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  1. Jay84

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    -GIVE- -US- -MORE- ----------------MODES----------------
  2. I really hope we dont have to wait til "Season" 3 for this asinine choice to be fixed.
  3. Hoping for news on this soon. It cant be that hard to just disable it with an option?
  4. That is frankly disgusting.
  5. Its a start, thanks for getting the devs to action this Chris! Any chance we can do the same for new modes?
  6. Honestly before summer this game will be dead. CM clearly doesn't care. An entire season of 4-6 cars and one track, while DIRT has cars, tracks, events, liverys. I dont know why they bothered to resurrect GRID just to half ass it.
  7. We need a MASSIVE overhaul/GRID 2.0 patch with: Drift mode DD Mode Checkpoint mode Togue mode More tracks More cars Still after 2 seasons this will be the most content limited grid game ever,
  8. Another poor season.. Cant we get at least TWO tracks??
  9. @ChrisGrovesMCM Any word on new or rather returning modes like Drift and togue?
  10. PLEASE DO THIS. Whoever the "Artist" is, they are clearly blind.
  11. Jay84

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Please give us back: Drift Togue Checkpoint
  12. Still hoping for MORE MODES.
  13. Jay84

    Update 1.50

    Sadly they want to do the least effort humanly possible. So it`ll be 2 more racing tracks. Not like we even HAVE checkpoint or Togue anymore. (Thanks CM that was a GREAT choice) -___-
  14. Jay84

    Update 1.50

    It better had! The game is still as barebones as ever.
  15. Jay84

    A good Game now fix these issues please

    Please add more MODES racing and TT are boring as hell with no varitety.