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  1. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    GRID's new crash damage system tested and explained
  2. Miatakias_GR

    Multiplayer Player Count

    That's cool i. Like many players online
  3. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

  4. Miatakias_GR

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    Agree with Flashstealth text chat and spectator mode us needed for the mp to last as there is already demo derby in game (track, car) and also was a part of previous grid games (personally i love demo derby in grid games) why not to add it as normal mode? And why cm keeps not listening to the community that is asking for many years text chat (it should not be that hard to make , even free to play or indie cheap games has it) and spectator mode.. Even toca 3 13 years before had these features, what is the difficulty nowadays which tech is in higher levels to add such features in game, we are not complaining for more important /serious /difficult things like the lack of content (see content of games like forza motorsport 7, project cars 2 ect) we can live with that poor content, old graphics and we just asking basic /easy things which have never delivered to us since grid 2...(including dirt series) And why demo derby and drift is not included?
  5. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Its about everyone's taste but i hate Playlist cause you play with specific cars in specific tracks + 3 standard flashbacks which Sucks, damage visual only, assist on that's not fun and it does not bring out Grid s franchise strong points which is damage, intermediate driving (turning some or all assists off) and flashbacks destroy racing meaning... At list i hope the add hardcore Playlist like in grid 2
  6. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Reading this infos about mp : http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/09/grid-multiplayer-modes-deep-dive/ i have started being anxious about some things... According this text there is quick match which probably is the known Playlist from Grid 2/GAS with preset tracks / cars /events by devs... Personally i dont like them and prefer custom lobbies... The second choice is private match , means that you can only invite friends or dudes that you are in same club but not join you random players? If its like that ts a total disaster and reason for not buying the game... Might i got anything wrong? Skirmish idea is not bad though demo derby should be a normal mode in games as in previous grid games.. Please lets someone make it clean, is there classic custom lobby system, which you set your own rules /tracks /cars and ANY players can join you through a custom lobbies list or not? Updated :Ok in private matches picture there is an option "session privacy" abd is selected : "only friends" probably means you can turn it to "public" and everyone can join you... I hope uts like that!
  7. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hot lap qualifying is cool addition.. Where is weather option?
  8. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    He says that you can invite or join friends or random players in random tracks so i guess this is playlist like grid Autosport and second choice is custom lobbies.. So these shity playlist exist in game.. 😞
  9. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Track looks good and Honda crx is very welcome in Grid, lovely car...
  10. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Looks nice i like the variation if sky.. Weather is the most interesting addition in new Grid for me..
  11. Miatakias_GR

    Does GRID feature dashcams for wheel users?

    True i have both games this dashcam is in camera rotation after or before normal cockpit view i thought it would be in grid as well, it's usuful for wheel users...
  12. Miatakias_GR

    Does GRID feature dashcams for wheel users?

    I don't use that dashcam as i play with gamepad i prefer to use the classic cockpit view when i want to have interior view (usually i play hood cam or chase) but i would like to see back the over helmet view in open wheel cars like that of Gas.
  13. Miatakias_GR

    Does GRID feature dashcams for wheel users?

    I am afraid there is not , look at this video on 13:05 the camera is changed there are all known cameras from previous Grid games but not the one you show...In 14:55 camera is changed again and goes from classic cockpit with hands to chase view ...
  14. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

  15. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Some more footage with Mitsubishi evo in Havana at night abd Okutamain rain