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    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    You're welcome! If you're playing offline it's entirely up to you how you play and enjoy the game. People only get into heated discussions when they are talking about online, especially ranking and esports events.
  2. sloppysmusic

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Tcam is an external view. The one that mimics what you see during real life F1 events. It gives you an unrestricted view of the track from higher up so undoubtedly a huge advantage over the realistic but restricted view from the actual drivers POV, the cockpit view.
  3. sloppysmusic

    What's your favourite F1 Track

    Me too.. It just has so many interesting sections I find it hard to pick a favorite. Plus I love trees. Lots of them! ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. sloppysmusic

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Not sure what you were saying as you blanked out most of your post but it's true the forum has finally died out, there's only a few posting these days. Just a few of us who care enough to be still around but doubt there's more than a handful of us checking every day for something to be excited about. When even the die hard fans lose faith and stop posting its a very sad day for the game and the community. With a seriously good game people stay interested for years. People had totally given up on f1 2019 after only 6 months apparently... Hi to any other die hards who might be still checking in! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    Obviously a wheel, any wheel, should be the optimum input device for a racing game that includes vehicles actually controlled in real life by... A wheel. Once the hardware /software rotation is set up match the real life rotation you can't get much more realistic (presuming the game /sim was programmed FIRST by calibrating the inputs of a developers wheel to the simulated vehicle) . If the game was actually developed using a controller for calibration and control then wheel control added on later this would be simply a bastardisation of real life physics. I hope and somewhat believe a wheel controller was used (same make and model by all coders of course) to do the calibration and then controllers were added into the mix and extra invisible aids were added to allow competent if unrealistic control by a controller. These aids were essential in the same way aim assist is prevalent in all first person shooters for console versions of the game. Nothing is more accurate and precise then using a mouse to aim and shoot a virtual gun. Aim assist with a controler can be usually set to varying degree of assist from a vague centering of the sim reticle on a target to the full on assist of the game actually taking full control of the reticle and locking on the the target closest to it. OK it's 'cheating' but practically everyone playing an fps on console uses a controler. It's fun, it's gamey but it's the same for everyone. My point here is to enquire exactly how Codies alter controler physics /assists so as to make the game so much more accessible to pad users. I highly doubt setups work in different ways from wheel users to pad users. So therefore only ONE of these devices, wheel or pad, can be said to be directly influenced by setup changes. The OTHER input device not only is affected by setups but also by the aforementioned pad assists in whatever form they take. @chastewand pretty accurate described camber settings with regard to tire temps and the inefficiency of only using an overall temp instead of inside outside and internal temps. This level of tech is rendered moot by the pad assists used in the game. I can't see how any pad user can accurately tweak setup changes at all when he /she is making changes to (hopefully) a wheel/irl setup configuration and then having these tweaks overridden by rather powerful pad assists. It may be one of the reasons such crazy extreme settings are prevalent on TT times. Full camber, toe for example. Maybe when the game senses for example camber is set above 7 it simply overrides the setting or its affect by applying an equivalent increase in the pad assist (pad damping would be an example). I'd love to know how far these logically included pad assists go to enhancing the experience. Is it solely lateral movement that is corrected or also forward /backward (acceleration/braking) that is affected? What about vertical? OK there is no vertical input on any non flying sim controller but what if the player has set extreme high or low wings? Does the game then also take over vehicle behavior to keep the car on track by either enhanced grip or by adding 'virtual downforce'? This would explain the car scraping the track with low winf settings (less downforce). What is going ON Codies?! For the accuracy of this game to go to the next 'level' we need a developers kit available to modders. I believe only by allowing external modders access to the inner workings of the game will we ever get accurate handling of the cars on both wheels and controllers (warning - accurate pad handling might be scary!). I don't believe Codies will devote enough dev time to ever allow this game to be sim like so why not invite external free help? There are many mainstream games out there which have mods actually released as official paid dlc later in a games life cycle. Why not let all the untapped talent out there help make the F1 games become a real racing behemoth of an experience? The license issues should be non existent as it's only the handling that is changed, all the logos, liveries and drivers will still be in full control of the official game developers. TLDR... Codies..... Please detail exactly what you are doing to controller inputs BEFORE they get from thumbs and fingers to the sim car inputs. How much assist is given, is it linear or logerithmic or even adaptive? Ok I get it might be company secrets but it's such a contentious subject we just want to understand it better, after all you didn't reinvent the wheel here.... ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. sloppysmusic

