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    Nah not gonna happen.. I'm GAMING grandpa. When I first met my late wife's kids (my stepkids) I had already owned and practiced their favorite game (THPS) for several months so I could compete at the same level!
  2. sloppysmusic

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    Those back markers are NOT making random ai mistakes, they are carrying out inappropriate pre-programmed actions to an approaching player car.
  3. Well I did bring that up in the last line of the comment. My point still stands, although not as clear as I could have made it admittedly, that bringing in a new public relations person is not what this game needs. It needs dedicated dev time instead. I don't need answers or explanations, I need patches and long lists of revision notes!
  4. sloppysmusic

    Online race at Austria

    I thought iron was soft?
  5. sloppysmusic

    No SC in Multiplayer race (with videos)

    Good luck posting videos everytime this happens. You're going to be VERY busy lol. But please keep doing it anyway, the more visual evidence the better!
  6. Apologies to Barry but the cynic in me sees a modern trend of software companies using a revolving door policy with marketing and support personnel. This ensures plausible deniability for new staff dealing with old problems and generally keeps us players having to be polite, when we would naturally be getting very annoyed. Remember FAYA anyone? Just when she seemed to be getting a handle on every issue off she went. Of course apologies if these were personal career decisions, but I'm starting to wonder if Codies forum support vacancies are being advertised as 'temporary' or short term contracts only!
  7. sloppysmusic

    Changing teams - probably a stupid question

    I believe only the ai are affected by this menu option. You should still get your new contract negotiation happening every 5 or 6 races and without being able to swap teams this would be pointless.
  8. sloppysmusic


    Glad to see I'm not the oldest here at 56, yay! I wish there were special graphic options available tho.. I'd love to have a cloth cap over my avatar! Re the OP, this IS the slowest corner in F1 right now, make sure you are going slow enough, cross your hands right over. It's important to turn before you finish braking too as this will give you the front steering bias required to help turn in. I get this corner OK every time now but I still have a train of cars lined up behind me at this track! PS don't call me grandpa, I might BE one but still..... 👴😎
  9. sloppysmusic

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    Yes it's back marker lift off not actual brake checking but just because that's the way the ai does it doesn't mean it should be acceptable! Irl the back marker would have got a penalty for dangerous driving, it's not possible to switch lines round corners especially the Senna esses shown in this example. IF you slow down completely every time you approach a back marker to figure out how to get safely past the guy behind you will probably pass you and /or blame YOU for brake checking. Back markers shouldn't suddenly slow down during corners period. That has to be easy to program, if wheel is turning keep on throttle etc. They don't even need to get out of the way just hold their line on straight and lift off SLIGHTLY. Again, just because a game does something badly does not mean that it's a players fault for not learning the games issues and adapting accordingly.
  10. sloppysmusic

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    It's true there's a lot of extra finger work being done once you switch to manual. After time muscle memory should take over and it won't be noticeable after all. Definitely helps to start slow and let the muscles learn the changes before speeding up. Word of warning though.. Just because the muscles adapt and do the extra work unnoticed doesn't mean there won't be unforseen problems. Being over 50 and with a career in IT I often suffer from finger and muscle aches after a long race session. I have to take breaks for months after 'beating' a racing game and go back to my other love flight sims, where the button mashing is much less frantic (hopefully!) RSI is a real problem and shouldnt be ignored either. It helps if your paddle shifters require ultra light pressure to work. A heavy shifter might feel more solid but it's a medical problem waiting to happen for some! Me, I could never go back to auto shifting, I don't like the lack of control, even it it means I can't race 24/7 all year round!
  11. sloppysmusic

    Hotfix for 1.18.2 Released- PC Only

    It's true what @steviejay69says. A patch is a patch and a hot fix is a hot fix. Both should be labeled and treated different. Patches will have their own incremented version number and will usually only include several interim hot fixes AFTER a suitable period of live testing. Even Microsoft with their draconian windows update system allows users to skip hot fixes that may not be applicable to them. There's a long standing good reason the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" applies especially for software! I understand online players should ideally be using the same exact versions/checksums to prevent cheating, but hot fixes shouldn't normally mess with the version numbers! Sorry Barry, I understand you are the messenger here, forgive our ire with the dev team!
  12. sloppysmusic

    Choosing Difficulty Level

    You will find out by the middle of season 3 if you max out progression but if you're plodding along as you say it won't be such an obvious advantage. If you want the career to stay fair through the entire 10 seasons (anybody here actually done that?) then you need to advance at approx 1/3 available points. Either way your team mate WILL eventually become in invincible. In earlier games players complained that your ai team mate didn't get any upgrades making it impossible to win the team championship. They fixed this but didn't adjust ai pace.... So ai pace + upgrades = fastest car /driver in the game... Sadly it's not YOU lol!
  13. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    This is true. I think the bigger worry is being ignored completely rather than censored!
  14. sloppysmusic

    Screen global performance in info session .

