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  1. My dog had her 6 monthly checkup today. She's in exceptional health for a Beagle of her age (she's 17 in a week) my friend (the vet) says she's now about 87-88 in human terms but absolutely fit as a fiddle. Bit of arthritis, diminishing hearing and eyesight but everything else a-ok. Love you Amelie
  2. I'll catch the race replay tonight, when I was younger I used to watch the European rounds live but at my grand old age of 30 I turn into a zombie if I stay up that late
  3. What an awesome way to spend a weekend, so much fun... though a bit chilly and wet. Very tired now, only just got home, had to stop and pick my dog up from my parents house (she gets so spoiled by my mum, steak and gravy for dinner lol) and wish my mum a Happy Mothers Day and listen to my annual 'you'd make a wonderful mum yourself, so when are you going to give us some more grandkids Kitty?' lol like never mum...haha
  4. Yay!!! Wifey left a little envelope on the kitchen bench this morning, inside were two platinum passes to the V8 supercars this weekend at Talem Bend and a printout of a receipt for a hotel for tonight and Saturday night 🙂 She totally managed to keep this from me.... well done Megs and thankyou She will be home soon and we have a 100km drive but its a freeway the whole way so won't take long... gonna grab burgers on the way. V8s here I come!
  5. This mid week day off is great, I feel fine today and de-stressed... and I managed to avoid the wifes cooking... thanks chinese takeout!
  6. Ugh migraine... got home from work mid afternoon feeling a tad off and then wham... probs have to eat wifes awful cooking later too... ugh
  7. On our way home shortly, feeling so relaxed and ready to go back to work Monday 🙂
  8. Its my fav food, battered garfish and chips with chicken salt (but not too much)
  9. Fish and Chips and watching the sun go down over the sea with the wifey... this is living
  10. Omg my Dads mates from Vietnam know the most revolting yet hysterical jokes Having lunch at the RSL club with members of Dads regiment... my wife looks awesome in her uniform, she doesn't wear the formal one much as the RAAF have a working uniform which they use 95% of the time.
  11. Marking done Going shopping with wifey on Saturday, we need hiking shoes and some other gear for our trip. Buying shoes is always difficult for both of us, my feet are so small I usually end up having to buy childrens shoes (not so good colours etc) and wifey has huge feet and has to buy mens shoes but they are often too wide. Pain in the butt... As for clothes I can sometimes buy an extra small but all too often I end up in kids sizes and Wifey has to shop at a plus size womens store as mens shirts and pants are all wrong for women. I think on the whole being tiny for a woman is w
  12. On mid-semester break for 2 weeks, got some marking to do and then next week go to the beach house really happy that I've only had 1 very mild migraine for the term and have not missed any time at work!
  13. Holy dust effect Batman! Huge dust storm in progress here, the sky is a dark orange and everyone is coughing and sneezing. The uni is handing out dust masks to everyone but man its like the apocalypse right now... gonna be an epic sunset tonight no doubt. Poor farmers though, this is the top soil being ripped off the dry farmlands on the peninsulas Oh... just thought... hope wifey wasn't flying today...
  14. I'm giving a lecture today at the other university... bit nervous as its on Ediacaran Biota, something in which I have no formal qualification.
  15. Aww... I'm just lucky I guess.
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