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    F1 2019 Simple Start Guide

    @BarryBL didn't you produce some intro guides? Would be cool if they could be hyperlinked into the game itself, after the opening screen or at least more obvious on the forums. A keyboard /hot key /default button map sheet would be darn useful too in sure its been done but where is it.... https://www.yekbot.com/f1-2019-keyboard-controls/ I found one although it's pretty basic and does not include navigation keys or ps4 buttons just Xbox.
  2. Someone should write an ebook or online guide "How to survive a race in f1 2019 without being wrecked deliberately". It would be very successful, you already have the first tip in that comment! Of course it would involve lots of shenanigans but if that's what it takes.........
  3. sloppysmusic

    Codemaster F1 2019 Gear ratios

    During testing top gear was noticed to be too high so the car was never anywhere near the power band. As you point out final drive would be an easy fix but even though it is available as a setting irl there is no pre season testing in this game so you don't actually have the option. I believe it's set so low so that as your car 'levels up' during career by the time you get the most power and best aerodynamic performance your car will not be over revving on the straights in top gear. In 2018 with a fully maxed car I frequently hit the Rev limiter in top gear with a maxed out car. Especially when drafting. Sounded very unhealthy!
  4. sloppysmusic

    No-Assists Learning Process

    Takes about 3 or 4 seconds at most. I might take a photo and show it but I use the dark Grey /green packing foam torn up into a piece a couple of inches cubed. Then just wedge it behind the pedal which is too loose as you say for any purpose really. You could just leave it there when playing DR I guess. I will say that I put it there a year ago and despite running the full length season of f1 2019 and a couple hundred hours of pcars 2 it has not called out or needed adjustment. That's why I preferred to do the external fix which would be quick to undo although I've never needed to remove it anyway.
  5. sloppysmusic

    No-Assists Learning Process

    A tip for G29 users. If you haven't already PLEASE try switching the brake lever for the clutch lever (which you don't use in F1). The travel is much further and it's way more sensitive. Also switch to left foot braking at the same time. You will need to insert foam behind the lever (there are more advanced internal mods you can add but this is simplest!) so it gives you more resistance but that's it. My mind was blown away by doing this at age 55 (the foot swap) and mastered it in a few hours, easily surpassing right foot braking as your feet always stay on the pedals and you can also of course brake and accelerate at the same time, I major handling boost in corners. The pedal swap without using ABS meant my maximum brake pressure went from 65/70 to 95/100. Mexico was the one track I actually used 100 on for the first straight especially. All that extra travel meant so much more delicate braking instead of stomp and hope.
  6. sloppysmusic


    Spot on mate. Tcam is so much of an advantage that if it's allowed in a race they you have to use it if you want to compete. Plus yes auto gears is only really a boost when you are a beginner. Doesnt take very long before manual becomes faster.
  7. sloppysmusic

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    https://www.racefans.net/2020/04/06/ocon-to-join-new-renault-esports-event-tomorrow/ It's not a good sign for the game when F1 teams organize their own races using Gran Turismo Sport and not the official F1 game!
  8. sloppysmusic

    Race highlights

    It would be cool if there was a hot key you could press during a race that would add the last 5 seconds of your race to the highlights. Would never miss the coolest /funniest incidents then!
  9. sloppysmusic

