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    My Career Mode Summary: Season 1

    If I ever do career again in one of these games I'm turning flashback off permanently. Team point progress will then be naturally and realistically slower. The whole game will be way more exciting and I will have deserved every point I make. Even the pros crash their cars and lose sessions or races, the season is 21 races long plenty of points opportunities over several seasons. Plus I will obviously have to drive more realistically like IRL and not go for crazy passes anymore or turn 1 dives.
  2. sloppysmusic

    Big changes needed.

    LOL nope 😎
  3. sloppysmusic

    Big changes needed.

    I didn't intend to discourage criticism earlier in this thread, I believe constructive arguments made with screen shots and videos to be the most effective, especially from people who have played F1 games before so can compare this version with last versions. My main point is that if you can prove that something that is in the game by design either does not actually work or has major flaws then there is a real chance it would be fixed. Forums generally contain more serious gamers who play a game a lot and can see problems casual players may not even notice. Has to be remembered though that the game presumably sells millions of copies worldwide yet only a few dozen people on here are making complaints. If you were the project manager for such a major release as this would you risk making major design changes after release? Bug fixes yes, minor improvements yes, new game modes probably not. I actually think the code master forums are some of the most losely moderated official forums around. Seems to be that almost any public criticism is allowed as long as it's not offensive or hateful. I begged another company's devs to fix a game breaking design choice on their forums last year and was told pretty quick to 'cool it' and had been 'warned' .
  4. Yup spot on mate. The stick is there but the carrot on the end is rotten.
  5. sloppysmusic

    Simulate practice sessions (Resource Points)

    Just create new driver and test it out! You could simulate pretty much the whole year except qualifying and just upgrade your car ready for 2nd season. But as someone who HAS upgraded his McLaren fully in the last 2 games I really recommend you do NOT do that and just simulate the practice sessions if you don't enjoy them much. Trust me on this!
  6. sloppysmusic

    Big changes needed.

    I just wrote a similar reply in another thread so will be quick here. I'm sure you will get the easy stuff fixed and tweaked but no major changes. The mp for sure won't change much or I will eat my head gear. It's an annual release game in stable condition with nothing embarrassingly bad in there that has killed sales. When you buy a new release game you sadly give up your cash voting rights to demand changes. Those of us who wait for the complaints to come in are probably a minority so we don't get heard either. Unless it does not actually do something it says it DOES on the box or advertising material you are relying on developer good will to make major design changes. Good will doesn't pay salaries though and project managers will usually not want devs to make major changes in a game with such a short shelf life when they could be working on the next game instead. If you could get 10000 signatures on a petition demanding new features in the next game however, that's over half a million quid in potential revenue not to be sneezed at. I really really hope I am wrong on this, as I love F1.
  7. I was about to buy the game to play MP for the first time when I found out assist drivers don't get a speed advantage any longer but when I found out the format of the ranked /unranked I quickly put back my credit card in my wallet. I'd be stunned if this changed until the next game if then as they have their hands full with full on bug fixing and performance optimizing. Changing the whole way the MP works would be a major design change. For an annual game just after launch with a limited shelf life that would likely cause more complaints than those it would solve. I feel for ya and won't buy it for that reason but I think sadly you guys are [insert inappropriate word of choice here]....
  8. sloppysmusic

    2019 lap times v previous years

    Good points but I think the issue here is that on the same tracks with the newer cars @Rinehart27 is definitely slower than he was with earlier cars when the cars themselves are definitely faster as there is almost a new track record set every race these days in qualifying. Regardless of his own relative skills to top TT drivers he should be able to do better times after a little tweaking. Maybe it's a setup issue but if so surely the cars should be better tuned in their default settings as we don't get the benefit of a dedicated team setting the cars up for us. There is no point making the cars realistically faster like in real life if they are so much harder to actually drive faster.
  9. sloppysmusic

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    Give them another day or so I'm sure they are looking for an answer before replying as it does seem to be a serious issue.
  10. sloppysmusic


    Blame the tv coverage! IF they showed cockpit cams all the time everyone would want to use that to look 'pro' 😄
  11. sloppysmusic


    Streamer 1 (dang he playing borderlands today!) brunndmc Streamer 2 (no flashbacks) cant find him although i followed another good no assists or HUD streamer: reverendmobin didnt put links as other racing game showed up! 😄
  12. sloppysmusic


