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    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    You got that spot on! The perfect recipe for destruction (virtual) is a 5 lap no damage all assists allowed lobby. The longer the race the more bored idiots will get, or they won't even join in the first place. Full damage might out them off even entering as they get one chance to wreck and maybe it's race over for them too. If it takes regular forum races to bring this fact back to the planning table before the next game comes out all the better. All the good will in the world stands no chance against permawreckers. Even if the racing in the game was perfect a session would still be ruined this way. Of course private lobbies 'solve' this issue but you lose the excitement of random competition then also, that someone with godlike skills might drop in and raise the bar.
  2. sloppysmusic

    Wheel vs. Pad users on Singapore

    Whatever wheel you use dialing down the max rotation in setup will help. That way you turn less to get more actual turning in game. You definitely should never need to crossover hands for sure. You'll never turn faster than a pad though unkess you have superpowers! The laws of physics/inertia are stacked against you.
  3. sloppysmusic

    is it possible to have that time in bahrain?

    There are certainly some very fast drivers out there AND a lot of cheaters too. Leagues are the most likely place to find the best drivers as it would be a waste of your skills to enter demolition derbies in open lobbies. Can't you view the replays and look for obvious cheats that way? I certainly believe league admins that use the in game league system should have more powers to investigate and punish obvious cheaters, but it's not enough to just accuse someone of being very fast, you need to actually witness an infraction.
  4. sloppysmusic

    How to simulate qualifications in career mode?

    Nothing wrong in playing like this. After all it as the much acclaimed Gran Turismo method for nearly 2 decades! Start last and make your way through the pack one by one, can be a lot of fun. Of course you have to lower the ai difficulty to make this possible and probably lower damage or turn it off. I mean we've all had bad qualifying sessions where we crashed, incurred penalties or had car problems and had to start in last place. Admit that it's actually quite fun trying to pass as many as cars as possible to get in the points or even a podium place. Except at Monaco. Definitely not fun there starting last!
  5. sloppysmusic

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    That's absolutely true but I was not referring to league players but ALL online players. The vast majority of random lobby players would not be at all happy if they got beaten by wheel users so that's why the boost exists, not because of league at all. In league most players use a wheel so when competing against each other it doesn't really matter if there is a pad boost or not. A lot of the esports drivers also stream live and looking the part is important to them so using a pad on a live stream looks kinda amateur. It's ironic because they use a wheel to look pro but then use some of the assists in the game such as the ubiquitous T-Cam view which is about as unrealistic and non-pro looking as you can get! If the pad boost was absolutely ridiculous then of course esports drivers would use it, but it's more of a subtle aid keeping drivers on track for longer, stopping crashes every few moments with some subtle smoothing around fast and tight corners to prevent oversteer which is certainly possible with a wheel but easier to avoid with far more travel movement.
  6. sloppysmusic

    Racing line assist

    To me the racing line has always been the biggest handicap actually, and one I turn off immediately in any game I play. If I never see it I never miss it! 🤔 It let's me actually learn the track so much faster (like NOT using GPS in real life for example) and encourages me to try new lines out or pass cars in interesting ways. Plus the braking /throttle colors can be pretty innacurate especially in the wet so I can brake at the lady moment better or go round some corners faster. The racing line is basically exactly what the ai cars use ALL the time, so it feels like I'm a robot just copying them. There are plenty of faster lines and cool passes to experiment with once you give yourself total freedom! The mini map is a way better assist for me if I'm learning a new track. I won't quit practice until I can turn all visual aids off though. It's a cool 'reward' for my efforts in learning a track!
  7. sloppysmusic

    How to play F1 2019 with my son

    Hey there cool to see a new member on here, thanks for joining up and contributing! As regards multiplayer at the same time racing against each other you will definitively need 2 copies of the game and 2 different steam IDs if you are using steam. If you purchased a boxed copy you need 2 of those as well. Online is a bit hit or miss as the other competitors can vary from Hardcore serious racers to mean killjoys who will spend the entire race trying to wreck yours. You might get lucky but sadly there's no local LAN coop in this game. You might not want to hear this but you could still have some competitive fun if you get creative. With 2 copies you could both run TT at the same time and play HORSE with your son. (you could do this easily with 1 copy actually). One of you selects a track, the other one picks the car, the first one then gets to set a lap time over 1 lap. You then switch over and the other player had to beat that time. If they succeed its back to the first player who had to beat it and so on. As soon as one of you can't beat the previous time he gives the first person a letter. The first person to completely spell HORSE( more fun to pick a word you both think is fun) wins the challenge. After each letter a new track /car combo is chosen. Another way to play together is less competitive but just as much fun as it's team work, with all the pressure that brings. Guess we could call this HOT SEAT. Your team enters a grand prix, or full career, up to you. You then take it in turns to drive the car in qualifying and race sessions. It's easy to pause the game on a straight (offline only of course!) and switch drivers. You could either switch over after every 5 laps or set a timer for 5 or 10 mins. Doing a full length race this way is actually pretty exciting and stressful as you don't want to mess up and let the team down! Just make sure you set the ai low enough to make up for mistakes and turn damage off (unless you enjoy family fights lol) . All depends on whether you want to work as team or against each other. There is still plenty of competition if you look for it. You could have a fast lap challenge during the race too. Maybe put some quarters on the table and whenever each of you sets a team fast lap time you take a quarter. If one of you sets an actual race best time maybe take a dollar. Whoever has the most quarters at the end of the race wins the challenge. Up to you whether you let your son keep them lol. Anyway, sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear but maybe you or someone else might have fun with these ideas. I once babysat 2 girls who watched me play a rally game on my pc and wanted to play but were both too small to reach the pedals at same time as using the wheel. So I made them take it in turns, one on the wheel the other on the pedals. It was actually hilarious and a lot of fun! Wheel girl shouting out commands to pedal girl (using her hands on pedals!) GAS GAS GAS MORE GAS BRAKE BRAKE!! (CRASH...) Pedal girl shouting back I'M ON FULL GAS CAN'T GIVE MORE!! Wheel girl shouting MORE GAS! The wheel and pedals proved to be very tough fortunately for me.. 😎
  8. sloppysmusic