    Williams Tyre Degregation

    Are you using the default setup in the game or did you use a setup you got online for. The Williams car, specifically a YouTube one? Or did you get a setup for the Red Bull then just copy the settings to the Williams as it worked well for you? Reason I'm asking is that most online setups are good for one thing only: hotlaps/TT. If you use them in any other session they destroy the tires. I had exactly the same problem with the McLaren. To fix it I set camber and toe in to a more neutral position. They make the car more responsive but have a huge, unrealistic I must add, hit on tire wear. I could not pass the tire wear program at all, you could see the graphic go into the red the whole time even in a straight line! Even if you didn't use an online setup or one downloaded from ghost in TT (now that's how to destroy your tires!!) I bet you can reduce tire wear by tweaking the setup, particularly toe in /out and camber. Dont forget also that the Williams was a dog of a car in 2019..... Good luck polishing a ****!
  7. @Bicarda. I too am a big fan of paradox games, owning over 5 I believe and currently learning HOS 4! It's true all you say about the interaction with the community. Plus there is an excellent official wiki site with all the basics as well as advanced material covered. So once again this part of their customer service/feedback is impressive. However I just want to mention the flip side of the coin especially recently with paradox, something I hope Codies NEVER copy. This is the rather cynical movement towards basic releases with essential game play as well as add on material included in dlc ONLY. For example my beloved Crusader Kings 2 is now free to play, in a very basic format, with so many dlcs available (don't have time to count right now but we'll over 20 plus numerous cosmetic as well such as unit models). Even the more recent HOS4 I am getting to love has a base game with rather important stuff like actual navy strategy NOT included and only available with paid DLC. I recommend people browse paradox on steam and work out the cost of owning any of their main games CK2, HOS4 and Europa Univalis with all the game play dlc as well. These are supposed to be the grandest of grand strategy games but so much of the grandness is not included in the base games. Anyway, the Paradox final products are amazing to me but I dislike their dlc strategy. Also it's worth mentioning that most of the products are hufe collections of spreadsheets and databases with a graphical interface added on to make the games fun as well as in depth. Nobody is going to complain about the performance of a 1943 German tank or the uniform of a Nepalese mountain trooper. In an F1 game there are so many heavily scrutinized car and track details that Codies have to get at least looking right so as not to suffer the wrath of the user base. As you say though, they can do WAY better with the communication and SHOULD do way better. If your game is deeply lacking in quality (which is true of recent Codies F1 games) then having a great relationship with your customers goes a long way to making people feel happy with their purchased product. I feel we have neither a great product or a respectful relationship with the dev team right now. Barry has certainly ironed out some of the creases and given us a little hope, but the feeling I am getting is that he is really just a way of further distancing us from the devs responsible for the finished product and patches. We used to throw rocks and flowers at Codies directly, now Barry stands in the way of our complaints and passes them on himself to the dev staff. This is actually INCREASING the distance between us and the game team. His contributions are welcome and I hope he stays around and enjoys his work as I'm sure the majority of us are impressed with his work, although maybe not that impressed with the role Codies have given him. I don't know Barry's physical work location but he SHOULD be in either the same room as the coding devs or an adjoining office. That way when a major complaint is bought up yet again (safety car!!) instead of an email to someones inbox he can actually pop his head round the divider and say HEY GUYS, WHAT'S THE ACTUAL LATEST ON XYZ? I need project info to relate to our customers. They are getting understandably irate! (There is nothing like an actual real dissenting voice in your ear to push for improvements!) If management have told told 'our' Barry not to talk to or interrupt the coding team directly and instead to only use written comms then I would be not at all BLEEP happy. On a side note as a possible suggestion, @BarryBL why not host a weekly race meet where your customers here can join with you in a invite only full race weekend? This would be a great way for you to experience live the way the game works or does not as well as enabling live comms via discord for example. The racing itself would not need to be serious lol. If at each successive weekly race meet just ONE issue from the previous meet was solved by a hot fix I'm sure we'd be very satisfied with the forward thinking involved. Basically each meet would be a test session with the participants filling in bug reports afterwards. Even if this was only done once a month this would be great and there would be no excuse for the devs not to releasea at least one major fix or patch a month then. Talk about live feedback!
  8. sloppysmusic

