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  1. sloppysmusic

    Tutorials from CM not just from players

    This is great news especially for tuning newcomers, so thanks! A concern of this of us more familiar with tuning in multiple sim titles is that the setup tweaks in f1 2019 and earlier games do not accurately mirror real life handling characteristics. By this I mean several options seem to either reduce or increase grip rather than apply nuances of suspension handling geometry to the car. To get an idea of what I am saying you only need to see the setups for TT fastest times. A common setup is lowest ride height combined with softest springs with camber and toe maxed or minned out at the same time. IRL this would be ridiculous and result in your car constantly sliding and scraping along the tarmac. I wish you luck with this but I believe an improved tuning model would encourage more realistic tunes to appear online and encourage more player tweaking. There has been a virtual engineer available in the project cars games for example that really helps beginners a lot with initial dirtying of their hands in the garage. A feature like this in future Codies F1 games would be widely appreciated I'm sure!
  2. sloppysmusic

    Is my career mode being fixed in my favour?

    I don't think the game fixes your progression so you can't lose, it's just like you say with in track failures for the ai the game rewards you not crashing and installing regular upgrades with a pretty much unbeatable car. Back in the day before we had the constant rpg like car upgrades the only way to get better was to put aside your real world life and practice for hours, days and months. You can raise the ai level of course to make it harder but for me that just gets frustrating as the ai never make driving mistakes, so then you kind of rely on either your own godlike talent or random retirements to hand you the win. I'd love to see ai presets rather than the continuous slider, each increasing not only ai speed but also aggressiveness. So you could play say with very fast but polite opposition for example or also very slow but rude ai (to prepare you for the online ranking experience!)
  3. sloppysmusic

    The most boring track on f1?

    You need to be racing 100% length to fully appreciate any track plus with zero assists! It's hard to call any of them actually boring when doing this as you always just one mistake away from a DNF. However I'd use the word frustrating rather than boring playing the game like this. For me it's Monaco hands down because you never get any speed going between the endless tight corners, I actually really like Baku because it has several long straights to mix it up. Once you really learn a track muscle memory takes over and I become too busy watching the other cars and trying to gain positions rather than noticing whatever track I'm on. So yeh I'm calling Monaco for me as the only way to gain position is to dive bomb or run a great pit strategy. Whoopee 2 hours of this to go....
  4. sloppysmusic

    Tutorial Popups

    And so it begins.... šŸ‘
  5. sloppysmusic

    New Developer Liaison

    Welcome to the hotseat @BarryBL! I think I'd speak for many people here who have been frustrated that previous forum 'coordinators' have had zero perceived impact regards game/franchise improvements. I'm sure you are already aware of the deep cynicism ingrained in the regular contributors here who have seen your position to be primarily damage limitation than actual information gatherer. We don't need someone to be friendly and apologetic to us. We're not 10 year olds (those people are too busy earning online ranking points!) but instead mostly long term customers who love F1 and want our favorite motorsport to have a truly immersive, accurate and rewarding corresponding game experience. So excuse the outpouring of frustration already on this thread, if you get the time to read through the previous lengthy and accurate game reports from these members you will see it wasn't always like this. The latest 2019 game seems to be have been the final straw for most of us. Despite the opening fan fare of game improvements in both play and gfx with ridiculously gushing love from the early YouTube reviewers (bribees?) the end result has been a game where even the most basic of requirements, the actual car handling, is sub standard and inaccurate to real life. I'd consider these general discussion forums to be a gold mine of valuable game testing and reporting information for anyone on the Codies team to use if serious about improving and fixing the franchise. We hope that person is you! Good luck with your assignment here, I wish you and the franchise every success especially because I'd love to be playing the game somewhere down the road and be endlessly grinning instead of frowning. May the force (feedback) be with you man!
  6. sloppysmusic

    Masterfully Coded AI in the Weekly Event

    If by single spec you mean that all the cars are the same in project cars thats yes and no. The open wheel races are single spec for sure but there are plenty of multi class races in the game and also race series where multiple manufacturers with differing specs compete for the same car class. Examples being GT3, Prototypes(lmp 1/2/3/900), touring cars, rally cross, endurance etc.
  7. sloppysmusic

    Masterfully Coded AI in the Weekly Event

    This looks like classic ai behavior under blue flags. Instead of holding a steady line and a slight lift off to let you pass every blue flag pass I have made the ai just removes all throttle entirely. Totally unrealistic. Easy to pass if they not right in front of you but.... Well you found out the hard way! I don't think they are actually braking but a complete lift off at speed would probably give the result you showed. Either way an unfunny joke.
  8. sloppysmusic

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Winners don't use drugs! Or wheels.......
  9. sloppysmusic

    Audio name request for upcoming F1 titles

    Sloppy, Hero, Bandit, Mr Podium, Wrecker, Bomberman, T-Cam, Superman, Hulk, Zero, Batman, Rambo.. These are a few more off the top of my head.
  10. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 ā€œDevelopmentā€œ Copy and Paste

    CTRL-A then CTRL - X would be a good start before making F1 2020!
  11. sloppysmusic

    Aarava's spoken

    You don't need to waste your life and damage your ear drums suffering this audio barrage on your ears. The video title gives ALL the info you need. Even though it is pretty much click bait.
  12. This link had been shared before but I couldn't find the post or I would have credited it. This video shows EXACTLY how silly the tcam view is as Lando Norris is 'challenged' by esports guys for a Spa hotlap. He does his cockpit view, making a couple of track limit errors with his legit attempt then the esports guy takes his turn and immediately switches to tcam view which Lando tries to change back while he's driving cos duh yes its obviously cheating. Those few seconds say it ALL! EDIT Skip to 1:40 to see the Lando attempt to stop the cheating. Calling those guys 'sim racers' is an insult to those lesser known people who actually race sim mode for realism. I'm surprised they didn't allow them to use a controller too!
  13. Maybe they are modernizing f1 2018 to match their later game by say removing online coop championships and removing downforce to make the cars slower and harder to drive?
  14. sloppysmusic

    Racestart with PS4 Controller

    Settings assists you will find it there.... The more you turn off the more fun you will have controlling a monster of a car.... The F1 car. Will take practice but you won't regret it if you like leaning.
  15. We still got Thanksgiving and the 'holiday' season coming up so expect some exciting and fun new paid liveries!!