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    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    Well you could buy the oldest pc you could find for maybe $5 and play it! 90% of games today are all hi res and detail gfx **** you can't really even see when driving fast. People are unlocking hidden classic tracks in gt5 and loving them... Sometimes with no scenery at all! At some point we need to go back to what makes games actually good for long term. Gfx it ain't cos in 5 years current gfx will look **** anyway! We need to use out imaginations more, which is possible with a great in depth game that doesn't give you time to stop and say oh that helmet looks good. Nice tires.etc etc If I could get my G29 to work with the Geoff crammond games I'd be playing now! With a friend taking turns of course... Another long lost coop mode...
  2. sloppysmusic

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    An aggression slider might work wonders, it's like they are set real low against each other but higher against the player, which doesnt make sense. In project cars if you set the ai to higher aggression you often see them hustling each other ahead of you and sometimes this leads to off track moments or spins. It also has some negative results too like blatant cheating too such as cutting a chicane to pass you! In fact that ai is reminiscent of the online play when dialed up! Realistic and believable ai would be a huge selling point for a future game I'm sure. Particularly if it was possible for individual ai drivers to remember incidents against each other and the player which carried forward between weekends. Imagine a driver mistake forcing an ai off track and making them pit for damage and then when lapping them later they cynically take the player out in retaliaton. That would be awesome IMO and encourage the player not to treat the ai like robots with the memory of goldfish, which they are now in most racing games.
  3. sloppysmusic

    Your first F1 game

    Geoff Crammond Grand Prix, the first game, on Amiga. Was my first coop experience too after a fashion (before Sensible Soccer!). Basically me and a friend would race full length races taking it in turns to race. Not sure how it worked as was so long ago but I'm sure you could let the ai drive for you when you pitted or vice versa so we'd switch cars and drive 10 or so laps each time before switching. It's possible we took it in turns on the same car but I doubt it as we were so competitive! I used the classic amiga joystick to drive while my friend insisted on using the keyboard.
  4. sloppysmusic

    Help needed - No assists

    As @SturmDesTodes mentioned the key in your case I believe is brake pressure. When I first turned ABS off I was locking up all the time until I dialed the pressure down to a lowly 67. Yes thats very low but it's better than locking up! Then I went out and did full career weekends with no problems. I was finding each successive race I was able to raise the pressure a few points at a time as my muscle memory got more used to the brake procedure. Eventually on some tracks like Mexico I was actually able to use 100! Might have taken me a few seasons but I was very proud. A figure around 90 or just above is the sweet spot for most tracks. You might not be able to get that high with a pad but I wish you success learning this cool skill!
  5. sloppysmusic

    Esport coaching

    Sorry you don't give orders here it's not your forum! I didn't say coaching wouldn't help you I said F1 2019 coaching wouldn't be as useful as all round coaching in other f1 games plus other driving franchises too. PS if you're gonna summarily judge someone make sure you read every post by them first to get the overall picture. Then, maybe pause for a second and don't judge them at all. We're all on the same side remember!
  6. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 change log/fix the bugs!!!

    Sup dude my man?
  7. sloppysmusic

    UDP Telemetry Apps

    I know it does support running a separate server for broadcast plus multiple devices if that's what you mean? On pc that is... I got the paid version worth every cent.
  8. sloppysmusic

    UDP Telemetry Apps

    LOL yes I know but it's an advanced option you have to configure so I didn't go into detail. I only use 1 screen myself for F1. I use several for pcars as I do a lot of tuning and want switch to specific areas more often. I don't have a spare button on my G29 either! So swiping is no issue for me but it would be for someone actually doing it in F1 but no reason why you should ever need to unless you forgot be for the session starts!
  9. sloppysmusic

    Esport coaching

    Sorry but I didn't miss your point. You said "every other esport game seems to have coaches, can't find any for F1 2019" You started by mentioning F1 games in general then you specifically said F1 2019 you couldn't find any for. If you are going to ask for help here being rude to people who actually bother to answer your questions(I was the only one) is not going to get you far. Down voting genuine answers? Good luck getting any more.
  10. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 change log/fix the bugs!!!

    How could he have possibly missed YOU in the forums?!?
  11. sloppysmusic

    Ranking System is killing us all

    I think there's like 10 other threads about this. Probably best to add your agreement to theirs rather than start a new one person thread. Or the mods will just merge it anyway for you. So don't expect many answers as people have been already on about this for weeks!
  12. sloppysmusic

    Esport coaching

    Not to be flippant but if you need coaching then by the time you find one and improve enough the next game will have come out. So probably best not to get coaching for just one game but for racing skills in general. Plus actually race different games and cars so you become able to adapt and learn car handling and behavior better. When 2019 first came out people who had only races 2018 found the new cars hard to drive. This is where driving a variety of cars and games helps.
  13. sloppysmusic