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    Shelby hits the nail on the head here. IRL the cars handling is affected by multiple characteristics which the race team can modify, using telemetry gathered during practice, to better suit each track. Sometimes a car is handling so badly on all tracks that an actual redesign might be necessary to improve the car. For instance the overall car model might be conflicting with the front and rear wings so that they produce competing or undesirable airflow around the car. In this situation nothing you can do with a screwdriver and a wrench (over simplifying!) will save the car, instead you need to design and build new wings entirely (or a new body). The GOOD thing IRL is that science is predictable and mathematical formulae exist to help you learn from telemetry exactly what you need to change with the car to get the desired result (rotation, over/understeer, high speed cornering grip etc). The problem with the F1 games recently is that the telemetry exists as in irl (although somewhat simplified) and the setup changes also exist that mirror real world options BUT the logical real life connection between the two does NOT. All those setup changes DO change the handling but they seem to have arbitrary handling results instead. Instead of changing the handling in the way physics would predict the Codies model jumps ahead and mimics what the designers think you are trying to achieve without actually altering anything realistically. This way of doing things might actually work if noone bothers to get serious (by studying telemetry) and accepts the car is not going to perform exactly how you want. However anyone who uses the in game telemetry to diagnose and predict how the cars need to be tweaked discovers pretty quickly there is a missing link between the performance data and the actual car setups available that are supposed to INFLUENCE the data. That's about as simple as I can do, and I realize I may have failed in explaining it well to everyone. Here's a simile that might do the job better! Imagine Codies run a coffee shop. Your favorite beverage is a cappuccino so you order one and sit down to enjoy it. You realize that it's normal for them not to know your actual taste preferences so decide to work with them to get a better tasting coffee. You have a mate with you as backup. Your mate tells Codies his coffee is too strong so they take his cup, go out back, pour half the contents out and fill the cup up with hot water. They bring it back and your mate agrees it now is not as strong as before. There is still something not quite right but as requested it's not so strong so he gives a thumbs up and drinks it anyway. You being the scientific dude, bring your lab analysis gear with you as you want to fine tune the coffee and get the perfect result. You analyze the caffeine content, pH, carb and sugars in the beverage and predict the sugars are actually making the coffee not taste as strong as it should so you decide a better solution is to add sugar. This keeps the caffeine presence which you want for performance but also loses the bitter edge to the drink. You pass your dialusis charts to Codies with a smug grin expecting to get the perfect coffee for your needs back. However Codies just do the same as they did with your friend. They pour half the coffee away and replace it with hot water. You get the coffee back and complain it's lost all kick and tastes weak. Your buddy says well its not as strong as you wanted right, so problem solved? No!! Of course in the above scenario you do not KNOW what Codies are doing in the kitchen with your coffee, all you DO know is that there is less caffeine in the tweaked cup. So what we want here Codies, is one of the following but preferably #2! #1 Tell us what the heck you are doing in the kitchen to our coffee when we ask for changes. #2 Learn to make better coffee without resorting to quick fixes and shortcuts! โ˜•๐Ÿค”๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ˜ PS I now realize my own morning coffee was stronger than usual... By some margin!
  9. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 Request: Please add Live Season Updates

    @TheEmpireWasRighthey man some cool suggestions there. I got a feeling regular love updates will never actually happen though because every change to a released game has the potential to break it or cause unwanted behaviors (bugs!). Your suggestions would be better implemented whenever an official patch came out as a matter of procedure. As in EVERY time a major patch is released the dev team check the status of real-life teams /drivers as compared to the in game ones and make updates to reflect this.
  10. sloppysmusic

    F1 2020 compatibility with ps4???

    As the 2020 game is certain to be released before the ps5 by some margin I doubt it will be compatible unless all legacy games are playable on the ps5. I don't believe developers even have their hands on advance dev ps5 hardware yet. I don't believe anyone here could answer your question yet but if be interested to hear some opinions!
  11. I'm guessing this is because at Williams you invested in a few engine (ICE) based upgrades or another speed related upgrade and now you are at Renault you no longer have this upgrades? So the better performance of the Renault is being offset by you losing Williams upgrades? If you hadn't installed any upgrades at Williams then ignore this! My McLaren in season 4 would destroy every other car on track. By 3 or 4 seconds per lap....
  12. sloppysmusic

    F1 2018 Setups, fix em

    There's no reason why the game can't pander to both types of racer. You can have 'insane levels of realism' under the hood accessible with telemetry at the same time as a multi assisted driving experience. Personally I'd prefer a 'simcade' title to have sim like accuracy as well as being easier to pick up and play rather than no depth whatsoever. I believe even causal players want a realistic experience. They don't want a game that needs an engineering degree to play but they probably want to believe that a dude (or dudette) with such a degree actually coded the game so it feels like the real thing.
  13. sloppysmusic

    Welsh players

    Glad to hear man. Sorry noone replied. As a matter of interest was wondering which region you were from. My travels took me extensively around the north east. I last climbed Snowdon (on foot of course!) in 2004...
  14. sloppysmusic

    Nead help,thanks...

