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  1. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Oh Yippee!!!! My university has given the go ahead for a small numbers field school for 2nd semester, my boss has asked me to teach it with one of my male colleagues as an assistant. We're not allowed to hold it in the caves we normally use so we're going for a smaller site which hasn't been touched in a while and I haven't been to. So later this week I'm going up there to check it out and work out some logistics... so exciting even if it means I don't get my break as I have to design some assessment for it and get all the organizing done!!!
  2. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Thanks mate 🙂 Our marriage gets very bitchy at times, I'm a bit of an oddball (autistic) and shes a moody cow sometimes, add that to it being 2 women and viola mega bitchiness lol But I could not imagine life without her F1 2020 has wonderful handling and good race ai but there are some issues with ai driver moves, my team management and some general instability issues.
  3. Yes it will take you a while to re-learn how to drive and setup your car, but its more than worth the effort, so much more enjoyable to race with a wheel. I made that transition myself about 3 years ago. 🙂
  4. I play PC with a wheel so yes I'd use quite a different setup with different handling characteristics.
  5. KittyFit90

    Gearbox failed at first race

    Oh gosh, I hope so!
  6. That is a lot of rear aero to run there, that would slow you down severely, also that amount of anti roll bar would cause bad tyre wear I would expect, not to mention the terrible traction you'd get with those diff settings.
  7. KittyFit90

    Still haven't received my Pitcoins

    Guys its a weekend, CM staff are not at work, so how on Earth would they be fixing this right now?
  8. KittyFit90

    PC: No Mouse Support Again... :(

    Only a fool corrects grammar on an internet forum, please be mindful that for a lot of users here, English is a second language.
  9. Hmm could be 2 things happening. 1. You're running too much wing on your car, when I raced In Hanoi I used 2 front and rear. 2. There is an issue with your throttle either the pedal or the trigger depending on the device you're using. Test this by going into the calibration settings and make sure you're reaching 100% throttle correctly, if not try adding some saturation to the pedal/trigger.
  10. KittyFit90

    2nd Driver

    Same for me, some clarification from CM on this would be helpful. @BarryBL
  11. KittyFit90

    My Team Season 1 Driver Moves Results (Not Good)

    Driver moves is locked on for driver career mode also, which is absurd imo. If the logic is all messed up then give us the option to turn it off like last year!
  12. KittyFit90

    2nd Driver Rating

    Seems worthless to invest in driver improvement activities when they only last 1 race.
  13. KittyFit90

    My Team Season 1 Driver Moves Results (Not Good)

    Oh no... that is rubbish, I'll have to put my career on hold until an option to stop driver moves is added. Why was it even removed?
  14. KittyFit90

    My Team, Teammate performance not scaling to car upgrades?

    Right will try a new teammate. 🙂
  15. KittyFit90

    My Team, Teammate performance not scaling to car upgrades?

    How far along in the season are you?