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  1. Imagine how good the replays would look with the proper HUD settings...
  2. Hope they add the option to customize the weather in a future update
  3. Yes I also recommended this:
  4. I can‘t understand how Codemasters haven‘t fixed this issue already. Too much rain has been an issue for at least 2 years now and every year people pass it along to the devs on this forum. And still it has not been fixed. What’s the problem to just let us customize the weather in career mode like we can do in grand prix mode? @BarryBL
  5. Codemasters should let us customize the weather in career mode
  6. The full names just look too much IMO and soak up too much space
  7. At least let us turn off the mid season transfers. They‘re annoying and unrealistic
  8. Hello Codemasters staff, Thanks for adding a HUD in replays this year. 👍 My suggestion to make this feature even better is: could you give us the option to only display the 3 initials of each driver‘s last name like the FOM uses in the HUD in real F1 broadcasts? Right now the replays HUD in your game is displaying the full names of the drivers including their forenames but the issue is ist widens the HUD layout too much. It would look more crisp when we only see the 3 initials like HAM for Hamilton etc. This of course is related to single player mode. Another option would be to only
  9. I recommend using two different PS4/PS5, XSX/XSS accounts so you can play both without having to delete one save file, but yeah it‘s a bummer
  10. Yep absolutely. Don‘t understand why this option isn‘t in the game. Last year it was...
  11. Yes, please let us customize the weather in career mode.
  12. Yes please give us the option to turn off rain in career mode or let us edit weather in career mode if we like to.
  13. No rain as an option in career mode is a Must have!
  14. Wait! We can‘t turn off these silly and unrealistic driver transfers anymore? Please say it ain‘t so...
  15. Graphics are underwhelming. No visual next gen improvements. Very disappointing.
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