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  1. AllenB2609

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    sad, but probably true... 😞
  2. AllenB2609

    Audio name request for upcoming F1 titles

    ALLEN please! 😉
  3. @RedDevilKT here are some intriguing suggestions for missing features which could bring the new F1 game to a brand new level and add to it's overall immersion. If there is a chance to add these things into the upcoming game, the franchise would make a big leap towards perfection: HUD for replays Replays right now are boring and don't provide us with all the necessary information (which lap are we currently in, who is leading etc.) and therefore don't tap their full potential! Why not insert the HUD into replays? Many games offer this feature during replays and it makes the whole thing more reasonable to watch. Commentary for replays Why not have David Croft and Anthony Davidson comment the race in replay mode? At least some of the important race moments such as drivers overtaking others, drivers doing pit stops, drivers having mechanical issues and/or failures, the driver order (Top 10) every 10 laps. It would bring the game to a whole new level. Why have David Croft and Anthony Davidson in the game if you barely utilise them... Official TV HUD We've been pegging for this feature for almost half a decade now! You should give us full HUD customization so every player can adjust the HUD to it's own liking. Players want a full HUD with all the drivers shown and their constant time gaps and only the 3 main characters of their names like in real life (HAM instead of Hamilton...). Team Sponsors on helmets Especially now that we have drivers changing teams over the course of seasons it would make a lot sense if the team sponsors of their helmets would change if they changed teams. There should be certain sponsor templates for every team which could be used. It would also make career mode more immersive if our own career helmet would feature the current team's sponsors. Preseason Testing in Career Mode Why not add a Preseason Testing Phase to the start of career mode or to the start of each season. Just give us like 3 days of Spain/Catalunya testing our new car together with all other teams doing tests as we do and earning ressource points by doing individual R&D events. This way we could upgrade our car before the start of the season. National anthem before race How cool would it be if there would be a cutscene before each race where the current national anthem would be played in it's full length while showing the 20 drivers standing in line next to each other and the flag of the country in the backfield. National anthem during podium celebration An expansion for the podium celebration is long overdue. Before the actual celebration it would be great to see the drivers standing on the podium while the winner's national anthem is playing with the character waving towards the fans and showing the constructors and mechanics celebrating. What do you guys think? 🙂
  4. AllenB2609

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    @RedDevilKT when will we get the official F1 HUD or be able to extend the list of drivers in the HUD to the left like in spectator mode? It is there for spectator, why not optional for career mode? It would help in order to have constant time gaps to all other drivers in relation to over- or undercuts and race strategy. Also it would help to have an option to only display the drivers' 3 main letters like HAM instead of Hamilton...
  5. AllenB2609


    If this is not in F1 2020 then they are really noobs and incapable...
  6. AllenB2609

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    Well, thank you for nothing...
  7. AllenB2609


    Dear Codemasters, we want official broadcast graphics in F1 2019!
  8. AllenB2609


    The poll not only getting deactivated but deleted completely should tell you enough about how much they care about this request...
  9. AllenB2609

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    @RedDevilKT will this feature be brought over to consoles soon? (Faya once said they could do it with a patch) Thanks for your reply 🙂
  10. AllenB2609


    will someone from Codemasters reply?
  11. AllenB2609

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Absolutely agree. This should have gotten patched yesterday...
  12. AllenB2609

    AI are retiring far too often

    not in my races. There are way too few retirements and failures IMO...
  13. I agree but don‘t get my hopes up because it is Codemasters...
  14. AllenB2609


    what do you expect from them? I have given up...