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    Unrealistic pratice program fastest lap

    It's been like this for years. Common solution is to just lower the ai level for practice sessions and raise back before qualifying.
  2. sloppysmusic

    Reverse camera fault

    I had similar issue where taking control of the car back after pit stop or flashback would suddenly turn the rear view on, leaving me button mashing to get forward view back before I crashed.
  3. sloppysmusic

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    I saw it too on the video it was really obvious and I thought uh-oh... That's not gonna end well.
  4. sloppysmusic

    Creating custom championships

    That's good thanks for the update I almost started a custom series last night but ended up starting historic instead. I have to comment on your caps lock comment: Firstly making that comment In a tiny font was either hypocritical or sarcastic or maybe both. I never have been a "caps lock" forum poster. I only use shift-key type in 2 situations. 1) short quote caps which is faster than inverted commas ("") and and also cannot be interpreted as sarcastic. Please note that this sentence talking about your "career" mode and or "continuously broken" game comes off as both sarcastic with the first use AND (see note 2) confusing with the second. I quite definitely wanted to undo my initial statement with a more accurate one so words were in caps instead of quotes to emphasize this. The other usage is to emphasize feeling in a sentence without using any profanity despite feeling that the latter would be more suitable. Example would be "this career mode deletes all my progress EVERY time I quit the game." That's about as polite as I could write that sentence tbh. If your reaction to a new player to one of your games is to sarcastically (sorry but it was) complain about only THREE words (that's how people actually correctly emphasize words in posts) being in upper case it says a lot about how much you care about a valid customer complaint that has been an issue since game release apparently. I absolutely NEED (correctly emphasized) to get across the depth of feeling I and many others have against career even being online in the first place and then to add insult to injury it deletes your entire progression on a relentless, unavoidable basis. I bear no ill will to you or any of the staff at Codies, I have in fact probably spent too much time defending you on other forums. Tackle the ball not the man and in this case you gave us a defective ball that deflates an a regular basis during game play so I retain the right of complaint as a paying customer. Sorry I needed to write this post but that small font was just too inflammatory to let pass without explanation or rebuttal. Hope you're all, safe and well over there in Blighty.
  5. sloppysmusic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    That's a good and obvious solution. At least on ps4 and some of games with yukky cloud services if there is a discrepancy the game tells you that online save predates the offline one and asks if you are OK to continue as you may lose your current save. This game wrecking issue with Dirt Rally 2 has been designed with zero respect for customers who have paid for a fully working game. I can accept bugs it's 2020 every dev leaves them in their games and moves onto their own next money making project but this is literally game breaking. Career mode should be renamed ONLINE CHALLENGE MODE. It just doesn't have what it takes to be called a career modd at all. Thanks for answering I'm glad this issue hasn't killed the game off yet but.... It explains the crazy deals and low ball sales. As long as they expect payment for it we should expect the features listed on the box.
  6. sloppysmusic

