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  1. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Just got told by my boss that I don't have to go back to work for the rest of the year, no teaching till a week long course I'm doing in Feb yay! Though my boss and I have a report to the SA government to write which is due middle of next year, so still lots of work to do. I have nearly a thousand fossil fragments to process and fossils this old (Edicaran Eon 635 million years old) are hard enough to identify when intact!
  2. Played Finland this morning for the first time, gotta say was frightening and a whole lot of fun launching over those huge long jumps. Good work CM, any news or teasers about any further rally locations being added for Season 5 onwards? @PJTierney
  3. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Best wishes mate 🙂
  4. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Well I'm back, though given the lack of activity here I guess nobody noticed LOLs The place I've just spent 3 months in was way drier, lonelier and more in the middle of nowhere then where those tumbleweeds are blowing!
  5. KittyFit90

    Travelling Thread...

    I have been to many countries, so I'd ask what are you looking for in a trip? I aim to go overseas (how we say it here in Australia as visiting any other country requires a trip over the ocean LOL) at least 3-4 times a year, mix of pleasure/vacations and work related trips. I have been to (stayed for more than 24 hrs and left the airport): Europe England (many times as I have close relatives who stayed in the old country, expensive and dreary, kindly put uninteresting) Wales (rained more than I could stand cancelled 2 week visit and went back to Sussex to stay with family) Scotland (why is this considered beautiful? cannot fathom boring as hell and couldn't understand locals especially in glasgow) France (also many times, though not recently, got robbed in 2008 stole my passport, purse and laptop out of a rental car, I speak fluent French with not much of an accent still get treated badly at times) Belgium (cried so hard at Ypres memorial after laying Poppy at my ancestors graves, people lovely at F1 at Spa was worth every cent) Netherlands (visited place my grandfather fought in ww2, found dutch people nice but a bit odd) Germany (wonderful, I speak very good German but found people willing to speak English everywhere, spent 3 months touring loved every minute except an ill conceived visit to Dachau) Luxembourg (spent 48 hours visiting an uncle who runs a business here, the city is beautiful) Switzerland (broke my wrist here when I was 13 skiing, not fun, alps are great but I prefer deserts, also country a bit dull) Italy (many times, my parents own a property in Tuscany, if you enjoy madness then go to italy, italians very mad but lovable...avoid Rome like the plague though best roman stuff is out in the country) Greece (mostly Crete where my parents also own a place, ahh crete so peaceful and relaxed, doesn't attract the hordes of tourists and all that fresh fruit, quiet towns are stunning) Denmark (part 1 of my nordic tour, Copenhagen was lovely but not much else of interest) Norway (Oslo a bit dreary but loved my boat cruise up the coast visiting the fjords) Sweden (Stockholm bit like Oslo but loved Lappland, sprained my ankle trekking and got looked after so well by locals while my partner finished the trek) Iceland (let my inner geologist go wild, on my desk at work I have a large chunk of volcanic rock that landed near our vehicle, couldn't pronounce a single thing tho) Africa/Mid East Kenya (field excavations while doing phd, very hot country very poor, got treated like royalty which was embarrassing, took 3 weeks to get anyone local to call me by my name) Ethiopia (ditto above, except amazing to see Coptic Christian sites and the source of the Blue Nile, partner is pestering me to do Simien Mountains trek but looks too hard) Jordan (3 week trip included Petra amazing, met the King, lovely man he attended the science expo and sat in on a session I was presenting at) Egypt (Pyramids yay, though did not feel safe for most of it, did a 5 star expensive tour for safety reasons still didn't feel at ease) Morocco (many times, will keep going back wonderful place, always get treated so well here, only islamic country where I feel fine travelling alone) Asia Japan (conferences etc don't like it, too many people and Japanese men incredibly rude to female conference presenters, i presented a paper once and a local professor stood up and asked the convener who was a man a question about my paper and when I was signaled to answer then interrupted me to ask the convener to reply) South Korea (one visit and one only, bit the same as Japan I don't think they like foreign educated professional women) Indonesia (never going again even if they do have some brilliant examples of early hominids, got harassed endlessly had to spend my entire visit standing right next to male colleagues for protection...hands) North America USA (many times, airports never friendly but people nice outside of LA and New York, had injections in my spine in LA once after falling off a horse as a teen ouchies) Canada (many times, friendlier then USA also far more concerned with scientific ethics prefer to present papers here then to the south) South America Brazil (got held at gunpoint with colleagues 15 mins after leaving airport, took cash, laptop and camera, police totally not interested, Rio is a complete dump couldn't wait to leave) Oceania New Zealand (many many times, wonderful people just like Australians just can't pronounce vowels, holidays and work related visits, love it) Vanuatu (once very hot and humid, beaches dirty and crowded) New Caledonia (wonderful, most relaxing thing I've ever done got me through a very dark period recently, super expensive though and must speak French despite being close to Aussie) New Guinea (awful place, so hot and depressingly poor, get treated like the queen with local paleontologists who know more then me hanging off my every word like its from God, embarrassing) Tahiti (so expensive but beaches nice, French desired but not a must, avoid surfer areas though they get wild) Aussie (my homeland so I'm biased, fair warning to any visitor everything costs a lot here and you can't just go from place to place in 5 mins cos its huge, my city Adelaide is so beautiful, peaceful and quiet (as far as a city of 1.2 million can be) South Aussie is underrated by travellers and especially by the tossers (in aussie we insult people all the time its just the way we talk) in the eastern states. Sydney is an overcrowded shithole, Melbourne is inhabited by ******* (victorians), Perth is a million kms from anywhere anybody cares about, Brisbane is too humid so Adelaide is the place to go. AVoid Adelaide in December -Feb though unless you like it hot can hit mid 40s C at those times...last summer got to 47.8 here but no humidity hehe. We have rugged outback a days driver north, stunning coastlines, the murray river, kangaroo island and if you're adventurous 90% of the people live in Adelaide so for a state a third larger than France there plenty of desert to disappear into. Just don't get fooled by the 'lakes' on the maps, theres no water in any of them...ever...well cept for lake eyre every blue moon.
  6. KittyFit90