    No-Assists Learning Process

    One fact you might find useful is that when I was learning manual braking I noticed even I broke too hard and locked the wheels up as long as I was on a straight and not a turn it took the SAME distance to stop as if I had not locked the brakes and I still stopped in a straight line. In the real world slight imbalances in the car and minor differences like the wheels locking up at slightly different times almost always result in the car losing control and the rear spinning round pointing you in the wrong direction. The game doesn't model flat spots so while you are learning no ABS you don't need to worry about locking the wheels while you are learning. Also, I don't mean to be pedantic but the tcam view is undoubtedly the biggest assist if all as it gives you a huge advantage in track visibility. This doesn't matter too much once you've learned the tracks inside out. I'm just mentioning it as when I started using the wheel myself and other view than cockpit looked silly as I wanted to see what the drivers see. Best tip I can give to anyone dropping the unrealistic and banned assists is not to worry about being uncompetitive for a while. Just go out and have fun in practice! It's a major blast realizing that you are finally responsible for massive amounts of power in a stupidly overpowerful lightweight vehicle. Expect to spin out a lot, pick the wrong gears (or neutral argh!), make some cool lock up screeches, powerslides and close up wall interactions while learning. Muscle memory will kick in before long if you relax and don't get too tense. After all you can't actually get injured or run up huge repair bills in the game! if you have a few buddies who also have wheels or are learning no assists you could start up a no assists league and have some fun learning together, as well as guaranteed hilarity in the process.
  10. sloppysmusic


    So are you saying if you're a pad user auto gears is 0.3/0.5s faster or slower than manual? Plus would you say you're experienced with the game and know all the tracks well? This information could be useful thanks for sharing!
  11. sloppysmusic


    Well thats because the pad is so much more stable and boosted people using it are gonna win without even trying. It would be interesting to see a results sheet comparing pad plus auto gears with pad plus manual. I'd like to take the bet the pad users are also using T-Cam!
  12. sloppysmusic


    As already mentioned this is absolutely due to the overall experience levels of the field. If you took a group of 5 year olds and let half race auto gears and half manual the manuals would still be on their first lap when the others were finishing up. If you haven't driven a stick shift in real life you are also at a disadvantage because you wouldn't understand power bands and engine torque. I would bet however that a league running a whole seasons worth of racing would notice the manual racers catching up and overtaking around half way through.
  13. sloppysmusic

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    If someone with the game who wasn't racing could spectate I could watch on Steam , then stream and comment on THAT. They'd be fulfilling the TV director position effectively. That's the only way I think this would be workable and also watchable (listenable... That's another story!)
  14. sloppysmusic

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    I'd love to! Don't have this year's game though so don't think I can 😢. If there was a way to watch it I could stream it np. I could possibly watch via steam and comment and/or stream that, quality might be poor though and lag could be interesting! What's the actual session start time? US east coast here so 5 hours behind the UK. EDIT: I've just realized if I'm watching someone race via steam I'll only be able to see THEIR race. So commenting would be a little stale... Unless it was Baz then I could at least share his position and condition with the rest of the field! 😂
  15. sloppysmusic

    Drag/drs R&D objective, Baku

    Hey I'm pretty sure that was a bug in 2018. Baku speed trap objective, if you Google it. You could try tweaking your toe for a little more straight line acceleration /stability or the other way round. Can't advise sorry as the tuning is not quite the same as real life, you have to experiment. I agree it's frustrating especially for me being the OCD completing all objectives type!
  16. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 game release date

    Nice one Stevie! You forgot to add "wheel users stoked they get to compete on equal terms with pad users /patch nerfs wheel - boosts pad /wheel users cry in their beer" 🎡😢
  17. sloppysmusic

    Mechanical failure

    As long as it's entirely optional then yes I agree. Probably best to wait until the game has see a few patches though!
  18. sloppysmusic

    Cancelled races transformed to online events

    Absolutely. I've seen Lando stream F1 2019. The last time he played no longer than 14 mins before quitting shouting 'THIS game..! "
  19. sloppysmusic

    Handling in 2019

    It's a game and should be fun to drive. Either go for extreme realism and add assists for beginners, or go full arcade but allow better drivers to add more realism to their tastes. Having it somewhere in the middle to start with is like sitting on the fence. Nobody is really happy.
  20. sloppysmusic

    Handicap in multiplayer

    Timed staggered start delays like in the challenges. The better the driver the more seconds behind the rest of the field they start racing. If they are THAT good they can start a lap behind in a long enough race!
  21. sloppysmusic

