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  1. Dang that must have been frustrating I feel for you. The ai is not supposed to let 2 cars in a the same time was that first car stuck for a moment? I don't like using it myself but I'd definitely have used flashback there or at worst a mid session save to see if I could avoid that happening.
  2. To be clear, are you saying they are too fast or too slow compared to real life ?
  3. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    You seem to forget testers only report bugs they can't fix them! Some testers are more helpful than others for sure. That's why it's important for people in the beta to take it seriously and experiment with as many options as possible. Some people seem to treat the beta as just a way to get early access to the new game and only play to have fun, not even looking for problems let alone taking the trouble to report them. I saw a game site today that ran an article describing how people could 'get the new game early by applying for the beta' and even instructing them how to fill in their profile. That's exactly the kind of thing that does NOT help Codies make a better game! You can tell from some of the comments here which people just applied because it seemed a 'lucky dip to get a free game early'. I'm hoping that everyone selected takes a responsible attitude to the testing because the more that do, the better Codies can be informed of any issues before release. The beta program is definitely not run as a lucky dip for game fans, but as a serious attempt to open up some of the game modules to extra scrutiny before release. I'm of course hoping it's successful so we can look forward to a great game in July!
  4. sloppysmusic

    Help with Manual Starts

    It's really important to get out of first as soon as possible. That gear is spin crazy at the best of times. Once you're in 3rd you're safe as well. If you want to match the ai you've got to turn assists off and practice a LOT. It's about the only part of the game that is not beginner friendly..good place to practice starts is single race mode. Just set up a race anywhere keep restarting over and over until you get better at it. It's too hard practicing it in your career or online! Need to do it where there is no pressure. If you're using a wheel you can use an advanced technique called clutch slip. This is where you don't just drop into first and give full power but ease into it for a second or 2.
  5. sloppysmusic

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    They've been critical mainly cos of one issue, the edge of grip tire model, which nobody has really got right so far. The actual race conditions and organization is second to none. If you want clean racing you got it.
  6. sloppysmusic

    Esports F1 Barcelona Yesterday Simply Brilliant!!

    Funny he's been sim racing since he was SIX. Smells a little bit fishy if you ask me.....
  7. sloppysmusic

    Teammate became faster in Career Mode ???

    There is no doubt it's a sim now. You are literally Michael Schumacher in the special edition this year and..... Well think about those two options I said you had in my last post.... Think carefully! 🙄🤔🤔😂🤣😉😎
  8. sloppysmusic

    Esports F1 Barcelona Yesterday Simply Brilliant!!

    He did something pretty naughty in front of 21000 viewers and none of them called him out on it. Qualifying lap discounted for track violations, deliberately rage spun car start of main straight. Then driving the wrong way dived into pit lane and collides with Leclerc on hotlaps. Charles goes wt* on radio did I get a penalty, Lando replies dunno mate dunno what happened. Lando gets 5 place grid penalty for the wrong way driving, I switched to Leclercs stream he says what happened to you Lando? You got disconnected again?! I switched back to Lando stream and yes.. He was disconnected.... Then Lando asks to be re invited to the race and he gets the invite. I didn't see if he started with a grid penalty in the end. Probably not if a new connection?
  9. sloppysmusic

    Turtle Beach Recon 70 headset

    That's weird, I know I submitted a reply to this thread yesterday asking about push to talk. Now it's gone??
  10. sloppysmusic

    Esports F1 Barcelona Yesterday Simply Brilliant!!

    Alex Albon was quite definitely NOT doing it even though his fellow drivers were urging him to cheat as well. He was very impressive to watch. He was also the only driver in the race I saw using cockpit cam not tcam and his pace was very fast. If he had not had such a terrible pit /tire strategy and had cheated too the race was his for the taking. I was very impressed, clearly a young man of principle and substance, a rare sight these days.
  11. sloppysmusic

    Fix the AI in qualifying

    No you shouldn't really need to. I think every single race game has been doing this for years! The backmarkers do a great job of moving out the way during a race but the cars on their out lap during qualifying act as if you don't exist. It's so well known it could be a meme! You pass the start finish line at full speed then you see an ai car trundling down the pit exit lane heading straight for a collision!
  12. sloppysmusic

    Teammate became faster in Career Mode ???

