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  1. New graphics are needed. Current graphics are clearly last gen (PS4/XOne)
  2. Custom weather in career mode. Team sponsors on career helmet. Balanced AI for all race tracks. Full F1 positions HUD.
  3. are we going to be able to adjust weather in career mode please?
  4. they just seem to ignore career mode
  5. This is ridiculous and just kills fun playing the game. I hate this game because of the ****** rain in each race. And Codemasters is doing nothing about itā€¦ šŸ˜”
  6. has anyone found out where to disable the driver transfers? I can't find any option to do so in my career nor simulation settings... EDIT: I found it. It is there in the career settings menu.
  7. Had yet another 3 AI 5 grid penalties for Illegal Blocking in qualifying. Every race Weekend there are always 2 or 3 penalties for the AI. This is utterly unrealisticā€¦
  8. In almost every qualifying session there are 2 - 3 AI drivers being penalized for Illegal Blocking. Iā€˜m playing full qualy mode (not simming). Player career mode. This kills immersion.
  9. AI donā€˜t even have to adapt to rain. They set lap times as if they have never raced on a dry surface like instantly. No AI mistakes. However the player has to adjust to the rain and lap times get better the more he is driving. AI are just there from round 1. Sorry, but this is lazy or imprudent programmingā€¦
  10. can we pleeease be able to adjust/customize weather in career mode??? I'm in race 3 at Portugal and the weather forecast for sunday is rain for the whole session!! Come on Codemasters, this is PORTUGAL. I was sooo looking forward to racing at this beautiful track in a warm region and now I have no pleasure because of the ****** rain. This is ruining my experience big time. Please @BarryBL add an option for us to customize the weather. I get that there should be rain every now and then at a race track but it is happening way too often and at tracks where for 90% of times there shouldn't be
  11. Same here. Sector times can only be shown with delta on now. How stupidā€¦
  12. have you increased or decreased ressource point gaining for AI teams in your settings? In my driver career I have set ressource points for AI teams on low but yet they develop like crazy... (I'm in year 1 at my 6th race weekend though)
  13. Can we please keep the white livery as long as we want?
  14. Yep. Really donā€˜t understand it. Official HUD with only 3 characters for each driver would look much more slick while adding an authentic touch to it.
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