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  1. Looks like my fossil lab course is going to be canned, all topics that require in person teaching are under review by the university due to Covid.😢
  2. Poms thrashing the aussies? lol dream on mate, never going to happen. 🤪 The only whitewash you'll ever see in an Ashes is us thrashing you! Test Cricket was, is and always will be no1 here😁
  3. Wife is staying on base due to huge Covid numbers here, haven't seen her for a week now 😢 Omicron strain sure is contagious, luckily it seems to be mostly harmless, like I was probs sicker than most people are with it here and it was kinda no more than the flu. Take it easy everyone and stay safe!
  4. Ughh I'm melting... its just under 40 here today. Lucky I had the beach house's air conditioner upgraded after last summer. Hope everyone had a good christmas, mine was ok even though it was just me and my wife and a way overcooked roast pork! New Years fireworks cancelled tonight because of fire danger so may not even bother to make it to midnight. Happy New Year though! Uhm... wife is back to work on the 3rd of Jan, I'm probs not going to like her new position, she will be working longer hours than she used to now. Otherwise all is good with me, feeling fine now if a little tire
  5. Oh no! I've been sick the last few weeks, still am but recovering... damn Covid 😞 Silly state government opened our border too early and despite being double vaxxed I still got the omicron variant and it really has floored me. I think I'm going to be fine and the worst is definitely passed but still, what a way to ruin my Christmas. Oh well, more of my wifes awful cooking🤮🤣 Merry Christmas everyone hugs
  6. Cricket22 is a buggy mess, but I'm enjoying it. You a pom mate? So sorry bout day 1 haha🤣
  7. Yeah ditto here, starting to feel like christmas, mid 30s no clouds, perfect beach weather! Oh and I'm a senior lecturer now, little bit extra per hour and a bit more kudos. But don't really care! I just want to do more awesome research😄
  8. Haha! What an aussie reason for a safety car lol An Echidna on the track, poor little thing almost got run over, so glad nobody hit it. 🙂 Interesting fact, the Echidna and its relative the Platypus are the only egg laying mammals in the world!
  9. Bathurst tomorrow, can't wait yipee! Wifey is driving home from Canberra atm, says she'll be in around midnight tonight, we're going to watch the race together.😄
  10. Don't visit in Jan, we once had 7 consecutive days above 40, a day at 39 and then another 3 days above 40... that was about 8-9 years ago. I still shudder at the memory!
  11. Wow snow! We're having an unusually cool November here, been mid 20s mostly, can hit 40 sometimes! I've been soooo busy with work, marking essays and getting ready for next year. A colleague had a minor car accident 2 weeks ago and so the rest of us have been helping him out with his marking etc. Got my performance appraisal next week, a bit more marking and then I'm off work until late Jan. Wife is home end of next week too yay! Oh and I won Favourite Lecturer from the students for the second year in a row. Chocolates are yummy thanks guys!
  12. 2 more days of classes, about 3 weeks of work left, but I got very little to do now before Christmas holidays yay!😄
  13. Yes writing in proper english is hard lol, I am very very lazy on here with my spelling, grammar etc. But yeah, writing in a second language is very hard, you should see my writing in French, omg so labored.
  14. Haha 😄 I wouldn't even know how to write a paper that didn't look academic now lol I've published 5 times this year in various journals, thats above the average but cos I only work 25% hours I've got much more time than my colleagues. Right now I'm working on a paper detailing a new species of Ediacaran biota I identified at Woomera, right now I'm working through the bit where I talk about the radiometric dating for the rock samples from site and the layers in which they appeared in the section. Very dry stuff 🙂 also getting help from a geologist colleague for that one.
  15. My poor old dog had a really bad day today, lots of lightning this morning. I knew she'd be terrified so I asked my mum to go and pick her up and dogsit her for the day. Mum said my poor baby was cowering under my bed and had weed on the carpet, she hasn't done that for 15 years! poor baby😢
  16. We are fast approaching 80% vaccine levels here and with 0 covid cases we are looking to ease restrictions by mid November and open the state borders. I might be able to spend Christmas with family again yay!
  17. Hope you are doing well? My students have 3 weeks left of classes and then their final essays are due. I don't give exams in my topics now, they are not a very good assessment tool for Paleontology in my opinion.
  18. Hmm I don't have any issue with sector one, in fact I was slightly faster than the cars around me there, my slow sector was no 2, specifically the Acque Minerali complex. Might I suggest a setup issue if you were struggling with the high speed 1st and 2nd chicane complexes? As a reference I ran 8 & 7 wing angle, 3.30 neg camber front and 5 & 4 springs in order to create a high speed corner setup, that didn't create too much tyre wear.
  19. Hey CM @BarryBL I'm just gonna say that both Portimao and Imola are epic, so well recreated for the game, a joy to drive. Well done guys and girls!
  20. I'm 25 races into my career (my team and 100% distance) and I've had 1 mechanical and 1 crash, you've just gotten unlucky mate 🙂
  21. Feeling much better now, more assured and happier. I'm such a worrier, I get a silly idea in my head and my 'special' brain just runs with it the extreme. Sigh...
  22. Embarrassing, my dad spoke to my wife yesterday and last night she flew home to look after me 😞 I got gifts, hugs and lots of promises that our marriage is going great and that she's got no intention of going anywhere. Sigh... I'm such a child sometimes 😞
  23. How do I backup my save file? I've looked and can't find where my game saves to, I am running Steam with cloud saving enabled.
  24. Cut the awful circuits and add some good ones, Turkey in = Abu Dhabi out... Qatar and Bahrain out and Jeddah right behind it out the door... No country that **** on women should be allowed to have a race... the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia should never have been given an F1 licence on those grounds. Its a disgrace that the treatment of 50% of the population is not raised as an issue when deciding where to go racing, why should any female driver aspire to getting into F1 when F1 thinks its ok to go racing in such countries? Women are not even allowed to own a car in Qatar, Bahrain and t
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