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  1. Still nothing happening with an official announcement about the discontinuation of the RaceNet service on Xbox, if that's what's actually happened. It seems to still be working on PlayStation. When there's seven achievements which rely on RaceNet functionality then this is pretty shoddy stuff, especially for a game which is available on Game Pass via, lest we forget, Codemasters' parent company Electronic Arts' EA Play. Frankly, someone should be embarrassed by how this has played out but it clearly looks like no-one at either Codies or EA gives the slightest toss. Well, despite them clearly n
  2. As dentingboot rightly mentions in the post above, Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally are heading back on to Game Pass next week via EA Play, with the attendant rise in players that it will surely cause, so for them both to have a decent amount of the game not working is not exactly an ideal situation. I can't comment on Dirt Rally because i haven't played it, but a working RaceNet is required for eight Achievements/Trophies on Dirt 4, so this isn't a good look all round. If support for the game is ending since the EA takeover then very least that's needed is an official statement to clarify it, but ideall
  3. Someone could certainly do with looking into this, like Grumpyoldman989 above me here, i opened a ticket but all i got was the usual stuff about checking internet and NAT and all the other stuff that has nothing to do with it. The problem is at Codies' end. The game is reduced in the current Xbox Ultimate sale so there's going to be at least a few new players around, and it needs to be fixed as it makes several achievements unobtainable, which is an absolute no-no
  4. Can't sign into RaceNet for the last two days at least on Xbox One, which is needed for daily, weekly and monthly events, all of which have achievements tied to them, so get it working please
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