    Some pre-release questions?

    Hey all I have a few pre-release questions/concerns that I feel the need to ask after having watched a few youtubers over last weekend. Hopefully this tenuous satellite internet we have here will hold out long enough to type this (imagine the middle of nowhere then go another 500km further out!). @ChrisGrovesMCM 1. Is there going to be a difficulty above very hard...? it looks too easy. 2. Are race distances really only 2-3 laps on average or is this adjustable? I prefer double figures. 3. Can I use a logitech g920 or is this game just for pads? That's all for now, thanks 🙂 Kitty
  7. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    So I'm on Sabbatical from the university as of next week. LOL so a mining company dynamited a fossil bed near Lake (no water just a lot of sand and salt) Acaraman South Australia, the head of my department has been asked by the Government to conduct a rescue excavation of the site to recover whatever is left, he convinced them he needed a second (me). Good news is the consulting fee is massive mostly because Lake Acaraman is an incredibly isolated place (800km from the nearest bitumen road and 1200km from the nearest town larger than 25 people haha) as a result I will have no internet and have to live in a tent for 3 months. SO I'm gonna disappear from this forum for a while 🙂 Try not to miss me too much LOLS 😄
  8. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    Trav Head to score a hundred this match for mine 🙂
  9. KittyFit90

    What tracks would you like to see(back)

    I'm attending the Aussie Supercars at Tailem Bend this weekend, would be great to see it in the game as its an awesome track to drive (had the good fortune to do a half dozen hot laps in a 458 round it earlier in the year). Also does anyone know if the Bathurst 1000 circuit is going to be in? I'm going to me my first one later this year, very excited!
  10. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    No doubt and I was 13 in 2003 so I can't speak to that 😉
  11. KittyFit90

    The Stuff Thread

    So any thoughts on the pommie fans booing Smith when he returned to bat after being sconed by Jof? Imo just shows that a lot of England fans are next of kin to a vegetable, my Dad who is following the series around with his pommie brother reckons that while it wasn't the majority of the local fans it was a big chunk like 25%.
  12. KittyFit90

    What Car Do You Own?

    Baby is back!!! Picked her up this afternoon after work, she's as beautiful as I remembered, oh baby mummy missed you :LOVE
  13. KittyFit90

    What was your last purchase

    So the retailer I bought the G920 from kept ignoring my emails, until I started quoting Australian consumer law to them 🙂 I have a passing knowledge of the Law...anyway I got a full refund and they don't even want me to send it back to them. Any thoughts on a replacement? I'm leaning toward another G920 as I like the feel etc. though obviously I'll shop elsewhere 😄
  14. KittyFit90

    What was your last purchase

    Around 14 months 😞
  15. KittyFit90

    Career Reset Option?

    Yeah I can't search the forum due to it loading like molasses, ta.