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     technical failure

    i have a question. have you ever had a technical failure in 25% race in career mode ? if so, how do I provoke them? Ai is constantly dnf due to technical problems, but me never...
  2. FTBuzzard

     technical failure

    yeah i know, but seeing AI dnf at shanghai makes me wonder how can the ai have 100% wear after 2 races? i mean, mechanical faiures are a huge part of the sport.
  3. FTBuzzard

    Lazy team mate

    there is no problem with driver selector in 2nd seasson. I switched from Schumacher to Gasly in season 2
  4. FTBuzzard


    bottas always number 1 in my game
  5. FTBuzzard

    Missing tracks

    I there any chances we get the msissing tracks from this years Calendar? Since codematers advertised F1 20 as the official game to th 2020 season, and we have a different care calendar this year. I'm talking about Mugelleo, Nurburgring, Imola and Portimao as patched in later the year.
  6. FTBuzzard

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    we don't lost perez, he will be back in 1-2 races.
  7. FTBuzzard


    Green Racing. seasson 2. Renault engine, Calderon as teammate.
  8. Since there is no green team anymore in f1, i created Green Racing. With my 1st Season i had Mick Schumacher as teammate, but he switched over to Williams, now i have Tatiana Calderon as teammate.
  9. FTBuzzard

    Ditch Hanoi bring back hockenheimring

    but that would makes no sense. We never saw real f1 cars on hanoi track, so nobody can tell how bad this track really is.
  10. FTBuzzard

    Ditch Hanoi bring back hockenheimring

    but the logic is pretty simple. before corona took over, hanoi was a f1 track and hockenheimring was out of f1.
  11. FTBuzzard

    Missing tracks

    At least for Imola and Nürburgring, they could take the old tracks from F1 13 and converted them to the game, since the engine seems th be the same.
  12. I like Zandvoort. Huge fan of classic track designs. And it drives very well Vietnam is a strange mix of Valencia, Sochi and Singapore, 3 tracks i don't like very well. but its always nice to learn new tracks.
  13. FTBuzzard

    Item Shop and Diversity

    i wish we could get back all the helmets, outfist and liveries from last years game.
  14. FTBuzzard

    Least Favourite Track

    My least favourite tracks: Hungaroring Sochi Mexico City Austin Silverstone I also dislike Melbourne, but it's not ab bad track, its just i had so many races at this track, and i'm sick and tired about Melbourne Tracks i like the most: Montreal always number 1 Zandvoort Spa Monza Suzuka
  15. FTBuzzard

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    I wish RB would sign Alpha Tauri drivers and things like Russel/Mercedes, Giovinazzi/Ferrari would be realistic.
  16. FTBuzzard

    Day one patch?

    there was a patch 1.04
  17. I have the same opinion Zandvoort is Montreal-like-fun. Amazing track. And Vietnam has a strange fast combo at sector 3. And the last corner sometines gets me. I don't enjoy the track at all, but its not that bad like Sochi or Abu Dhabi.
  18. I just wonder why they removed so much liveries and helmets from last year. With MyTeam, it might be helpful to have more customisation options
  19. you should never rely on the first races in seasson.
  20. FTBuzzard

    Full F2 season & My Team

    Sure it is, since we can create a team for the F1, and not for the F2, in wich we can start. So it won't make any sense to create a F1 team if we start in F2.
  21. FTBuzzard

    F1 2020 Career Mode - F2 Regards

    I think the maximum i've ever done was 6 in F1 2019. If the racing calendar had changed, it would certainly have gone on for another 1-2 seasons. I just had the feeling of playing a season over and over again, with only different teams.
  22. FTBuzzard

    F1 2020 Career Mode - F2 Regards

    has anyone here ever actually done the 10 seassons?
  23. FTBuzzard

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    At least at Hockenheimring, they could use the track from previous games, they don't need to re-design the track.
  24. FTBuzzard

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    Just because CM has the F1 license it doesn't mean they can have all the cool stuff. Possible replacements are not supposed to be in the calendar, so they might not be part of the license, that means CM has to pay extra money for new tracks.
  25. FTBuzzard

    Suggestion for a new german tv commentator

    Jacques Schulz from sky.