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  1. Jay84

    Project cars 3 improvements suggestions

    Still waiting for improvements to make it you know, not look like a mobile game and run like a 90 year old smoker?
  2. Jay84

    Project cars 3 improvements suggestions

    They need to fix this before peddling the DLC. Not that they will. DLC will be FAR more important to CM.
  3. Jay84

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    Why no DD mode for quick race?
  4. Jay84

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    This is tragically funny. I swear they purposely cut ONRUSH budget so they could make the game fail and fold the staff into the "Office tea boys"
  5. Jay84

    The future of Grid

    The last hope for this game now is the Racing line update blog this Thursday. If theres no mention of content in that then theyve offically given up.
  6. Jay84

    The future of Grid

  7. Jay84

    The future of Grid

    We didn't get Autosport on current gen but got this pile of **** instead. As for updates thats it. No more content.
  8. Jay84

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Nevermind new patch is just a few bug fixes. I guess that counts as SEASON 4 😉
  9. Jay84

    "Were not done with grid yet"

    CM didn't like me calling them out on the games B.S. support. GOOD.
  10. Jay84

    The missing Liveries.

    Sweet thanks!
  11. Jay84

    Dishing the DIRT - Two Teams, One Future

    Oh no.... Is this gonna be another GRID shall we #ManageOurExspectations??
  12. Jay84

    The missing Liveries.

    So even with the GOTY edition nobody got the following: -Season liveries (Xmass) -Solberg Liveries It was said they would be comming for everyone but with Dirt2`s dlc now finished, is this even still happening?
  13. Jay84

    "Were not done with grid yet"

    "we’ll be releasing a patch for GRID that aims to address a few minor bugs that have come up since Season 3’s release" THIS is all they meant. A bloody bug fix patch. THIS is the best they can do.... Pathetic.
  14. Jay84

    "Were not done with grid yet"

    A new Roadbook should be out this Thrus so... Here is hoping its not just a slap in the face and a "Thanks for the money suckers!"
  15. So CM.... Does this mean we`ll be getting one more track or is it just one last patch that adds a new profile background?