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    I'd expect so! The vast majority of customers will be pad users who want to compete and do well. If there was no pad 'boost' they would mostly lose to wheel users who have an obvious natural advantage. If they lose a lot they would complain and quit playing. Wheel users are not going to quit playing even with a perceived disadvantage against pad users as they have invested heavily in their hobby. So from a business POV it makes sense to treat pad users well and let wheel users fight for the scraps. It's not FAIR but pure business.... 🤔🙄
  9. For online lobbies to work well they need not to be a last minute add on to the game or an afterthought they need to be thoroughly tested before release. If there is not a dedicated dev team responsible for this there SHOULD be and they personally should be present during several months of testing pre-release with dedicated online beta testers. No reason why this can't be part of a fun annual beta competition too. Any flaws during a competition even a friendly one are likely to be more vigorously hunted down and solved. It's just not enough to have a week of beta testing trying out the menu screens, then a week doing grand prix testing, then a week or two online testing these 3 branches need to be available for hard continuous testing for at least 3 months before release. Treating release buyers as testers prior to major patch releases is insulting! Of course any live league ran before release might be disrupted by updated code but there's no reason why driver points can't be carried forward even if beta code resets actual game stats. testers should also be encouraged to cheat during testing instead of behaving like unrealistic well behaved online drivers. That's the only way to discover exploits prior to release when thousands of dedicated cheaters and deliberate crashers suddenly fill up the online lobbies. We should be ready and prepared for them so everyone who plays the game online after releases can be guaranteed a mostly fun and fair time.
  10. sloppysmusic

    Option to turn off Jeff please

    From memory that does not stop him from talking but at least limits him to important race info only. It does pretty much shut him up in practice but he will still comment in qualifying from memory.
  11. sloppysmusic

    Competed 10 Season Championship Deleted?

    This should be an achievement to 100% the game. Myself I've never got further than 5 seasons as the car was OP at that point. It would also encourage Codies to make the full career more interesting rather than just a repetitive slog half way through!
  12. sloppysmusic

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    I would like to see a realistic/Hardcore mode where you don't get guaranteed a seat whenever you pick at the start. You choose say 3 teams you have a preference for and then undertake a series of trials in relevant 2018 cars. As you progress in the trials you get points, and after reaching certain milestones each team offers you a seat with various incentives. To race for a top team you would have to get much further in the trials. At any stage you could quit the trials and take an offer or continue to earn more points to initiate a bidding 'war' between the teams for your services. A low team might offer you more input in the car development cycle, choice of being #1 driver, plus any perks available they can offer such as leniency in your interview responses. The contract might be for 2 or 3 years whatever your performanc. A high end team might say OK you get to be #2 driver, you do as we say and follow the company line in interviews. Plus the contract may only be for one season depending on results but could be terminated earlier after poor results. If you performed exceptionally well in trials the top teams that were not in your original selection may join in the negotiations and offer you a prime seat as well as carte Blanche to develop the car as you wish. These trials could take the form of the current super license, requiring you to pass before you can take part as a regular team driver. Obviously these trials would have to be fun as well as challenging, becoming a mini game by themselves in such a way even beginner drivers would be tempted to give them a go with obviously easier challenges. The challenges themselves could follow the special event format that has already been a part of the game for a while now but would actually give the events meaning and rewards. Extra points would definitely be available for clean driving and passes so a clean third would be worth more than a dirty first for example.
  13. sloppysmusic

    Option to turn off Jeff please

    Although it's not exactly what you are asking for you can do the same thing by going into audio options and reducing engineer volume to zero. I used to do that for all sessions then raise it again for the race, when he might actually say something useful! It's blissful practicing without him talking garbage in your ear I agree!
  14. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 Audio Recording during Pre-Season Testing

    When the sound is just right and recorded well /sampled high quality you can just close your eyes on the start line and almost imagine you are there. The way our brain receives and interprets video /audio is totally different. Our imagination comes into play with visuals and as long as what we see is realistic even if it has obvious pixels our brains fill in the gaps. With sound tho we have no brain enhancement available so if we hear a muffled or unrealistic sound that's what we have to work with. A good example is animation on TV. If the voice actors are high quality with good scripts and acting we don't even notice how basic some of the animation is. South Park being an obvious example! So yes, good quality sound rocks!
  15. sloppysmusic