    Creating custom championships

    Hey PJ did something happen with this? Having sadly discovered career mode is permanently broken I am going to try out customs. Dont care if there is no auto progression I can reward myself If I place high enough at the end with higher difficulty ai. Sorry I meant to write CONTINUOUSLY BROKEN not permanently. Obviously making career offline compatible would fix this over night as who seriously gives a **** about leaderboards except the cheaters ANYWAY?!?? For real let them have their rattle and let them shake it.
  7. sloppysmusic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Start another career and FOUR races in it dumps me AGAIN NOT ACCEPTABLE!! @PJTierney Please assure me this will be fixed as a matter of priority or may I please have a refund? Seeing as career is totally BROKEN mate I think one of the 2 is acceptable right? 😫 Both my careers have been destroyed as soon as I continue to next event and then quit to menu. I'd give you a report code but this particular beta does not seem to have them displayed? Salty post? Yes. I ordered the house special but for some reason before I can even get through the first course the waiter takes all my food away! Refund or fix please. EDIT: there is a 3rd option. Admit this server garbage is broken and make public cheat codes so I can get of beginner mode and progress. Winning rallies by one and half minutes is no challenge. Except in the rain of course where I LOSE by 90 seconds. IRL outr eyes have depth of field that blurs rain on the windscreen so we can clearly see the road ahead. Sadly in the game someone's hard work on the raindrops results in unrealistic sharply focused and multiple visual distractions on the screen that give me a headache. I would like tol see wither rain realistically blurred on the screen or DOF added to the game so they will be automatically blurred. I know this is not the thread for rain complaints but for some reason after a 3 hour session I have wasted all that time so maybe a few seconds reading this whine is acceptable.
  8. Well in between doing some volunteer work for the guys I've been taking a break with DR2. Stayed away up until now and a sale because I absolutely LOATHE online games, it's why I threw GT Sport in the trash 2 years ago. After a grueling (for me) real effort completing 2 events over several days and spending a lot of time tuning to make up my lack of experience I was 4th going into the 3rd event. Except the god awful online piece of garbage system this game uses decided to delete my career. No appeal. No local back up I can use. I only ever play single player in every game I play. I should have listened to all the warnings like I did for the last year. ONLINE SAVES ARE PATHETIC UNLESS THEY ARE BACKUPS. This 'career' mode is obviously broken I don't play online ever can I have a refund please or credits to a game that will let me play online? HINT: a carer is SUPPOSED to last a LONG TIME. DIS-GUSTED PS IF I CAN get MY SAVE back you can disregard this post. I hope the devs can get a good idea of how this has ruined the game for me and my mood right now. I DON'T play games that dictate to me how I can save my games.
  9. Here we ******* go again. FOUR events in. Worked my ass off in rain and snow and this USELESS BROKEN career mode screws up again. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!
  10. You can still play the original career mode just make sure only to spend money you actually earn on new cars and just treat the dlc cars as extra fun stuff. I admit I was confused when I started a few days back in exactly the same situation but once I did some research I just loaded up the basic Lancia and started having fun with that car alone especially with tuning. Except my career got deleted completely by the stupid online design. Ok restart... Except now at least I can buy back the upgrades the game lost for me with the extra money from the dlc so I'm glad it's there now. You don't need to do crazy stuff like disabling content and upgrading /selling cars at all. Just get a pen and paper and write down the money you earned. If you don't like having the money there has you're too tempted to use it just buy all the expensive cars you hate and will never use, that won't take long! Or waste it all on extra staff which is just superfluous tack to me with little impact. I DO get your point. You're not STOPPED from doing anything you would normally do at the start of career it just requires will power is all. Or those pointless extra staff !
  11. sloppysmusic

    I have a super deluxe version but ...

