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  1. I'm afraid that when it's in career mode and you're in the tenth season, it will still say 2021 on the display
  2. how would you like Ricciardo to do the shoey on the podium?
  3. There was no flashback off the start. It looks more as if the drivers are passing something, first a small turn to the right, then pulling hard to the left, causing Gasly and Ricciardo to spin, but i wonder why is Vettel sinning as well? There was no collision at all.
  4. just sayin' If it was another famous sports game developing company, they would leave the game broken.
  5. Is it the same logic why we don't have goodyear sponsors on the tyres of the classic cars, but on the Benetton 195 there is clearly a goodyear sponsor? (on the side box)
  6. I wonder what happened here at Hungaroring? I'm trying to figure out why Alpha Tauri, Ferrari and Renault turned left so hard and then spun. They just spun when I came back from the grass. There was no contact at all. Have you ever experienced such strange AI behaviour? And yes, I always race like this :D a6Dbbx5mhFam1ehq.mp4
  7. Well, Alonso could retire pretty soon. And I have rarely had problems with F2 drivers, they are developing quite well, in my last My Team Sette Camara, Hubert and Matsushita won races.
  8. Personally, I don't really care whether it's F1, F2 or Iconic Drivers, I just want to have a bit of variety and not have to race against the same drivers on the same tracks for years on end.
  9. I have 0 interest for driving the 2020 cars, but i would love to see the 2020 drivers on My Team mode. Albon, Kyvat, Magnussen, Grosjean and Hülkenberg.
  10. i'm a bit surprised that they are still working on the current game so close to the release of the new game.
  11. At least, the codemasters character wont have a silly name like Frequency Vibrations, Che or Pres. 😄
  12. it doesn't look like the sponsors in myteam will be multicoloured this year. A bit of a shame, but okay.
  13. was the bump fixed because people were complaining?
  14. Just look for the people on youtube, and then ask them how they did the time and if they can upload videos of it. The number 1 has a channel 😄
  15. Nobody has really changed from last year, maybe Mick Schumacher should get a little boost for being the F2 champion. but i dont think 1 or 2 points doesn't makes any differences.
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