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  1. I saw it too on the video it was really obvious and I thought uh-oh... That's not gonna end well.
  2. That's a good and obvious solution. At least on ps4 and some of games with yukky cloud services if there is a discrepancy the game tells you that online save predates the offline one and asks if you are OK to continue as you may lose your current save. This game wrecking issue with Dirt Rally 2 has been designed with zero respect for customers who have paid for a fully working game. I can accept bugs it's 2020 every dev leaves them in their games and moves onto their own next money making project but this is literally game breaking. Career mode should be renamed ONLINE CHALLENGE MODE. It just
  3. Start another career and FOUR races in it dumps me AGAIN NOT ACCEPTABLE!! @PJTierney Please assure me this will be fixed as a matter of priority or may I please have a refund? Seeing as career is totally BROKEN mate I think one of the 2 is acceptable right? ๐Ÿ˜ซ Both my careers have been destroyed as soon as I continue to next event and then quit to menu. I'd give you a report code but this particular beta does not seem to have them displayed? Salty post? Yes. I ordered the house special but for some reason before I can even get through the first course the waiter takes a
  4. Hey I just saw this thread a day after posting a complaint in tech support. I'm not going to excuse my obvious anger when I wrote it because it was justified and expected. I can forgive any dev for not being able to solve issues over a year after a release if the problem lies deep in the code and was only there because of ambitious game design of overall benefit to the customers who paid for it. However when the bugs are not bugs at all but a direct, predictable and easily avoidable result of a universally hated design decision then there is no excuse at all for not changing the design to use
  5. People love customizing their game experience so I'm sure it will be very popular. I'm interested to know how the actual car part is chosen. Ie do you just pick a real world team and use their car with your design or can you pick and choose engine supplier and chassis /aero parts? I think that would be a good challenge if possible as it's what the real world teams have to do! Be pretty cool if during career at the start of a new season you learned your team had been offered a new power plant from a top team. Whose would you pick?
  6. The Marvel vs DC rivalry would be intense! ๐Ÿคฃ
  7. I'm surprised noone has mentioned more comic characters yet. I'd die for a Batman and Robin car duo in Gotham team colors!
  8. I'm hoping the game allows you to export and import team designs. There are some wonderfully talented gfx artists out there who could create many sweet classic team designs. Having a livery /team browser in game would be sweet the same way gt sport does with user custom liveries.. Plus a ranking rating system too. Would totally spice up online sessions too if they're allowed on there.
  9. Stewart Grand Prix team late 90s with good ol Johnny Herbert & Rubens Barrichello. Just because it was a plucky British team with fairly limited resources. I like being the underdog! Plus I've owned Fords and I used to bank with HSBC AND owned a Hewlett Packard printer! ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. ๐Ÿ˜œ You're 'supposed' to use only positive criteria when stating your 5 most recent enjoyed games. But I will allow your response as 'all good' is obviously positive! The whole point of the thread was to learn about games from other players in the forums as opposed to biased media reviews. I've already added to games to my Steam wishlist because of this thread. I'd be interested to know what you liked to most about the Forza games seeing as you have played nothing BUT them! I've watched a few Forza streams and I can see it is obviously a fun game presented in a light hearted way. Is it the fun
  11. As a fellow retiree I can say yes, yes it was definitely the racing that caused the grey hair! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. I remember that! I'm from England but am a US citizen now so I keep up with news from Ol Blighty often ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. I presume Codies will include a fairly effective language filter with this function as the first thing thousands will do is to try and create the most offensive teams they can. IF gfx and livery designs are also allowed then prepare for every racist, sexist,political meme in the book to be used on future team names. Even if it's only allowed in career there will be 'hilarious' youtube videos everywhere with these ignorant car and team designs. Offensive counter cultures are pretty devious these days with all their code words and code designs for offensive opinions, made even worse of course if
  14. Me too!! I had 2 F1 Scalextric cars, one was the JPS and I think the other was a McClaren, but this was mid seventies so my memory is not so clear!
  15. @danort17 I have dirt rally 2 sitting unplayed on the PS4 thanks to PS plus. This situation must change today! Thanks for the recommendation! @LSKone I have the truck game /sim too, just have not played recently. I would count it as kinda racing as the faster you do your jobs the more profitable it is? Kind of like rally stages almost! Gonna have to take a look at this new TT game too being a motorcyclist AND a fan of the TT races themselves for ahem 30 years!
  16. I'm going to have to look at this game again with all the mentions in this thread so far.
  17. That's the one thanks for looking it up! I'd buy THAT game especially if you could customize your leather helmets and goggles! EDIT :I just realized there are a bunch of Monaco races from the 60's on YouTube and I just watched a fascinating 1960 color documentary on practice and race. Not HD this time but still vibrant color.. Those red Ferraris!....... Stirling Moss RIP had a good race keeping his car steady in the rain at half way. It seems more of an endurance race back then 100 laps if 1:30 per lap.. Near the end only 4 cars were left in the race and as you got points for top 6 sever
  18. Plus Historic LeMans too! Doesn't feel right taking new cars around classic circuits and vice versa. I'd love to see a historic Monaco too although I think they couldn't do it because licensing. I saw a wonderful video from the fifties I think with on car footage in glorious 35mm color, 4k basically on YouTube. There were no barriers and you could see groups of 3 or 4 people standing on the kerbs right by the cars! Wouldn't be safe with today's speeds of course. Your comment reminds me to set up a customer race round those tracks next time I play!
  19. Me too! Those games were my intro into racing games. Surprised to see no GT4? My proudest GT moment ever was finally completing the infamous Mission 34 at Nordschleife to 100% the game. Even harder than GT3 final mission with the rear wheel drive Porsche and that incredibly hard cone circuit. Took me 2 weeks day and night to finally beat it.... By a couple of inches!!
  20. I didn't know there was a TT2. Will check it out thanks! I'm a motorcyclist myself and always wanted to go to the Manx races when I was younger. Haven't purchased a bike game so far probably because I haven't found one that feels anything like actually riding a bike, ie leaning etc. If there was some way to tilt your head while turning like real life they would be cool! Do you use a controller or a wheel?! I love long street circuits like the 3 in pcars (I'm counting Nordschleife!) It's so fun pretending it's the seventies and taking a vintage Lotus round there. Thanks for the info you re
  21. I will take another look.. I might have already tried that unless it's very hard to find.. Nothing like trying to get a game working you've paid for but never played!! @ChasteWand sorry I was being mischievous when asking about the clean racing! As in its a fairly hot subject round here ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜ Agreed about pcars ai as it's all over the place between races.. That aggression slider being included after it was taken out before release of first game is very useful though.
  22. I have to ask....was it clean racing online? ๐Ÿค•
  23. No you're not allowed GTAV ! ๐Ÿ˜› Unless I guess you loved the racing in it so much that you ONLY played it for that reason so it became just a racer for you! I played both Pcars games too, just played a lot more since. Quite revealing that no-one has said GT Sport yet? I can't be negative in this thread so I can only say I quit playing it in vast preference to the others... ๐Ÿ˜„
  24. I'm so jealous you got it to run! I purchased it last year in a bundle with several old f1 games and I could not get any of them working. I'm an IT guy too think it was something to do with that horrific GFW nightmare. My pc is locked down to a 2 year old win 10 build and I won't install modern windows patches on it now it's working so great. Rfactor has interested me a lot too but isn't that the game with dubious purchase options? I didn't mention games last the last 5 because there would be too many and I wanted games I could see here and still go and buy now.
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