    Cancelled races transformed to online events

    I see there's reduced damage and TC /ABS available to drivers. Sorry but that sounds boring to watch to me, takes away the whole excitement of the real thing entirely. I saw Lando and Max race live on Twitch yesterday (iracing) and it was a demolition derby. They were obviously having a blast but not many skills were on show, mostly the 2 F1 drivers trying to wreck each other! Lando won the dirty driver award by a mile, cutting across the inner track area (Sonoma Raceway) to ram the whole field on the start /finish straight. Of course they had their buddys doing admin deleting black flag and penalties after wrecking. Was amusing for a short while but the lack of actual racing made it pointless. Highlight for me was Lando getting pole by over 2 second. Classy on the limit driving!
  22. sloppysmusic

    We need more lobby options regarding penalties.

    As long as there are no ranking points available there should be no limit on options available for the league admin. In fact a totally separate race director app should be available to download pc /Mac that allows full league and race organization for admins. If it included a broadcast director function as well admins could stream their league action live in real time. Would include full rewind and replay options so any incidents could be reviewed and penalties handed out on the fly making it much fairer and a whole lot more exciting for esports and viewers. The client should be compatible with ALL versions of the game so historical leagues could also be run. Organizing a league through the awkward game interface would be no longer needed and much more powerful. Being an officially endorsed game even F1 themselves could organize races before major IRL events (or instead of like now) and help the racing community get more involved. Of course to go with this server app there would be a client app available on portable devices that would enable viewers to view all the current races and calendar and tune in to watch and comment, their input would be visible to the admin so he /she could read the more interesting comments out live. Yes that means the server admin app would have built in live streaming to the platform of your choice. The future is yours all you have to do is grab it! It would be exciting for viewers to be able to check an upcoming race, view the drivers and check their stats. Maybe they could also be able to forecast the top 10 finishers and after the race the viewer(s) with the most accurate predictions would win some nominal prize, such as a gift coupon towards purchase of the game. Or to keep it away from ANY type of gambling metaphor they would just have their names displayed on the race over screen. Race results plus fan of the day Yes I know all this is ambitious but you have the license securely in your pocket now, and why not raise the bar and OWN it? 😎
  23. sloppysmusic

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    With the first 4 races now officially canceled and no guarantee at this point that ANY races will be going ahead an official 2020 F1 game with the full calendar raceable is going to look very much like a cynical and sick (!) cash grab from Codies. They would be better off making a decision fast and maybe releasing DLC or some kind of fantasy F1 game instead. If there ends up being no F1 real life season or a seriously depleted one game sales are going to tank hard anyway as they are mostly driven by the real thing. Current world problems will be and should be a game changer. This isn't hysteria its pragmatism.
  24. sloppysmusic

    Wheel vs. Pad users on Singapore

    Thanks and no problem! Which part of my reply helped you? The section that's still there or the part that was deleted for being 'possibly a bit out of topic' and /or 'being possibly provoking' ? I can't remember what I typed this morning sorry. If it WAS the part that was deleted sorry everyone else for not knowing what was helpful to OP as it's gone now. As regards the deletion/censorship (sorry editing is correcting and improving not simply cutting paragraphs out completely ) I have to state that the day I stop writing material that could never possibly be provoking in any way I will quit writing completely. I'm here to change things for the better and you don't effect change for the better while portraying the world and everyone in it as perfect. EDIT :Can the devs access 'hidden messages'? Just clarifying whether text is ghosted in some way as to still be available for admins to read and review (and unhide maybe) or whether hidden means actually deleted?
  25. sloppysmusic

    Wheel vs. Pad users on Singapore

    That's a little harsh man! That'd be be like saying all wheel boxes should state clearly "this product will make you so slower than regular pad users." Plus going back to the pad after using a wheel is just depressing, better to solve the problem than just make everyone use the same input device.