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  1. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Hi all, just saying goodbye. Some 'stuff' has come up in my life and I've fallen completely off the rails so to speak. I won't be around for a while. 🙂
  2. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Its as slow as I am, before I have my morning coffee 😄
  3. KittyFit90

    What was your last purchase

    Just got my brand new set of Titanium Dental Picks. No I'm not a dentist but the tools cross over very nicely when used to pick calcite off of fossils. I went for Titanium because they won't dull as quickly and they look cool. I'm gonna be the envy of the Paleontology Lab muhahaha!!!!
  4. KittyFit90

    Petite présentation

    I can speak French...sort of 😛 Speak better than read and write anyway. German better than French, Italian badly all round. Fluent Latin too 😛
  5. KittyFit90

    Petite présentation

    Parlez vous Anglais? His name is Henri, from Nantes and he's 53. Loves F1 and racing virtually, something about configuring his vehicle for each track. Also a fan of the Dirt games and the WRC. My French sucks these days, unused since high school 😛
  6. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Hehe in my experience the UK is the place one is most likely to get pinged for parking. The town I lived in for 3 years is a university town and I mustve paid between 30-40 tickets I reckon. I'd park in a 30min space with the idea of hopping in quickly to see my professor and bam couple of hours later and I owe like 200 pounds LOLs USA on the other hand never got pinged there, Los Angeles, Vegas and Boston I prolly illegally parked dozens of times and never got one. Here I pay for a reserved space so it never happens at the university, my partner did get a $250 one a few years ago for parking in a driveway (was a friends house).
  7. KittyFit90

    Which Hot Drink, Do You Drink?

    Coffee, strong with just a hint of milk, one every morning. Tea, mostly green but some black no milk (thats revolting) 5-6 mugs a day...LOLs
  8. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    This new forum is very ugly and hard to navigate imo 😞 upgrade, I think not....