    IMO flashbacks are miles ahead as the biggest assist. I started using them only when I first turned off TC & ABS for obvious reasons but 'forgot' to turn them off again once I had mastered the new settings. Theres always the excuse that oh well the ai are going to wreck me so I only leave it on for that reason... Except it gets used 50 times during the race anyway. 2 examples from streams I watch regularly : Streamer 1 no assists except flashback. Good driver probably similar to me except he's way better at Monaco than I am so respect. Does 50% races ai around 87 and he's a nice guy, it's cool to cheer him on as the race goes on. Every spin out or drift or minor collision with any damage at all then it is flashback and off we go again. No biggie still fun to watch Except.. Streamer 2 I watched after streamer 1. Stream title no assists no rewinds let's do this so I thought ok this could be funny. Once again similar skill to me pretty well. Of course the next race was Baku which he'd never seen before. He was running full length sessions. Now this stream went from fun in the last one to intense excitement now. Obviously he hit walls. A lot of them. If wrecked then was back to pits reset. If not then he would continue on anyway trying to learn the track. Long story short he qualified last, which was gonna happen let's face it . Race time comes and I suggest in chat we bet on how many laps before he has to retire from damage. We take our bets.. Race starts. Right after start before first corner the ai sandwich him and spin him. He had no chance. We tell him in chat to restart the session as hadnt even reached first corner and was blameless. He agrees then we watch for intense lap after lap as he survives the race. 2 times he damaged wing but still the car worked so back to the pits for repairs. Both those times ironically the safety car comes out and allows him to catch up to the pack. 2nd SC came out 5 laps to go he's half a lap behind and frantically does great lap after lap trying to catch the pack before end of race. Final lap starts and there is the pack ahead! By now the chat has fallen silent. We don't want anything to disturb this mesmerizing fight back. The ai fight each other and collide so he swerves past them moving up to 13th by the final corners. Turning into the final straight with only a chicane left before finish straight and the chat lights up again with encouragement. He is right behind 12th place with Drs ready to switch on. Through the final chicane the front car holds back slightly (maybe damaged wing?) and streamer lifts off a touch to avoid colliding. Car behind doesnt lift off and clips his rear. Car hits left wall of chicane full force and boom it goes black and white and we all type our commiserations in chat. Streamer talks with us a few mins before going off for his dinner. We all agree we probably watched the most exciting F1 game race ever. Even with no points ever being attainable. From not knowing the track at all this dude fought on to the very last lap of this race. Pure excitement. I'm never going to use flashback again. Like I said earlier I believe it's the biggest assist of all.
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    Seems to me both sets of drivers, with or without assists, want to drive online and have fun. It also seems to me thst the definition of 'fun' for each of them can be quite different. Some people love driving dirty and some clean. Some people don't mind being in a lobby with dirty players cos it's only fun right, they didn't have a weeks practice on that track ruined and may just hang back to get some payback on the next lap or they may just keep doing races anyway and just enjoying the experience. The people who DO get upset being with wreckers (for the sake of argument let's say assists or no assists is nothing to do with it) simply cannot abide being in a race with just one single idiot. Like the one joker in class who ruins the whole lesson for everyone else. The point of this thread, and IMO a very good one it is..... Is that friends normally drive and seek fun for the same reasons. That's why they are friends in the first place. If you can invite friends to your lobby then quite likely you don't need to segregate assists /no assists at all because everyone is already on the same page fun wise. It's basically giving the players the power to create their own fun without throwing everyone into the same random room and telling them to behave. So without continuing the insult-athon.... Can we just have a show of hands for who wants the option to invite friends into a like minded ranked lobby they find vs those people who do not want them to have that option? We could also vote on whether to bring back coop online championships too maybe, as I think the invite friend option is very similar. BTW @AlexTTI DO understand what you mean (minus the insults lol). PS I don't think it's fair for people who play very casual in this game to accuse others who want to take it more seriously as elitists who should be playing another officially SERIOUS sim. Everyone has to start somewhere and no assists in this game is about as easy a drive as you will get in any modern racer game /sim and therefore a great confidence builder maybe leading to other sims or maybe not. Who cares? Let people invite their friends to ranked! Of course they will get the same points in their 'fun' room as others would in the 'serious' room, but as we are not playing for money or big value prizes here who really bloody cares anyway ? Can I say 'bloody' here? My dad smacked me good for saying that to him when I was a kid.... A long time ago before the internet and video games....
  14. sloppysmusic


    Sure it doesn't follow they just because someone uses no cheats, sorry assists, in online lobbies then it must mean they are a clean driver. It's just that you won't see many dirty NA drivers because they know they will crash way more often if contact is made. Plus anyone who is making the effort to improve their skills is more likely to WANT a clean race where those skills can be put to better use. The following statements I believe to be true : Not all assist drivers are dirty. Most /All dirty drivers use assists.
  15. sloppysmusic