    Do you not have this menu option as shown in photo below?
  12. sloppysmusic

    Assistance would be appreciated

    What system are u using? Ps4 console Xbox? If windows go to device manager and see if you can check its working OK in there. Or if you use thrust master software try in there. Did you calibrate your setup
  13. sloppysmusic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Hey I just saw this thread a day after posting a complaint in tech support. I'm not going to excuse my obvious anger when I wrote it because it was justified and expected. I can forgive any dev for not being able to solve issues over a year after a release if the problem lies deep in the code and was only there because of ambitious game design of overall benefit to the customers who paid for it. However when the bugs are not bugs at all but a direct, predictable and easily avoidable result of a universally hated design decision then there is no excuse at all for not changing the design to use offline save files for offline play and only use online storage for online play. I could not give a literal cylindrical brown soft object about MY single player times being uploaded for others to see. I ONLY purchased this game for offline play, every other game I play enables me to back up my game data to avoid losses from local corruption. My save game is literally in someone else's hands who takes zero responsibility for its safety and integrity. Cloud services should only be used with customer permission only as BACKUP. No other need for online storage exists that is for the customer's benefit. Please end this farcical, product breaking and dictatorial design choice NOW and restore to us the working great game it has the potential to become. I want to be playing this in ten years it's THAT good or it would be if this despicable server connection garbage is removed forever. Im not a proverbial 'angry gamer' I'm a retired dude nearing 60 and had to endure enough real life tragedies to expect that I can at least escape by playing a game that by conscious design is NOT broken.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys, just noticed the server issue thread will post this in there too. Even though I feel despondent about it. I hate it when I buy a game after waiting a whole year because only now I can really afford it but I say to myself no worries at least it will be fully patched by now.... Then this happens and I look it up and it's not rare but super common! There should be a warning on the game purchase screen. WARNING. THIS GAME INSISTS ON UPLOADING SINGLE PLAYER RESULTS VIA THE INTERNET. DUE TO THIS INEFFICIENT POOR DESIGN YOUR GAME MAY NOT WORK AT ANY TIME AND ALL CAREER DATA MAY BE RESET WITHOUT WARNING.
  15. sloppysmusic

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    You mean you didn't enjoy watching Kimi's race there in 2018? 😢😉 To me if I've nailed down a good tune for it, especially the switchback parts I love it. If the tune ain't right or my tires are worn it annoys me considerably. It's like I either have a good time or a bad time there, usually during the same race. Doesnt help that it's so long so when things are bad it takes a while to qualify.
  16. sloppysmusic

    Esports Monaco

    No damage no watch.
  17. sloppysmusic

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    Spot on man! It's not just about acceleration and braking and turning its about BALANCE. Nailing the weight transfer so 2 corners ahead you can put the power on instead of being way out of position.
  18. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    It's open now
  19. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    If you got the email the link is at the bottom of the page...
  20. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Yeeeessss...that's the right word....commitment...
  21. If you mean the infamous SUZUKA BUMP Barry confirmed that is dead, buried and soon to be forgotten....
  22. sloppysmusic

    Cool down lap added to game

    That's an interesting idea, I always believed you should be rewarded for the distance you drove in the game and this would especially help players who ran short races. 1 lap extra after a 17 lap race is approx 5% bonus distance. You could also have a trophy for completing a cool down lap in every race in a full season (meaning you obviously also have to complete every race!). Kooldown King! Problem here is that of course the race is over if you're not one of the front runners and if you're several laps behind it's kind of depressing to continue! I just can't see why it can't be an OPTION as it's done in real life, but do it realistically. How cool would it be if say top 3 podium finishers were required to run a cool down and then park the car in park ferme behind your victory signs. Game would probably drive your car for you at the end but it would be a nice finish instead of just fast forwarding to the podium. Great place for an 'interview' too. Get out of your car accuse the winner of cheating then storm on up to the pre-podium room. Would you like to enable cooldown lap? YES/NO 😄
  23. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    You might want to correct that typo! Lol 😂
  24. sloppysmusic

    Request: Turn off reliability issues [online]

    I agree the choice should be there for lobby creators. Random failures online make a mockery of skills in a race. If your force semi realistic real life problems you should force cockpit, assists and all the rest too. I never play online but I would one day if it was fair.
  25. I totally agree that especially with members from all around the world its not fair to point out the occasional typo, grammer error or syntax problem within posts. We're not being marked for an English exam here! However there are some issues that do need pointing out however because they make actually reading the post uncomfortable or confusing. Capital letters are associated with starting a sentence so when they are everywhere it is much harder to work out where the start of the sentence is especially if like me your sight isn't the best. So stuff like this yes it's important to mention the problem and suggest ways to improve legibility I believe. What is NOT acceptable is making fun of a post for differing from the norm in any way. After all a post might come from a child or someone with difficulty writing such as those with dyslexia. Not cool to knock someone's confidence so they don't feel like posting again. In this instance for the record I'd say the issue needs pointing out due to legibility reasons.