    To regularly and consistently compete at the highest level online (racing and leagues not necessarily TT) with this game you need the following : 1) Mid to high end wheel and pedal set (accurate FFB is crucial and multiple programmable buttons give you the edge dealing with ERS, fuel mapping and engineer comms) 2) Tcam view (cockpit is a severe handicap against everyone else) 3) TC Medium (abs off is a big advantage once you get used to it, TC gives you a massive consistency boost in long races) 4) Manual gear shifts. A no brainer, major advantage during both braking and acceleration. 5) Lots of practice (even if everyone cheats, the cheat with the most practice wins!) All these are my opinions only, feel free to comment and criticize!
  15. sloppysmusic

    judging ability

    Sorry quick question... I was just assuming you use left foot braking? If not switching pedals around could be disastrous! For the record as an oldie in my fifties I used my right foot for brake and throttle exclusively all my life except after getting 2018. I reversed the pedals, which immediately stopped the locking up (yes immediately lol) and I would say it took me 1 week to convert to left foot braking after being scared of it for so long. It was like I'd been doing it wrong all my life and now it was so much easier! Just saying... You might be in for a cool shock once you switch the pedals. Left foot braking too for the win!
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    judging ability

    Wait ONLY legendary not impossible?! Cmon man.... ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ Jk jk lol. I've beaten both vanilla games on Ironman impossible but my first (and only so far!) game on normal with long war I got DESTROYED. Wasn't ready for the ramp up in alien pods and higher level aliens (dang heavy mutons and floaters!) after the first few easy missions! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
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    judging ability

    @BarryBL Using the clutch as brake is a game changer! Your legs are straighter, no chance of your two feet hitting each other and that extra travel is amazing. It's like the brake becomes a whole new input, it's no longer full, hard, medium, low and zero... It's 1-100 in selectable brake inputs. The recognized way to brake best is to brake hard when you are going fastest first. If you are going 200mph the wheels will not lock as you have maximum downforce at that point and huge stopping power. Then all the way from initial braking to the corner (where you release the pedal to shift the weight forward to gain the necessary oversteer for a good turn) you gradually release the pedal from full to minimal as smooth as possible. It's like the reverse of throttle input when not using TC out of a corner. You add a little throttle then increase it smoothly and quickly as you gain more traction and straighten the car out. Soon it becomes second nature to use the 2 pedals like pistons with lots of travel. Hard brake gradually down to minimal, release and soft throttle gradual all the way to full. Then repeat the next corners. At first it's hard to get your brake foot moving so far as it's impossible using a short travel brake pedal. With the pedals switched so you're using the clutch though, welcome to some serious power driving! ๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Hi chaste, appreciate the credit given earlier in this thread. I treat my 'role' here like an unofficial mod and therefore show respect to all kinds of posters, mainly Codies staff and mods, the 2 new user mods, and everyone else. I am of course 'everyone else' myself! Just wanted to say here that yes there are serious issues with the last game (I can't call it the current game anymore as the real life season is over and the next game is surely way higher in Codies priorities than 2019 will ever be again). I don't think it's fair though to criticize one of the user mods for Codies development and support issues. Codies employ Bazza (sorry SOMEONE had to call him that after all its an English based forum!) to liase with all of us lot, Bazza appoints 2 new user mods to help him filter out the amount of work so he can concentrate on getting info to the actual Codies team. Here one of the user mods, without an actual contract of employment and list of official duties, is replying to your post as an equal, admitting he's in the dark as much as you. I don't think its fair to jump on his post by saying he's part of the problem. If the problem is higher up and its clear you think it is I reckon you could at least tag Bazza (sorry I'm not stopping this now!) and say you don't agree with his idea of using 2 non staff members with no insider info as mods. As always i believe in attacking the ball not the player holding or kicking it! We all make mistakes when we are worked up or emotional about something we have passion for, and I have full confidence both new mods are with us entirely in wanting a better game. I don't think they should be knocked when giving a friendly reply (called you mate!) even if it does not advance the issues in this thread. I think it's important to recognize when a mod is being a mod or just being a player. It's not their fault every post they make is highlighted in blue. I think red might be more appropriate if there has to be a color tbh! ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜Ž
  19. sloppysmusic

