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  1. sloppysmusic

    This games difficulty settings is ******.

    Ai behavior is usually programmed by setting their abilities to take all kids of corners. Because it doesn't take much ai work to drive in a straight line down a straight! That's why tracks with lots of challenging corners usually are where the ai races faster (unless set really low where it's the opposite). Fast tracks with few corners like Monza the ai can't show off its skills so it's really down to how fast they go doen straights. These are just my observations however. This explains why the ai are usually insanely good at Monaco for example as it's all corners pretty much!
  2. sloppysmusic

    BUG REPORT - FLASHBACK Invalid next lap

    UGH...it just did it again at France at the chicane half a mile before last bend. Makes flashback useless in race practice mode...have to save every single map in mid session save or keep doing over and over when i should be PRACTICING lol. so yeh flashback is BROKEN in race practice mode with any corner that invalidates the NEXT lap. 😞
  3. This happens every time to me so figured would report this in case the code was re-used for the next game. PC F1 2018 Latest version Easiest way to see it happen every time: Load up career/canada/full practice/race timing (the 3-5 lap one). Cutting or slipping up on the final chicane invalidate current and next laps. If you are in a practice session say done 1 good laps just need two more but you make mistake final chicane then current and next laps are invalid so you have no chance of making the full points for consecutive laps. I say NO chance because even if you press flashback the session FAILS. It cancels the current false lap of course as you are reset BEFORE the last chicane, so a tidy repeat will get you a valid lap but the next lap is ALWAYS invalid the moment you cross the line. This happens apparently on every course whenever there is a this lap an next invalid section , flashback will ALWAYS fail you on the next lap even if you drive flawlessly AFTER using flashback. In gaming turns makes this last chicane a nail biter that you cannot risk a mistake at or fail practice. Flashback should rewind before all damage and penalties but it fails in this case, Thanks for listening...ps I hate practice sessions at Canada for this reason!
  4. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 Season Mod 2.1 HUGE UPDATE!!!!!

    Totally brilliant and pro polished mod in almost every way. Perfect for adding mileage to the game until the new one comes out. All the names and faces are there. I only had one funny moment yesterday when coming 2nd at Barcelona for McLaren : commentators were both saying driver of the day was the amazing Fernando Alonso who conjured a result out of nowhere. Which was pretty true as he was nowhere to be seen and my McLaren team mate Sainz had a DNF! I understand re-recording pro commentators is not in the budget! Great job dude anyway.
  5. sloppysmusic

    F1 Career Mode

    Can't see people who only want to race F1 being forced to do F2 even if it is only a few short events. Either way you could probably just skip them the same way you skip classic events in the current game. 5 mins max time if that to skip? Maybe the simulation option will be in there so people can just make their decisions and skip to the main event, the F1 season if they wish. As regards 'fake' drivers, don't forget WE are actually fake drivers lol. This is the problem or also good part about game details leaking one by one ahead of release. People panic if something is there they don't like but also the devs get important feedback so if something is really disliked it can be changed before release or in the first patch. Except for the Halo and Jar Jar Binks. We are all stuck with those forever! 😄
  6. sloppysmusic

    Track models in F1 2019

    Then only time this really bothers me is if I watch a real world pole lap for tips then try to recreate in game and woah I'm in the dirt! As long as the majority of users are online 'line followers' I dont think there will be changes to tracks because they would not be noticed anyway so would be a waste of dev time and money. It's only poor saps like me with no assists who struggle! I'm fine as it is now though as I've learned these tracks inside out over multiple full length races/seasons so a change would throw me out!
  7. sloppysmusic

    F2 in Career Mode

    Does the F2 taster include any car upgrades or just basically is it an intro trainer mode by any other name? Looking forward to seeing something new although being an oldie 'hardcore' gamer I'd rather just have game and no behind the scenes scripts. My perfect option would be choose your F1 team and team mate at the start in NORMAL mode (like previous recent games) or choose RAGS TO RICHES MODE where you randomly get assigned an F2 drive and depending on how many points you have at the end of season decides which F1 teams will let you join. So if you do well Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull literally fight over your contract each offering you some juicy perks to help make up your mind. If you do poorly then you have to manually select one of the lower teams and ask them one by one for a basic contract. Zero perks. If one team turns you down the others are less likely to want you! Plus if you can't agree on terms with even Williams you have to do the F2 season again for a better result. Of course you can change the ai at any time so you're never actually stuck in F2 or with Kubica as a teammate but Id like that kind of progression one day. To add to that you could be required to complete say a test session at a random track with practice sessions to determine your skills rather like the current career ones. Then depending on how many you bronze /silver /gold that determines which F2 team you join. Excuse my ignorance of F2 if it is all spec as they'd all be the same anyway so this would be a pointless exercise lol!
  8. I agree with this entirely, in 2017 ps4 I think I used a button to toggle the mfd on and off to get round this issue. With 2018 I gave up and started using a telemetry app on my tablet below the screen as if it was on my actual car dash. I have all the data I want all the time on it I couldn't imagine the frustration of not knowing what mode I'm in at all times any more! Would be nice if you could put the ERS and fuel mix settings on the actual wheel in game. Only needs a small number or icon and could leave the mfd off then.
  9. sloppysmusic

