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  1. Jay84

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    Codemasters wont stop supporting GRID 2019, they will call a towtruck and TOW it away 😉
  2. Why didn't you release the Fevtise and Solberg liveries NOW? I find it very hard to believe your going to release them in 6 months time now that the games cycle of content is done.
  3. Codemasters: Lets just forget GRID happened and get you to buy DIRT 2 GOTY.
  4. Find out why you should #manage your expectations with GRID 2019!
  5. This game feels like such a unfinished project thrown together last minute.
  6. Seems they are as done with this disaster as I am. What a waste of money.
  7. Jay84

    Welcome to the new GRID

    100% accurate.
  8. Done. Also proof the "clean car" is bugged.
  9. In the latest patch an option was added to clean and respray the cars you own. However while scratches are removed dirt is not removed. Ive tested this over 5 races with the same result everytime. Screenshots taken before and after the "Cleaning" Version: 2.03 Ps4: Pro
  10. Jay84

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I guess Cockpit view DEMANDED the removal of: Checkpoint Togue Drift A LOT of tracks Cars Tuning options Weekly events Next time CM give us more then a £70 PROLOGUE.
  11. Im guessing after March this game will be dead weight.
  12. Offt damn. Though I remember it from Top Gear best "Porsche design: The least a man can get"
  13. With MORE content XD then we know they are just taking the p1ss
  14. The clean option doesn't actually remove dirt XD