    judging ability

    ABS is probably the hardest to drop if you use a controller. Wheel and pedal users have a huge advantage with no brake assist. I actually assign my G29 clutch as the brake as it has the full travel to use I just add a piece of foam to give resistance. Doing that I managed on several tracks to actually use 100 brake power in setup with no abs of course. Great feeling at somewhere like Mexicos first straight to be able to stomp on that pedal and outbreak all the ai. Sweeeeeet! ๐ŸŽ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  20. sloppysmusic

    judging ability

    Your driving skills will jump hugely when you dump the racing line. Immediately you will start then scrutinizing the actual track and working out different ways to go round the corners and get past your opponents. You will also be able to watch the opponents more closely as your muscle memory will be doing more of the driving so you can concentrate on passing. Best to start with a track you know well or an easy on like Monza. The racing line is literally the exact same route the game tells the ai to take, so you can never actually beat the ai by copying them. They are robots so they can copy it better anyway! The line gives you blinkers as you have to stare at it the whole race, once it's gone it's like being free lol. You can point the car in any direction you want! Plus brake earlier or later without thinking you got it 'wrong'. It's actually the very first assist I turn off, mainly because it tells me the whole time I'm in a game as opposed to my imagination foiling me into believing I'm the new LeClerc taking on Hammy, Vettel and Max in the real thing!
  21. sloppysmusic

    Why no safety car(or VSC) this accident!?

    Actually a car off the track is a very dangerous situation as drivers have been killed when they spin off and hit a crashed car or a car being moved by a crane in the run off areas. If any car is off track and hittable by any car ON track in any way there should be a real safety car. The VSC is for less dangerous stuff like when a driver spins off and then is trying to get back in track for example. Nothing more dangerous than a car with no way of moving it. It's an accident waiting to happen.
  22. sloppysmusic


    Barry did say that the response would be for the forums and therefore threads not the actual game itself so don't be getting excited about a patch or anything. Might just be the two new user mods we got or a new color scheme! โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  23. sloppysmusic

    Career mode - sudden loss of reputation

    Reputation is strongly linked to the interviews. Even if you won the race but dissed your pit crew or aero dept your rep would go down. Reputation is not done very well imo so I wouldn't get too hung up on it. If you can actually get race points as a Williams driver that will definitely help! Reputation also increases a lot of you do well against your rivals. There should be 2 of them. The auto selected rival and the one you choose yourself. Make sure you select one you can realistically do well against and your ranking should start to improve.
  24. sloppysmusic

    "Do You Feel Like I Do?"

    Good points, there is a level you reach where you just can't seem to go faster when judged by lap times. Except lap times are just mini sprints not marathon concentration of effort. You don't get a trophy for being in pole position only if you finish the race on the podium. So make a note of your total race time. THAT'S the more accurate marker of your skills. 3 great laps and 65 ok ones don't win races. 68 GOOD laps win races! ๐ŸŽ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž
  25. sloppysmusic

    judging ability

    As @CarloLewissaid above each to their own for enjoyment and improving their skills. Like others I'm a realism nut though so for me I'm not even driving realistically at all until I'm in cockpit view with all assists off especially racing line (I mean it's telling you where to turn the wheel and when to brake like you were an ai car not human). If this means I have to race at ai 50 or 25 or even ZERO then I have no problem with that as I would rather be a realistic summer/beginner /noob as opposed to an unrealistic gamer/arcade 'expert'. Damage on of course too! There's a lot of fun to be had racing full distance with damage and no assists at all. It's pretty nail-biting. Don't matter if ai are set slow as they are still robotic and flawless making no mistakes. Actually if someone who had always used assists won their first full length race with no assists, damage on and used 0 (zero) ai I would go e them a round of applause and a healthy dose of respect. You are driving the way the real life drivers do. You might be ranked 1 millionth in the world but that's a REAL ranking. Exciting eh ? ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž PS There are assists for fuel mapping and ERS in the game. I don't consider them assists as IRL the teams make most of the decisions for the driver anyway, they Dont need to constantly tweak dials 20 times every lap! So if that's set to auto it's still accurate to real life for me. It's your game though so YOUR dream too. Glad you have been enjoying it and making progress!