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  1. Hello I came to the idea because I saw that you can save multiple liveries, then I had this idea. I would like to know from all of you what you would think about the idea if you could create your own championship, not just one team but 10 teams and 20 drivers, with customized points system and race calendar, Maybe that would be something Codemasters could think about in the future Would you want to play something like this?
  2. I dont say it's fun, but i don't have any problems with kerbs at Abu Dhabi. ever thought that it might be your driving style before blaming the game?
  3. Codemasters Games: F1 2019 F1 2013 F1 2020 All time F1 games: F1 Career Challenge 99-02 Grand Prix 4 F1 2022 from EA
  4. I'm tired of doing the same thing all the time so I'm playing a different way this time. I play the game for fun, so I also have damage at minimum and increased safety car and no penalty for crashing. And if a driver has too many championship points lead, then I crash him out in the next race and ensure for an exciting world championship with many different winners. It's not realistic, but it's a lot of fun. In season 1, ricciardo became world champion, season 2 was won by Sainz (back in McLaren) and for season 3 Vettel (Red Bull) leads the championship.
  5. talk about immersion when you forced play a fictional driver 😄
  6. FTBuzzard

    Nice joke

    i don't see the joke 😬
  7. Adding new things is the wrong way to go when existing things don't work so well.
  8. This reminds me of an idea Codemasters could implement for future games, that we could create our own championship with our teams and drivers
  9. Bottas wasn't that bad as he is now at the beginning of the season, and he has 4 poles atm.
  10. FTBuzzard

    F2 2021

    I don't understand the update. Fittipaldi and Beckmann are with Charouz and Campos, wich happened at Monza. So this update based around Monza GP Jack Aitken is still with HWA, but was replaced by Jack Hughes at Monza, so its not based around Monza GP.
  11. FTBuzzard

    F2 2021

    It would have been less tragic if codemasters had said that it would be delayed.
  12. It's different for me. In MyTeam Max won 4 out of 5 championships, Hamilton never finished better than third. In driver career, Hamilton won 2 championships, Verstappen couldn't win a single race for a whole season, even though Perez won 6 races.
  13. FTBuzzard

    F2 2021

    i never said i believ that, but its just what codemasters said. F2 coming November, and we still have november.
  14. FTBuzzard

    F2 2021

    they said F2 comes november, but not it comes with Jeddah. thats the difference. November hasn't ended.
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