    F1 2018 Dedicated Setup Site

    That's totally normal! In qualifying you carry a minimum level of fuel are very light and can go at least 2 seconds faster than in the race when your tank is full. By the time you have used up most of the fuel in the race your tires are worn out. So your times look completely normal.
  10. This is why the game doesn't allow completely manual pit stops. Imagine the carnage with a lobby full of idiots playing demolition derby in the pits?! The only way you are EVER going to get fair racing online is with a HUMAN race director making decisions on penalties. You could slightly fix this issue though by changing the code for online pit speed limits by allowing say 2 seconds of speeding before issuing penalty. This way people who are genuinely slowing down or who get rammed will see an on screen warning SPEEDING SLOW DOWN! before actually getting the penalty. It could be configured in set up same as corner cutting. STRICT or WARNING GIVEN being options. I do full-length races and no assist manual everything and even after a full season I still haven't nailed stopping without getting a penalty 100% yet. Problem is if you drive Too slow the ai or person behind you is going to hit you for sure!
  11. sloppysmusic

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    Sincerely believe multi-player is so hard to get right is because 99% of online players are such complete disrespectful idiots. I'm talking about those who refuse to practice a single lap before entering a lobby and who want to win at all costs without regards to racing etiquette or any basic decent human being quality. Therefore the game devs have to waste so much time and code just trying to make it less of a nightmare for the decent people (who do exist hence racing leagues) that car physics and lag take a back seat. So many people trying to cheat constantly I can see why devs give up after a while. Career mode is excellent, especially when you spend the time learning the tracks inside out and removing assists as you get better. Codies pretty much nailed it in the last 2 games. The whole POINT of an F1 series game is that it is supposed to mirror and actual real life season so the career mode is by far the most important. Multi-player is supposed to be the bonus mode you have fun with after mastering the car and race formats, plus become a highly skilled driver. Like real life. If you want a boring soulless and repetitive multi-player experience go play GTSport. I ditched that over a year ago. MP might be pretty solid (although never ever good enough for some people) but the actual game itself is sooooo boring. The word GAME folks, is the crucial one. It should be playable and be fun at all times without relying on the ever changing world of online persona. F2 2017 and 2018 both have excellent careers. Haven't once wanted to destroy my fun by visiting the school playground or sand box.
  12. Wouldn't work in practice. Problem being that the racer might not want to always have it on. Say you're catching up another driver but your ERS is low. You use DRS down the straight then after braking use OVERTAKE to pass him. If it was auto on down the straight it would run out and be wasted before you reached him. Also how does the game then know when to turn it off? DRS is special as it had to be turned ON manually but ONLY when a certain track condition is met not just because you pressed the button. Then it ends on a number of conditions. You press button again or brake for example. How would the game know when you wanted to disconnect ERS? What if you wanted it to stay on after DRS was deactivated. What if you didn't? Would lead to more confusing options in the menu screens. Be easiest just to assign a button to OVERTAKE if possible. So yeh interesting idea but not very practical to implement.
  13. sloppysmusic

    Slicks not available in FP in Grand Prix mode.

    Session remaining says 23.45 was it raining at all at start of session and is weather dynamic? That force India that came back in the pits when you went out had inters on as well. Plus can't see Codies bothering to help you much as the included video link leads to a blatantly offensive video title. Just profanity with no mention of the issue. Did you try restarting the session? When you were on track the engineer came on radio and said weather had almost all cleared up did you want to pit again for dry tires. Did you try pitting and seeing if that fixed the issue?
  14. sloppysmusic

    Saving mistakenly deleted

    How did you actually cancel the progress? Did you delete the save files in the steam folder on pc? Are you on pc or console? If pc you can use a file recovery program like FILE SCAVENGER to recover files you deleted.
  15. sloppysmusic

    Racing in rain/half wet qualifying

    I know that. If the whole session is showing rain I might simulate it. Except it's NOT better than retiring I my case as I drive the McLaren and it is the weakest car at the moment as I have invested all my points in reliability not actual improvements. So EVERY race I simulate I come plum last which looks worse to the team than retiring! If I suffer through a wet race I can at least get a point. Last race I simmed I qualified 3rd and game gave me LAST place. Completely useless.