    Codemasters please change ERS

    ERS has been in the game for 2 iterations now and should have been improved for 20 19 but sadly was not. It's better to have it than not have it but the 2 options available are both miles from real life. Auto is just annoying, will lose you races online and only works in Career if you turn the ai down. Manual is WAY too much manual. For sure it's easy to map buttons with a wheel to fuel mapping and ERS and with practice its second nature to switch through settings its just hyper unrealistic and distracting for sure. In fact auto would work more realistically if you had manual override control. Either with buttons or voice activation. Just 2 extra commands would useful imo, CHARGE and HOTLAP. The first would be useful if you have a good lead on the person behind or if you are slipstreaming someone and want to build up charge for an attack. HOTLAP for obvious reasons. These could be switched back to AUTO when the charge is either full (CHARGE) or empty (HOTLAP) so the driver wouldn't forget to switch back, or manual switch back with a button press. For maximum flexibility you could keep the present system but just add CHARGE and HOTLAP commands plus HOTLAP on/off toggle during the race. Wheel users would love this extra control and pad users would probably be using auto and the manual overrides to keep it simpler yet still way more realistic. AUTO could be improved too and be TEAM MANAGED. Jeff would chime in (if you wanted him to!) and say WE'VE NOTICED A PASSING OPPORTUNITY SOON SO WE'RE CHARGING YOU UP /YOU'RE KILLING YOUR TIRES SO DROPPING ERS BEFORE YOUR IMPENDING PIT STOP. Or YOU'RE APPROACHING A LEADER /PACK OF CARS WE ARE GIVING YOU FULL POWER BEFORE THE FINAL TURN INTO THE STRAIGHT. In each case you could also have a PRESS TO CONFIRM OR IGNORE TO CANCEL.
  16. sloppysmusic

    Online Crashes, Torpedoes

    Well I laughed at it, I know tongue-in-cheek when I see it!
  17. sloppysmusic

    Online Crashes, Torpedoes

    LOL.. You mean have an achievement you get by turning achievements off? Were you being sarcastic? 🤣
  18. It does but seems to get wiped as soon as race is over and you see results screen. You have to load it before the session ends which in this case would have been too late. This was the way 2018 worked.
  19. sloppysmusic

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    Move over Eddie the Eagle, make way for Barry the Barnacle!
  20. This is where a manual save option would be incredibly useful. OP can't do a 1 minute test without wrecking his entire season. If you already have flashbacks enabled it's hardly cheating having a manual save available and by golly it would be darn useful for testing and recreating bugs.
  21. sloppysmusic

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    Ahh.. I understand now... You're worried about OTHER people damaging your car.. Shame on me for not realizing that.... 🤔🤣
  22. Surely if you wish to practice each track in the sequence they followed in real life the easiest option would be to pick the 2019 championship. You can just ignore the points if you are practicing and all the usual career stuff should be disabled?
  23. sloppysmusic

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    Of COURSE that's why you have damage off Barry..... 😎🤔🤣
  24. sloppysmusic

    Online Crashes, Torpedoes

    In game online achievements are linked strongly with mass cheating. It's highly ironic that the strong desire to reach an arbitrary and random level score causes so many to cheat on track because that cheating is then directly responsible for the required driver level taking so long to get! I've said it before but probably not loud enough, that if you remove online achievements entirely from the game you will also annihilate probably as much as 90% of the cheating too. Achievements that drive a more positive race experience should instead be encouraged. Here's an example list I believe will clean the game up very quickly: UNTOUCHABLE (Consecutive completed laps without contact with other cars) Bronze 5, Silver 15, Gold 25, Platinum 50 TEACHERS PET (Consecutive completed laps without incurring track penalties) B5, S15, G25, P50 MIRROR CHECK (Consecutive clean passes without incurring a penalty - carried forward from race to race) B1, S5, G10, P15 SUNDAY DRIVER (Consecutive pit stops without going over speed limit) B1, S5, G10, P15 NOT A SCRATCH (Win a race without incurring a single penalty /zero damage /full damage ON) B 5 lap race, S 25% race, G 50% race, P 100% race Of course there will still always be a few who don't care about trophies or race results who will spend their entire track time trying to wreck the experience for others but these will soon become pariahs. Ghosting and disqualification/ineligibility from trophies will discourage persistent offenders pretty quick though if implemented. I also believe many game devs implement trophies cynically to extend playtime artificially beyond the time people would play purely for enjoyment, so they need to encourage clean racing exclusively instead of rewarding simply time on track /race results.
  25. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019/2020 Suggestions

    I'm definitely for more options than less ones as even the best people make non game related mistakes, or a glitch can occur that ruins a race that wouldn't in real life. OP is right that it spoils immersion a little, but so does the actual race over screen in the first place. In real life you get to drink champagne too.. Or limp back to the pits tail between legs. 😎