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  1. Yes thankyou CM audio department, the driver helmet mix is spot on to how I remember it and really helps to immerse me 🙂
  2. You ever driven an open wheeled car over a high kerb? Spinning would be the least of your worries... sore back.... brings back memories of my karting days and running over kerbs ouch.🤣
  3. Play as a young male driver on his way to being world champion? What interest would that be to me? I don't indulge my passion for F1, to fulfill a dream of being a guy... come on CM its 2021.... girls play games and race cars you know.
  4. KittyFit90


    Yes it bugs me, although I always wore my hear down the back of my race suit, so you would never see it when I had my helmet on. Of more importance is the lack of shape to the female avatars... not sure how detailed I can get on this PG forum but, I do not look like a young boy in a race suit...! And yes a couple of W series drivers as recruitment options would have been greatly appreciated, and if W series is not under the licence then maybe some former F1 testers could've been used eg Susie Wolff.
  5. KittyFit90


    Me too, but she was soooo slow😞
  6. South Australia's lockdown is ending tonight, full eradication of the outbreak was achieved in just 7 days, well done to all my fellow south aussies! Also in order for students to be able to return to campus some topics will remain as online only for the semester, having spoken to my boss today my topic will be one of those. I get nervous because of the use of masks and the risks of exposure and this could escalate to anxiety and a return of my migraine and panic attack issues. So suits me!😁 My topic this semester is 'The Theory of Evolution in the Paleontological Record' or in short "Sir
  7. I know right... I'm on a hot streak lol. 🤣 I'm home now, wife said that she is exempt from the no travel ban, the cops at Pt Wakefield certainly had no problem with it when she produced her ADF ID. Anyway I'm all set for teaching online now, got another week of grace... I don't do lectures in orientation week (its pointless as the students are too busy boozing to listen!)... undergrads are so lol.🤪
  8. Omg wifey and I just saw lightning hit a power line, the whole thing exploded with sparks and now there's no power here. Lucky the rain put the fire out quickly! We had gone out onto the deck to watch the hail falling and saw it, the sound was deafening too.... my poor dog is terrified.😞
  9. Bleh...😳 I am way better than any high school teacher thankyou very much!🤓 Good news today, only 1 new case of Covid and its from the restaurant kitchen where the original guy worked, our lockdown is unlikely to last the full 7 days at this stage.
  10. I've been told by my boss to expect to return to work as normal monday fortnight, but to also be prepared to go to online lectures and seminars... one problem we're not allowed to go back to adelaide and I didn't bring my laptop with me so I can't do anything to get ready for online teaching... uh oh...😒
  11. Haha 🤪 I've done it again... have once again ended up at the beach house just as a COVID lockdown goes into effect. Don't expect it to last longer then 3-4 days though, only 1 guy has COVID and it appears he didn't wander around too much before going to the Hospital. So far no community transmitted cases reported, here's hoping the guy survives and nobody else gets sick!
  12. Congrats! welcome back 🙂 I'm still getting over my shoulder but am getting well looked after by my wife who is off work for 2 weeks now. She's a Squadron Leader now! Thats equivalent to an army major, she was so pleased when she went through the promotion ceremony. In 2 weeks I'm back to work and she's off to Canberra to go to the staff college to get her senior officers accreditation. We're going to the beach house tomorrow for a week...
  13. Given that we didn't get the 2020 drivers for last years game, I'd guess not.
  14. I'm home 😞 Too sore to even sit upright in a camp chair to draw and take notes on site, so no point in staying. Going to have my left arm in a sling for 2-3 weeks. I'm sad, I'm missing a great opportunity to further my research and excavating is so much fun! 😞
  15. Still very very sore, cannot get comfortable in bed 😞 I'm just so glad that I lost all that weight, getting through the squeeze with a dislocated shoulder would've been so much harder, shout out to Steve our caving expert who got me out of the cave safely even though I was barely able to move myself.
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