    The top 4 times shown are basically cheating, not comparable to real life skills at all. Assists should be not allowed in TT or at least given there own leader board. Or you should be able to filter them out so the hard working drivers who put all the hours in can be recognized for their supreme efforts.
  15. sloppysmusic

    XBOX, PS4 or PC and steering wheel

    The pc will give you the best frame rates if you tweak it for max fps. Max fps gives you an accuracy bonus both in what you see on screen and how smoothly you can react to it. IF you have a good pc of course. I'm pretty sure the best times in TT are influenced more by extreme silly tunes and assists rather than hardware limitations. There are some great drivers out there who would be top 10 regardless of system, unfortunately the best way to get faster times is just to experiment with assists, use the horrible but advantageous tcam view and practice a LOT.
  16. sloppysmusic

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    If you already have 2018 then I'd just wait for next year's game. I had a lot of fun in 2018 with the great 2019 mod, so you get updated cars and drivers without suffering the loss of handling /downforce the newer game will bring you. Ai is still YMMV in career, at least you can sim practice sessions to get faster research points than if you actually practiced (if you have 2018 the practice routes are basically the same so do you really want to do all tracks all over again?). Online, if you are a casual gamer who wants to just race 5 laps, multiple asssits, T-Cam and play bumper cars you can have some fun with it but if you like to take it even half seriously it's not worth it. By now even the most serious leagues are dropping the game due to serious flaws and lack of options from last year's game. If only recommend the game on sale to someone who had never owned an F1 game before, and then for 75% off 14.99 at the Xmas sales. Give the open wheel cars a trial in pcars 2. The tuning WORKS there so you can have a lot of fun and reward for the effort you put in. As @DaleRossimentioned the setups are woeful in the F1 games. Pretty much every setting is basically giving you only 2 results depending on which way you dial it. More speed or more grip. Nothing subtle at all about it I'm afraid. Plenty of great tunes for pcars, including some modest ones from me if you want to look them up and see videos. I love the Formula A in pcars. It's equivalent to 2014 F1 cars, fast, furious with great engine sounds... Plus of course no halo lol.
  17. sloppysmusic

    Career issues...

    Career mode is obviously the least tested mode in the game. Sure, your car gets faster and more reliable as you grind out results but that's it. The rest of the circus repeats the same old tricks and jokes even if you've heard them ten times before.
  18. sloppysmusic

    Motion Control in future games?

    Thanks for being candid!
  19. sloppysmusic

    Game is just boring

    Turn on sim damage, turn all assists off, race in cockpit mode and set race to full length. Then challenge yourself to survive the whole race. Nail biting action for sure, but forget about finishing well lol. Racing with assists on for long races in this version indeed is the most boring experience I agree with you. Ai are on rails...
  20. sloppysmusic

    Choosing Difficulty Level

    It's not a bug lol it's just they never bothered to test the game longer than one season! Or to be slightly fairer, it's stunning that in this rpg based gaming world where almost everyone (like me!) is OCD about maximizing every possible stat by 'golding' all sessions they never tested what happens if you DO maximize all your stats!
  21. sloppysmusic

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    Not quite true because the best drivers are still faster than people people with assists because they have great skills learned during many years of hard practice. The rest just cheat. If you want proof just look at all the world record times on YouTube and notice the view is T-Cam and the racing guide line is on (omg). Those 2 are the biggest cheats!
  22. sloppysmusic

    Choosing Difficulty Level

    If you start a career with Williams in 3 years you can have the fastest car! What you do is ignore all performance upgrades for first and most of second season and ONLY buy reliability upgrades first then QC and the upgrades that lower the prices. This way you will avoid losing any upgrades when the rules change at end of first season. Your team will whine at you for not upgrading your car as you fall further behind plus of course you need to do as many of the practice sessions as possible to get max points. You might need to lower the ai a little if they are too hard! Then once you have suffered those first one and half seasons (it's good circuit practice racing on your own!) you will be getting the major upgrades at a serious pace with your discounts. Plus they will never fail or become obsolete. By the end of the 3rd season you and your team mate will have the best cars BY FAR. Trouble is.... Your teammate will kick your *** now... So your new tactic (you will both start every race him pole you 2nd) is to run him off first corner, preferably with damage to him, then spend the whole race driving like a madman while he catches you up 2 to 4 seconds per lap at least! It kinds breaks the game doing this but you will have one heck of a season in the middle going from zero to hero moving up the ranks!
  23. sloppysmusic

    Multiplayer always defaults to offset TV

    Good point @alwayscrashing! If the game defaults to cheat cam and won't let you save real cam no wonder everyone uses it! SMH...
  24. sloppysmusic

    Will the understeer of the 2019 cars get fixed?

    No, don't be silly!
  25. sloppysmusic

    engine characteristics of the various F1 2019 teams

    I believe the cars are all basically the same but they have different upgrades installed to approximately mirror the realkfe cars. Some have better chassis, some better aero, some better engines etc etc