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  1. I saw it too on the video it was really obvious and I thought uh-oh... That's not gonna end well.
  2. That's a good and obvious solution. At least on ps4 and some of games with yukky cloud services if there is a discrepancy the game tells you that online save predates the offline one and asks if you are OK to continue as you may lose your current save. This game wrecking issue with Dirt Rally 2 has been designed with zero respect for customers who have paid for a fully working game. I can accept bugs it's 2020 every dev leaves them in their games and moves onto their own next money making project but this is literally game breaking. Career mode should be renamed ONLINE CHALLENGE MODE. It just
  3. Start another career and FOUR races in it dumps me AGAIN NOT ACCEPTABLE!! @PJTierney Please assure me this will be fixed as a matter of priority or may I please have a refund? Seeing as career is totally BROKEN mate I think one of the 2 is acceptable right? 😫 Both my careers have been destroyed as soon as I continue to next event and then quit to menu. I'd give you a report code but this particular beta does not seem to have them displayed? Salty post? Yes. I ordered the house special but for some reason before I can even get through the first course the waiter takes a
  4. Hey I just saw this thread a day after posting a complaint in tech support. I'm not going to excuse my obvious anger when I wrote it because it was justified and expected. I can forgive any dev for not being able to solve issues over a year after a release if the problem lies deep in the code and was only there because of ambitious game design of overall benefit to the customers who paid for it. However when the bugs are not bugs at all but a direct, predictable and easily avoidable result of a universally hated design decision then there is no excuse at all for not changing the design to use
  5. If you mean the infamous SUZUKA BUMP Barry confirmed that is dead, buried and soon to be forgotten....
  6. I'm confused. Is that really you Matt Gaetz recording and mixing the sounds for the new game?! 😉🤔🤣
  7. To be clear, are you saying they are too fast or too slow compared to real life ?
  8. I can remember the frustration waiting for Gran Turismo 7 to be the first gt game on the current consoles, then finding out it had been shelved for the arcade GT Sport.
  9. People love customizing their game experience so I'm sure it will be very popular. I'm interested to know how the actual car part is chosen. Ie do you just pick a real world team and use their car with your design or can you pick and choose engine supplier and chassis /aero parts? I think that would be a good challenge if possible as it's what the real world teams have to do! Be pretty cool if during career at the start of a new season you learned your team had been offered a new power plant from a top team. Whose would you pick?
  10. That's true. It was mostly their successes with those games which helped them get the f1 license if I'm right?
  11. That's always the most exciting way for me. No assists at all but be sensible with the ai to start with. As soon as you get used to staying on track you can start raising that ai level pretty fast. The amount of power you have at your finger tips with no assists is awe inspiring!
  12. Sounds good to me. A racing car engine should sound like what it is. A mass of over engineered metal parts bolted together around a continuous stream of barely controlled explosions. Highly flammable liquid is sprayed into that hellish metal couldren along with its favorite buddies, air and multiple sparks. The resultant cacophony is a chemical party gone wild screaming with almost uncontrollable power as it celebrates only inches behind your back. Vacuum cleaners need not turn up for the audition... 😎
  13. Good point! I had to remind sms that one car in pcars 2 had the engine mixed only through the left front speaker... It was very weird to drive.. Like I was leaning out the back seat window haha!
  14. Did you run the audio through your Spectrum Analyzer to confirm even frequency distribution? 🔉😎
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