    UDP Telemetry Apps

    You wont be able to race without one once you've tried it. I use Sim Dashboard simply for the amount of customization you can do yourself or by downloading templates others have used. My custom screen doesnt look as pro as anyone else's but it has all the info I want. Position, session best lap time, my best lap time, my lasts time, driver names ahead and behind and time differences, car component wear, tire temp and wear, my penalties if any, over Rev warning, ERS and fuel map settings. Cool thing is you can store many different custom screens and just swipe left and right to change during race or session. Like a track map with all cars or a leader board screen. I also recommend Crew Chief as your spotter. Free app and you will never waste your time listening to. Jeff again! Watch any iracing stream and they all use it. Turn on sweary for more fun! Most of the apps are just as good as each other, best way is download demos and pick whatever works most reliably with your setup and suits the visual look you prefer. Like I said, theres no going back after. If I start a session now I feel naked if my tablet is not there with all the info I want on it! Most of them let you use multiple devices so use your phone and tablet plus borrow your mom's or gfs phone too lol for all the info you could ever need. Finally its best to get an app that works with more than one game. I know sim dashboard works with every single game that allows telemetry. NOT gtsport (not possible) but pcars, forza, iracing, F1 games etc. Get downloading now and have fun!
  14. sloppysmusic

    What a surprise... online broken again...

    I HAVEN'T paid for it but also feel I have the right to complain about it. I feel my voice as someone who might actually buy the game IF it has certain changes is even more persuasive than someone who has already lost their money. Ironic isn't it that as a paying customer you have the right to complain but also the likelihood of being ignored? BTW that's the wrong emote above but I couldn't delete it on my tablet. Oh well!
  15. sloppysmusic

    Just ran into another glitch/exploit online

    I'm WAY older than @AlexTT and I often call people bro, dude or man. Find it a little ageist being told how we're supposed to talk at a certain age! Language is freedom but even so I'd rather not be called sir or old man if it's all the same to you.
  16. sloppysmusic

    what's the deal of saftey ranking?

    If you play with fire you're gonna get burnt. Multi-player F1 is and always will be a fiery hell. No amount of penalties will stop that. Game can't choose who gets burned so everybody gets burnt. Maybe just maybe you get lucky and can climb above the flames. Except... We all know what fire does right?
  17. If licensing rules do not allow modding of items such as helmet designs then it should be either impossible to mod them at all or it should be made clear in the EULA that doing so is not permitted and will result in revocation of game license and ability to play online. Just making it hard to do so does not in itself sound like a legal strategy TBH. To be fair also to the devs there is no reason why they should have to make a game easy to mod in the first place. The assets are theirs and theirs alone I believe. Can totally understand the OP frustration though.
  18. sloppysmusic

    New View, New Challenges, and New Enthusiasm

    Talking about 24hr Le Mans... Iracing has 24 hour races which actually run full length. Driver swaps are involved of course which makes it possible. Lando Norris ran a 24hr Twitch stream last week as both he and Max Verstappen were racing for different teams in the same race. Highlight was Max braking his ridiculously expensive brake pedal during his stint to much mirth from Lando... Multiple memes followed.... Yes of course they were using cockpit cam too.
  19. sloppysmusic

    New View, New Challenges, and New Enthusiasm

    @Marty_K_. Your methods mirror mine exactly. It was like I was reading my own post! Crucial part is yes I also lowered ai from 70 to 50 when I first turned off all assists. Then after first season I was back up to 70. After 2nd season I was up to 80. It's not that its actually easier to go faster without assists but that you have to learn how to driver better as well as know every turn and bump in more detail. Once you can't have brake and throttle just full on or full off anymore or throw the car around like a Mario kart it opens up a whole new world of detail. It really is like playing a different game and an exciting experience with depth, learning and improvement to look forward to. When I used assists I couldn't do more than 25% length races as it just got too boring. Once I made the switch I went straight to full length as it gave me more time to practice plus make up for mistakes. I never would have imagined I could have driven for nearly 2 hours in a game before and been riveted to the screen so fully immersed before. Welcome to the real experience!
  20. I think I've heard of you lol.
  21. A few years. It's only as good as its members of course but my point is that it's a neutral venue if people want keep complaining about codemasters. I'm not saying it's a big influence on world politics or trendy people copying trendy things for millions of disposable likes. Reddit is probably better for Hardcore ranting and raving. I don't care myself Ive said multiple times in these forums that the gsme is for the masses and will never change so complaining is pointless. Make suggestions then play other games instead of trying to make a game into the sim only a few want. I get down voted a lot when I say complaining about it not being sim like or fair online is pointless. Here we go again lol.?!
  22. sloppysmusic

    AI ERS broken

    Yeh figured so otherwise would be impossible to pass using overtake if they turned theirs on same time!
  23. Definitely worth having an account there if you love racing at all. Covers all the major games. Great community! https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/board/f1-2019/ Above is latest F1 game forum. Best game racing site bar none! Impartial and friendly.
  24. Might be worth setting up a list in the gt planet F1 forums. I don't think its ethical or fair to start a serious campaign up lobbying for change on Codies own forums. We've already complained here and noted how effective it hasn't been. It would also be totally within their TOS rights to delete any such posts and /or users defaming the game on their own forums. It's also not up to the actual devs themselves what they fix or change there's usually a project manager who assigns work out to programmers that aligns to corporate policy coming down from above.
  25. sloppysmusic

    Your highest AI with GamePAD + NO Assists

    OK... What car? Tell me Williams and I will bow down to you right now sir lol!