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  1. FTBuzzard

    Safety car

    I'm aware of that, but how can codemasters fix something that works for some and not for others? What if the safety car works for codemasters and they can't understand it?
  2. FTBuzzard

    F1 2019 Patch WishList

    Pre-Seasson Tests (With test drivers) F2 Drivers should be able to drive for F1 Teams Chancing the driver suits for classic cars to fit with the car colours.
  3. FTBuzzard

    Safety car

    I don't know what kind of problems people always have with the safety car: There are hundreds of videos of hundreds of people with hundreds of times the safety car came out.
  4. for my experience in career, Hamilton had some weak gps mid-season (he was 13th in silverstone, missed Q3 in germany) and Verstappen was the world champion in season 1. But the fastes driver was Bottas, he won season 2 and 3 championship.
  5. FTBuzzard

    Hubert in F2 2019

    I think Hubert was still alive when codies created the F2. And until a few days ago it wasn't yet clear who would take over his cockpit.
  6. Weber still too strong in career. he dirves for williams and he gets points in nearly every race, russel don't.
  7. FTBuzzard

    F1 Series Feedback

    taht's bad feedback. You pick out the negatives, but leave out the positive.
  8. FTBuzzard

    Game is STUPID

    i don't have any problems with Jeff, and other people also have no rpobelms. That makes your opinion subjective. You can turn off Jeff if you don't like him. That can solve your problem, but instead, you prefer to cpmplain on the forum.
  9. FTBuzzard

    Game is STUPID

    Game may be stupid, but subjective opinion is too.
  10. im the only one who's excited about racing the f2 seasson form thie year. I would also like to see the drives from f2 were also part of the career mode, would be great to see Mick Schumacher in f1
  11. FTBuzzard

    A thread for those who like/love F12019

    I love the game, and I play it every day. Why? Because I can overlook bugs and I think that despite problems the game is still great: And there is nothing comparable 😄
  12. FTBuzzard

    Patch 1.07

    hope he next patch will bring us the f2 2019 seasson
  13. At the end of the day, it's still a videogame, and the focus of a videogame is to bring fun.