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  1. The players here have done it too ... the problem is. Some report that in the purchase account it works and in the secondary of the bug .. others report that in the purchase account it also gives the bug ... unfortunately I know that it is complicated for you to check without being able to test, but follow the problem I had in 1.01 although it is the same that the staff goes through now. the link below is a live one of mine at the exact moment that the problem occurs and the changes I made (1:04:39). Just remembering, today I no longer have this problem, but this is what has been happenin
  2. So @BarryBL my people have already done this, solved it for one or the other, but most of them still have the same problem ... I even had this problem in 1.01, but the problem disappeared in 1.02.
  3. 1. A detailed description of the problem. Include any error code here. - With wheels when we turn left, the camera's view changes to the left, the same to the right. When we brake, look back ... Occurring with different models of wheels - fanatec, logitec, thruthemaster ... 2. Platform XBOX 3. What version of the game are you using (shown on the home screen in the lower left corner of the screen) 1.05 4. Game mode? All modes 5. What are your replication numbers? Minimum testing attempts are 4. Also add EXACT replication steps so that we can t
  4. 1. A detailed description of the problem. Include any error code here. We are trying to play these tracks (Zandvoort and Hanoi) in the personalized online lobby, and we are having problems with crashing the room drivers, crashing at the end of the qualy, or crashing after a lap of presentation. We also encountered problems with the SC where he enters and stops in the middle of the track. This always occurs in these tracks, but in the others that were in the game before, no. Players go down one by one, and in a lobby of 20 they finish 4 or 5 only. I've seen lobbys from TRL Limitless and I
  5. thank you @BarryBL !! looking forward to the next patch !!! downloaded and running version 1.03 here already. Thank you for your patience and always return when requested.
  6. o @barrybl is answering this topic, follow my friend here.
  7. this today is my biggest complaint !!! if not ok in one, safe for all.
  8. Please, the forum link which talks about these problems, how can you get through? If there are problems with the xbox, I understand that the other platforms should not be updated and only the xbox should be left out. We are consumers equal to all, it is our right to update as they happen to everyone and Codemaster's duty to release simultaneously! edit I found your post talking about technical problems with the xbox, however the community has been suffering from patch problems on many titles. Is the problem with Codemaster, with Microsoft? I understand that problems may
  9. I see that Ps4 and PC are at version 1.03 and xbox at version 1.01. What is the reason for this? In the last title, f1 2019, we at xbox paid much more than the other platforms and we had everything later than the others. Now again we are lagging behind in game updates. An explanation for the community would be good as to why the disregard with the platform.
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