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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Myself  I bought Dirt 4 last week for £19, which was more than enough for it and £19 more than Dirt Rally was ever worth.... Now what an appalling game that was. But then that is the word here; game... In the day I was a very fortunate boy (and still am), my father owned several garages and at 17 I had full comp traders insurance, so I could drive anything I liked.....  Therefore at age 17 I used to own a Mini Cooper 1071 with an all steel engine/straight cut g/b ...... at age 18, an Avenger Tiger and Mk1 RS Mex, age 20 a Mk2 RS2000 and I raced them all, rallying them. My friends raced cars such as Audi Quattro, an ex-works Dolomite Sprint (awful!) even an ex-works Nissan and a Porsche 911. Dirt like all other games however, is a game. One hears all this waffle about 'realism', realism is sitting in an actual car, actually racing.... If one can crash out hard and not risk death or at least a deeply broken bank balance, then it is a game..... That counts from an F1 Sim owned by an F1 team, right down to home user Xbox, PS and PC. Once, to my consternation, I conversed with a Dirt dev and explained it was a game and required more control for the purchaser, that indeed Dirt Rally desperately required a rewind function  .... It is a single player game essentially, if one rewound it when crashing out of say a 12 minute stage @ 11.45 seconds, it would affect no ones life but that singular person's ... What do I get? "It would interfere with the integrity of the game" .... LOL, what? What integrity? It is a game man for pities sake... Talk about narcissistic self aggrandisement... I am still laughing now at that ludicrous statement. Personally I have already pre-purchased RD2 and H4 Ultra .... Myself  I don't do Battlefield and whilst Fallout 4 was a very clever game as Fall Out 76 may well be, if I want to be deeply depressed I'll talk to my mother in law. The best any Dirt title will ever get from me however, is my pulling their stuff out of the 'remaindered' bin. Dirt could be very good, could sell a great many more copies but somewhere it went badly wrong for them.... Dirt 2 & 3 were extremely good games but they have imo become lost since then... They have forgotten it is nothing more than a game, which people buy with their money and should therefore be able to enjoy without the interference of the dev's and their supposed 'integrity' .