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  1. sloppysmusic

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    Some people just don't get it do they? Mind you for a new player coming to the game from watching TV and turning all the game assists off you can't really blame them can you? Until Codemasters starts treating chea.. sorry t-cam as the major visual assist it is then that annoying flying camera will stay in wide usage. Most people don't even know that the cockpit camera is in fact the normal view a driver gets. It should be the default IMO and there should be trophies for using it. That's the only way I can see it being adopted. By rewarding people for using it. I do my small part by following any streamer I see using no assists and cockpit view. Won't even watch other streams let alone follow.
  2. sloppysmusic

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Good point but first of all I consider anything other than cockpit view a major assist. As regards some assist drivers ring faster then no assists, well of course a great assist driver will be faster round corners than a beginner no assists driver. As long as each assist is issued a penalty for using it then I'm fine. Yes power is the easiest way to do this like it is in iracing. I think everything about the iracing model is spot on except the pay to play model, which is the only reason I don't play it. Without getting into actual details here your lap times should be approx half a second slower for each assist you use. Turn them all on fine if you want to but you should be competing against other assist users too then. It's not fair even with handicaps to put everyone in the same lobbies. Without handicaps the no assist users are basically cheating to get the same results. With handicaps they would (and should) be much slower so would impede no assist drivers by their very presence. If there are not enough drivers left to fill the lobbies after segregation then the game is obviously not good enough to attract them. Iracing with its sub model, weak gfx and no bells and whistles except actual racing data always has plenty of players online.
  3. sloppysmusic

    Is Time Trial Redundant?

    Time trial is basically practice mode to learn the tracks but nothing else as cars handle so different and crucially there is no tire wear. So you can use ridiculously stupid setups that would destroy your tires in no time in Career or online. Although he's fast anyway without using track exploits I used a TRL limitless hot lap setup in Career once. I could not get out of the red in the tire management session. Was impossible to use.
  4. sloppysmusic

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Lmao. I agree with everything you say and you seem to agree with everything I say so I don't get the above part? I'm saying yes the game is not what everyone wanted but most of the casuals are fine with it so it won't get changed much if at all in this version. The harsh truth I'm talking about is telling people who demand changes now that they ain't gonna happen. Which... Seems to be what you're saying too lol!
  5. sloppysmusic

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    I am explaining in simple terms why 90% of the very simple additions and changes requested in these forums will not be implemented in 2019. You don't want to hear it or course and disliking a harsh reality does not make that reality less likely to happen. We are not wasting out times making suggestions as the good ones will almost certainly appear in future games. Just NOT all in the next one. As then the game after THAT will not sell. I will put my money where my mouth is too. If 2019 is updated with the following few simple changes I will buy it whatever price it is. How about that? 1) Ranked online lobbies with forced cockpit view and zero assists. 2) Assists must not be faster than no assists. That's just 2... Will prove my point though sorry if people don't like the harsh truth!
  6. sloppysmusic

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Making the game perfect would mean gamers would keep playing it for years and not buy the next year's game. Please don't down vote me lol it's not my opinion it's a plain developmental fact!
  7. sloppysmusic

    Classic F1 for another Weekly Challenge?

    IMO it would be cooler to allow users to make their own challenges and upload them. You could then just browse USER CHALLENGES and vote for the best ones. The most popular one each week would then be the next week's (cue fanfare or drum roll) WEEKLY CHALLENGE.
  8. sloppysmusic

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    You could change one letter or use a nickname. The racing will be the same! Lewis 'amilton. Max Vestappen Charles Lclerc Examples!
  9. I don't think anyone actually cares WHY the ai lap times are not the same as real life as long as they ARE the same or very close. I mean how hard is it to just increase their speeds so they match real life? As long as it is not done by making the cars themselves faster it would solve the problem right? Although is seems as if people wouldn't even mind that being the case as long as the times were closer to real life. I have to make a valid point also that how is it people can complain about the ai or human drivers (ahem gamers like all of us) not being able to lap as fast as actual F1 drivers? These guys are the best of the best drivers in the world pushing the best cars to the to the limit is their actual JOB. How is it realistic that we should be even CLOSE to the times that they're capable of making? Same thing goes for ai drivers as a human dev still has to tell them how to drive and which lines to use in the first place. Just a thought!
  10. sloppysmusic

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Well you CAN do it almost in Career. Just name your character after the real life driver and spend some time making the avatar look similar then just run the first season. At least then you get the option of continuing to a 2nd season or more if you want to! If the avatar annoys you just don't look at it. I mean that's 99% of what you want to do is it not?
  11. sloppysmusic


    Well rocket league is a new franchise designed by the devs for maximum participation on all platforms. It could be designed from scratch without licensing ever being an issue. Also everyone playing has pretty much the same game speed and experience for it to be equal as pc players don't get a real advantage. With a high gfx racing game though, unless everyone can play in smooth 60fps every where pc players running a whole host of telemetry apps would definitely have an advantage over console players. I agree it would be awesome for any racing game to play anyone world wide plus have the same leader boards. I just think pc players have so much of an advantage that joint lobbies would be unfair and need to be segregated anyway. Im speaking as a ps4 player who moved to pc for a better experience BTW.
  12. sloppysmusic

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Well if you can't see the difference between doing real life things (ordering new parts and getting penalties) in Career mode to give you a car that doesnt break down or underperform against the AI VERSUS using every assist banned in real life plus views impossible for real life drivers against HUMAN opponents to get an unfair advantage.... I mean you can't actually cheat vs ai opponents.. That's why it's called a game and you could set them to 0 if you were that bad a driver without it being called cheating. It's NOT a game so much against other humans, it's more of a sport. We all know what lengths people will go to in order to achieve results against other competitors. I think surely I have made my point now!
  13. sloppysmusic

    Power Unit Penalty System

    Ah.. I guess you could do that every session until you had full storage and would just be giving up one race. Yes I'm glad I didn't think of that before must mean I'm honest lol.
  14. sloppysmusic

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Noobs is not fair. Cheats would be more accurate especially with racing line and assists as well!!
  15. sloppysmusic

    Power Unit Penalty System

    Well yes I had used them of course.. Not sure what you mean exactly? They were not worn out at all though. So after new parts I could switch around between 2 low wear units constantly. If the game allows it then it's not cheating its just power gaming. I upgraded my reliability all the way and 2nd season would order new practice gearbox every first few races until I had 7. Then would order new parts for the rain races which I always did terrible at. So after Monaco I would have 4 sets of all kinds of parts. I reserved 2 for practice and 2 for q and races. By alternating the sets I always had w and race parts with less than 10% wear for the entire season. Hell, I was using McLaren in 2018 you need every bonus you could get!