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  1. Oh no.... Is this gonna be another GRID shall we #ManageOurExspectations??
  2. So once again..... CM ignores ALL feature requests and makes the final season just another carpack with ONE track. I hope people will remember this and never trust CM in the future.
  3. Unless your gonna bring back DRIFT and at least 3 tracks, where done.
  4. I guess Cockpit view DEMANDED the removal of: Checkpoint Togue Drift A LOT of tracks Cars Tuning options Weekly events Next time CM give us more then a £70 PROLOGUE.
  5. Can Demo Derby be added to OFFLINE? Track is there, car, damage...
  6. PLEASE dont make the last track ANOTHER racing circuit...
  7. -GIVE- -US- -MORE- ----------------MODES----------------
  8. Honestly before summer this game will be dead. CM clearly doesn't care. An entire season of 4-6 cars and one track, while DIRT has cars, tracks, events, liverys. I dont know why they bothered to resurrect GRID just to half ass it.
  9. We need a MASSIVE overhaul/GRID 2.0 patch with: Drift mode DD Mode Checkpoint mode Togue mode More tracks More cars Still after 2 seasons this will be the most content limited grid game ever,
  10. Why do I get the impression NONE of this stuff will ever happen. Unless of course its on STADIA because CM seems to only care about that platform.
  11. Its not on UK psn.... *Sigh* Getting really ****** off with Sony uk`s incompetence...
  12. The UK store has been a **** fest since March... Updates just arnt happening.
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