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  1. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Yay I'm going grey Been having my missus pull them out for a few years now, tonight she said "pointless babe there are too many, either dye it or accept it"...thanks sweetheart just the perfect way to ease the pain. Since I refuse to dye my hair I guess I'll have to accept it. I'm not even 30 yet! not fair. My partner is 34 and blonde and her hair is shot with grey, but you can hardly see it, mine is dark brown and they show up like hi vis lights.
  2. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Hells Bells...kids are so chaotic!!! Had a lady from Victoria arrive this morning with a 4 and 6 year old girl to stay with us for a few weeks (their house is gone in the fires and the husband has stayed behind to help with cleanup in the areas burnt out), jeebus I've already had to clean the wall (crayon), clean the second bathroom (bathtime) and calm my poor old dog down who has had her tail and ears pulled and a doll hat put on her (lols). My whine to my partner resulted in her telling me "told you so, was your decision to sign up to host a family and now you gotta deal with it", this from a person who is barely home as it is and I found out has volunteered for extra duty over the next few weeks, ***** is such a cop out. Though I reckon this experience is going to re-affirm my long held belief that I am totally unsuitable to have any children of my own haha
  3. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Btw if anyone wants to help out https://www.redcross.org.au/campaigns/disaster-relief-and-recovery-new-years-eve My partner and I have just registered to share our home with a family who have had to evacuate or lost theirs. Anything anyone can do or give no matter how small will help immensely as our Federal Government refuses to declare a national emergency which would allow massive aid funding to go out.
  4. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    My nephew (who is 6 years older then I am) who is a Major in the army engineers is now in NSW fighting the fires, I am terrified for him. He and all the others are true legends. Oh and for context the area that has been burnt is now the size of Belgium, unless it rains that will double...or triple. Probably no reasonable expectation of rain until April...oh dear.
  5. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Sad news, my sisters house has been lost in Victoria. Ellie and her husband left well before and are safe and sound in Melbourne but they lost their small farm and 2 horses to a fire. One positive out of this horror is that a lot of Australians are finally accepting the effects of climate change and are willing to act on it now, our PMs lack of leadership and empathy has made a lot of people who voted for him very very angry. If the opposition can get a vote of no confidence through parliamanet they will win a landslide and we can finally have a proper climate/environment policy.
  6. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    I'm here, though coughing like crazy thanks to the smoke haze hanging over Adelaide. The fire that started the week before chrissy is still going, the day before yesterday it jumped a containment line but they got it back under control within 24 hours. Problem is that tomorrow is another catastrophic fire danger day (43 degrees and windy) but there is rain coming for the weekend yay! We've been lucky here in South Aussie, the fires in NSW and Victoria are shocking...if anyone is interested there is a frightening video of a fire approaching a coastal town with the residents cowering on the beach. Just google 'Bateman's Bay fire' and you'll find it. Some of our volunteer firefighters have been on duty for over 100 days...and our pm thinks 6 grand compensation is adequate, what a turd!
  7. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Well in short its been a dry winter and so far a hot summer, put those two together and its bad. Some fires in NSW have been burning for months now and unless it rains they won't stop either. Imagine national parks half the size of Finland with highly flammable scrub, no rain for 2-3 years (yes thats true some places currently ablaze haven't seen any drops for several years) 40+ degree heat with strong winds and roads which are barely accessible to even 4wd trucks and you can see why theres little that can be done. The fire in South Australia has killed 2 people now and destroyed about 80 homes, several towns are cut off and last I heard the residents were rescued by the army helicopters (my partner has flown a few supply drop missions for the RAAF too). Meanwhile our esteemed prime minister (total d**kwad) has gone on a tax payer paid holiday to Hawaii, general opinion on that is for him to stay there and not come back...ever.
  8. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Sadly one person lost their life in a fire that started on Friday, several firefighters have also been injured and my thoughts are with them. Lucky for me the fire was in a different region to where I live, so I'm all good. Sad news the week before Christmas.😢
  9. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    46 tomorrow now, my aircon has been running flatout for 72 hours now...f-sake go away already!
  10. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Friday is now going to be 45 with strong winds! The fire service have declared a 'Catastrophic Fire Danger' warning for most of South Australia. For those from Europe or other wet places here in SA its very dry and if a fire gets going in bushland with wind then its impossible to put out, they can burn 1000s of square kilometers over several days and usually only get put out by rain. Between October and April we have a total fire ban here, which means no campfires, burn off etc under any circumstances. Under the catastrophic warning the fire service recommend that anyone in a bushfire area leave home the night before as they consider any home in a fire area undefendable under any circumstances. (some people in fire areas have modified houses, ie no fire prone materials, independent power sources and high pressure hoses/sprinklers to defend their houses but these only go so far, as some found out a few years ago when they stayed to defend their homes but died in a fire). These fires can move very fast if you get caught still at home, you can get cut off from roads out and to top all that off Eucalyptus trees are extremely flammable! Even though my house is in the outer suburbs of Adelaide, I am within the fire risk area as there is bushland literally at the back of my house. So I think I'll spend Thursday night with my parents and keep an eye on the situation. Oh and Thursday night is going be a low of 32... oh dear😡
  11. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Its hot....very hot 😞 42 today, 41, 42 and 44 by Friday...hate summer😡
  12. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Sounds a lot like Australia Post, I've had experiences where I say they can leave a parcel but they don't and the post office is only open mon-fri 9am to 4pm so anyone who works has to go on Saturday between 12 and 2pm only and so the office is absurdly busy. Or they say you weren't home when you are, just the driver is too lazy to get out of the van once he sees no car in the garage, was informed once that they rang my doorbell but no answer, however I was home all day waiting for the parcel! Luckily a lot of online sales now offer courier companies here which offer a far better service for only a little extra cost. 🙂
  13. KittyFit90

    Latest Movie/Tv show you watched

    With the passing of Rene Auberjonois over the weekend I am going to re-watch DS9 from beginning to end. Always loved the Odo character but I have not watched the series for a decade, so its going to be an experience...I hope 🙂
  14. KittyFit90

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    @koog2003 Mate, seriously you need to stop ridiculing people who use assists...it seems you have some kind of false superiority complex regarding this. Please be mindful of others when making comments about other players.
  15. KittyFit90

    Positive thoughts

    Excuse me, I take offence at that statement. That is totally uncalled for and would upset a great many CM users whom are either unable to drive unaided due to disability or unable to spend the time to learn the game fully. I resent being labelled a cheat for using assists and as a former racer (rl) I am not a noob! You won't see me lording it over others in the F1 forum for not using assists in those games, please consider practicing some discretion and common courtesy in the future.