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  1. Unless you're saying that it should only be manual, which I disagree with because I'm pretty sure the drivers don't usually do that in real life. They normally just wait until they apply the brakes don't they?
  2. You can do this already. All you need to do is press your DRS button again if you want to close it before you apply the brakes.
  3. I appreciate your problem, I sometimes have issues with rotation through 90° corners, but not hairpins generally - although the one at Abu Dhabi is very annoying. Also, I felt the rotation problem was only prominent at anticlockwise circuits - Singapore, USA and Abu Dhabi in particular - which suggests that my own motion through left-handers needs some work; perhaps my driving position is a bit off. These are my settings; I find most tracks enjoyable to drive: Calibration: Steering Deadzone - 0 Steering Linearity - 0 Steering Saturation - 10 Throttle Deadzone - 5
  4. Hi everyone. Firstly, I have to compliment Codies for their efforts on this year's game. I didn't expect to be able to create my own team in the game just yet and, for a first attempt, the My Team game mode is excellent. However, as with every game, there are always improvements to be made which can take the franchise to the next level. So I've got some suggestions as to what can be implemented into next year's game. The suggestions in bold are those which I think are musts for the developers to target (and should be achievable). My Team: Proper Livery Editor - This is an absolute
  5. I'd certainly agree with this. The tracks where I have experienced most wear so far are probably Vietnam, Spain, Azerbaijan, Canada and Italy. Similarities between these tracks - multiple very heavy braking zones going from 7th/8th gear down to 2nd/3rd gear. Wear has been more reasonable at circuits like the Netherlands, Great Britain and Belgium where heavy braking zones are less prominent.
  6. A further update from me. I completed my race weekend in Canada and had some interesting results. It seems like this issue is very intermittent for me. I won't add any screenshots this time because I would hope that you would believe me by now. Coming into this race, the Practice Gearbox was on 28%. No further upgrades to durability have been made. FP1: 3% wear, 11 laps, 0.27% per lap FP2: 3% wear, 11 laps, 0.27% per lap The Event Gearbox was brand new following my retirement in Azerbaijan. FP3: 2% wear, 13 laps, 0.15% per lap (there was some wet running in thi
  7. A little update to add to my earlier post: Can we get the game-mode in which your report was based off? My Team on Xbox One. Does the issue happen for you in every session, or just some? Cover as much detail here if possible please, so all modes, percentages. This is a save that I began pretty much as soon as the Schumacher Edition came out. Prior to my Azerbaijan GP, the high wear seemed to be very inconsistent. At Monaco, for example, the wear on the Practice and Event Gearboxes during practice and qualifying was very high, but during the race it seemed to be more reasona
  8. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. To add to other reports I do not think the patch has fixed this issue. The wear seems to be very inconsistent from track to track; I know some tracks are harder on the gearbox but the disparity is huge. 2. Platform Xbox One 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.02, 1.03 and 1.05 4. Game-mode? My Team 5. What are your rep
  9. Dobbo2001 - Xbox One. I'm not usually one to moan about bugs and other issues, but I must say I am very disappointed with the state that aspects of F1 2020 are in, especially on Xbox One. To pay £10 extra for the Schumacher edition only to not receive the pitcoins and Schumacher DLC content is very frustrating. The gameplay and the game modes themselves are awesome, but these issues are so irritating! Edit - I have been a colossal idiot (as I'm sure have many others). I bought the Schumacher edition in disc form from Amazon. I forgot that there is a code to redeem to claim the DLC.
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