    I literally loathe the new handling model

    Maybe when some good setups appear online this won't be a problem anymore. Made the last game way more playable for me once I could tweak good setups for my driving style. Wings can be confusing. To hold the line in a fast corner without drifting off track its the REAR wing that should be higher. The front is more for initial car turn entry but with a low rear wing it won't be able to hold the turn. If you can imagine putting a needle through the center of the car and spinning it around. Front and back have to work together to stop that spinning. High front wing and low rear is fine if you want to drift!
  16. sloppysmusic

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Just do it in 2018. That will works great plus will be a big hint to devs to maybe add it in 2019 asap too!
  17. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 – Leagues and the Super Licence

    Because those of us with imagination can take fairly realistic sensory input and output through a wheel and pedals(usually) and with at least a mildly challenging software app (game) have an experience that does not require a huge leap of faith to be indicative of even if not simulatory of a real life experience.
  18. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]

    The first AAA racing game you can buy outright (which rules out iracing sadly) that includes a fair and effective MP skill and safety rating system that rewards genuine drivers and punishes idiots, giving clean and exciting online races will absolutely STEAL the market. I'm sure Codies are aware of this so keep sending them your data!
  19. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]

    Only a complete boycott of online by fair racers will ever have any effect. Dirty (insert word here)ers get most enjoyment when they ruin a fair racers race. If the whole grid is a demolition idiot zone they will just bash into each other for a few laps, then give up and go back to COD or Fortnite etc. It is impossible to race against idiots. Their only goal is to wreck and they dont care about points they care about ruining points for others. Skill tests and points earned should be OFFLINE first, where no one but ai can hit you. Then when proven to be a clean racer you can enter CLEAN events only someone with a clean license can enter. DIrty racers who skip the offline clean tests can just jump straight into the Demolition Derby lobbies made just for them.
  20. sloppysmusic

    R&D System 2019

    IF you want to enjoy the game the most you WILL have to play it in a certain modified way. Chasing upgrades will mean game over before the end of 3 seasons unless you like racing your team mate and no-one else as they will be 4 or 5 seconds behind you per LAP. Obviously nobody tested the 10 year career or they would have seen the upgrades wrecking the racing. Plenty of us have tested it though so you can get a good idea of what to do from these forums.
  21. sloppysmusic

    R&D System 2019

    I'm interested to know if you have done a full length 10 season career with full length races/practice and qual? Or anyone who has like me done that and been so glad to quit those abominable repetitive practice sessions finally! After 3 seasons you still really want to do track acclimatisation sessions? Even though now you have your own lines and passing these is beyond annoying and distracting? I know all the tracks inside out, I know how to conserve fuel, I know how to manage ERS , I know how to manage my tires. The only thing of interest now is my race tire wear in upgraded car and my qualifying speed against other drivers.
  22. sloppysmusic

    R&D System 2019

    OK. Sorry I completely missed that it was the ai they got maxed out. I my career it would have been great if all the ai had maxed out the same time as me, would have led to some crazy fast and close racing at 230mph + on straights! In this scenario it makes the career a complete fail sadly. If I had the choice I'd rule out point upgrades entirely as in real life the teams upgrade cars whatever the drivers performance. I'd like random upgrades for all teams but at an even pace so I can just get on and race without the headache of being in charge of engineering and research as well. That belongs in a management sim not a racer IMO.
  23. sloppysmusic

    R&D System 2019

    There is a simpler and actually more fun to delay the upgrades. Simply ignore all then practice sessions except maybe race pace to judge tire wear for the race. Main advantage here is more racing less Jeff telling you a wheel is round over and over and over and over and.... Etc etc. Imagine how much fun the game will be with only 10 mins or practice then q and race! For more realism just run ONE practice run in each session, with each of the different tires doing race pace. Then you will have great tire wear info for race in all scenarios as all as extending the career several more seasons.
  24. sloppysmusic

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    IMO driver transfers should only happen when a good driver performs so well in his team that he joins a bigger team. It's unrealistic for someone in a bigger team to join a lower one mid season. Maybe an older racer like Alonso or Raikkonen might try help a struggling team but more likely they would retire. Which is another point. DOES anyone retire? Any new faces each new season as thst is constantly happening in real life.
  25. sloppysmusic

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Storm mate I think you are standing on the deck of a sinking ship, as regards advanced features available in other sims. I will happily help you on deck bailing out water to keep the ship afloat! I KNOW Codies will one day make the perfect F1 game, and I'm sure they appreciate our polite but constant suggestions!