


    What is the reason codemasters only allowed PC players to benefit from official HUD?! Many years we have asked for this feature, why only pc and not consoles players? Why not patching this to PS4 and X box?