    Yes it will be. You're only option without lowering the ai is to ahem help Charles have a mishap, either by blocking him in qualy or push him off the track at the start. Sad but true...
  13. sloppysmusic

    F1® 2020 | Spain Hotlap

    Watched the virtual GP there today. Good race, kind of. Some rather disrespectful ahem sneaky corner cutting going on my the leaders. Not my new fave, Alex Albon, He raced solely in COCKPIT wheras everyone else used T-CAM and he raced cleanly the whole race. He would have won even with the cheating if not for an awful tire strategy. OF course this is the F1 2019 version not the new one, I'm hoping the track limits are fixed for 2020 though as the pros pointed out that on the final chicane you could cut the right turn by basically driving straight over it. They wondered why in qualifying the rules were STRICT but changed to NORMAL for the race so this cheating could take place. I'm sure there is video up now where you can see this going on. Once again respect to Alex, he's a sport for sure and also has the pace.
  14. sloppysmusic

    So Dirt 5 is next gen but not F1 2020

    I can remember the frustration waiting for Gran Turismo 7 to be the first gt game on the current consoles, then finding out it had been shelved for the arcade GT Sport.
  15. sloppysmusic

    Failures, Damage, and Physics

    True, every extra option is always welcome as long as it can be configured to user preference. Forcing a player to accept a new idea because the majority want it included is not welcome.
  16. sloppysmusic

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    It's true we don't have a 'real' simulation yet from anybody. The crucial factor missing is that edge of grip sensation and what happens after you lose it. In real life it's not an on/off switch otherwise a lot more motorcyclists would be in ER. You can start to lose grip and a feeling of panic can set in immediately as your body tells your mind something is not right and you'd better do something about it fast. Also after you have lost full grip there is a lot you can do to get it back before you enter the dreaded full slide /spinout. It's probably the major experience missing from iracing for example. It would probably take a highly skilled engineer based coding team to work on this alone and it would take a long time especially as it's not a+b (track +tire) but an almost infinite combination of those 2 elements not to mention the effect of your suspension geometry playing a major part. Modeling real world tires would be a good first step as they are consistently manufactured to rigid design specs. Project cars actually has some real world tires in the game for road cars but I can't comment on their accuracy to real life. Once you have a selection of real world tires you'd then have to either make the track surface one of say 10 types or be full on accurate and make it volatile and variable every minute of a race. Sun and rain continually affect the track surface. My point is that if some developer decides to dedicate several years to this model and then license it to individual games I can see this being possible, yet unlikely. I can't believe for one minute that any game developer would put so many resources into developing their own accurate model. SMS had a go in project cars with their tire model and Live Track 2 but the end result has serious flaws, especially regarding tire wear. Ambitious but overly so in my opinion. Top marks for effort though. If the majority of your customers are casual racers wanting a quick thrill without needing to spend months learning to drive a race car then the simplistic on/off grip model is here to stay. We can only ask for so much in our games /sims before our demands become unrealistic or impractical for a company in business to make a profit.
  17. sloppysmusic

    Dropping from 100% to 50% Races

    Thanks for the updates on your season. It makes interesting reading! I definitely get the feeling that I've been there done that when hearing of your woes! 😉
  18. sloppysmusic

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    If you race with no assists its plain hard work in the rain unless you are brilliant. I notice ALL the virtual online GPs so far have had no rain whatsoever. There's a good reason for that! ☔
  19. People love customizing their game experience so I'm sure it will be very popular. I'm interested to know how the actual car part is chosen. Ie do you just pick a real world team and use their car with your design or can you pick and choose engine supplier and chassis /aero parts? I think that would be a good challenge if possible as it's what the real world teams have to do! Be pretty cool if during career at the start of a new season you learned your team had been offered a new power plant from a top team. Whose would you pick?
  20. sloppysmusic

    Monaco hairpin

    Good luck! Will probably take a few seasons to get better at it. Or in the case of some of us here a lifetime lol. 🙄
  21. sloppysmusic

    Dropping from 100% to 50% Races

    We told you! Don't say we didn't! 🙄🤣 Tire wear is silly when speeded up . I had a race plan once that gave me a pit window between lap 2 and 4. Never again I tells ya! 😣
  22. sloppysmusic

    So Dirt 5 is next gen but not F1 2020

    Blame the blue! 🙄🤣
  23. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 Help - New to this

    Sounds like you maybe switched to new parts before p2? As long as they're not worn out you're still OK. (if they were worn out already you must have been doing donuts all afternoon!) Cost reduction is on upgrade menu in between sessions you can't access it from the pits.
  24. sloppysmusic

    That AI is driving me insane!

    It's a common failing with most racing games. Absolutely zero track awareness built into pit procedures. You're on the final straight, full speed now heading for the first corner. Oh look what's that? Oh its an ai car trundling along the pit lane. Would be pretty easy for them to slow down and wait because it's qualifying and they NEED a gap to you in front to get clean air anyway. It's guaranteed though he will launch onto the track EXACTLY on your racing line /turning point for the first corner. Lap ruined start again. 🙄
  25. sloppysmusic

    Monaco hairpin

    Good diagram by @Bicarda Another important action is to time your turn to start either a split second before you finish braking. This is because while you brake the weight of the car is much more centered on the front of the car. This gives the front wheels much more grip so makes it easier to turn tighter. This is racing 101 and useful to know to get round tight corners better but especially needed at Monaco as this turn is the tightest turn on the f1 calendar! I personally take the turn a little deeper and closer to the wall than the diagram shows but that also leaves me open for a pass from behind. Can be very useful to watch F1 hot laps at the course to see how the real drivers do it. Good luck!