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  1. After 4 months of the announcement , no news yet.. At least let us know if the game is gonne be reelased at early or late 2022...
  2. Why Dirt 5 has not forum here? When custom lobbies will come for it , the game is out 9+ months and we only have matchmaking , especially on steam which is not crossplatform with xbox net online is desert....
  3. I love demo derby of Grid 1 as well , it was the best demolition style game ever made but i seriously doubt that demo derby is included in Grid legends as we saw nothing about it in the first trailer..
  4. I was expecting some new traler of gameplay from Gamescom 21' but nothing.. 😐
  5. Trailer I wanna see : - Derby mode - Good collision and damage system similar to Grid 1 or at least to GAS - Good and smooth handling closer to Grid 1 and GAS , i did not like Grid's 19 handling much.. - Better graphics than Grid 19 - Text chat and spectator mode - Crossplatform online MP with many options list is continued..
  6. Plans to be added derby mode? Handling and damage mode/collisions must be improved!
  7. Is MP still up and active?? I remember i had so much fun about in 2010 playing online on PC. I had tried it before 3-4 yers and it had still players online... Its one of my favorite racings ever on PC , unfortunately i sold my retail copy with some games more to a young boy..
  8. Yes i was not sure about it.. 9 years ago , i still remember the fun i had in Grid 1 online.. I was usuing Hamachi to play too but i have uninstalled it many years i did not know that it closed down too.. Many gameplay videos for Pcars 3 on utube already i think the game looks good simcade with rich content are you looking forward to it Assiemodis?? I will probably buy it on release!
  9. Buy it from any cd key site. i buy games since 2014 with no any problem , just find one trustful (Gamivo ,Enaba are ok i have bought from there) Check all the details , region , language ect and go for it! Its one of my favorite racing ever but be alerted on PC the servers for online mode have been shuted down since 2013 (because i have heard that on PS3 the online servers were up at least 2-3 years ago) so its only for single player something is a pain in the a$$ for all us Race Driver Grid old lovers!
  10. LOL Dude Grid's 19 car engine sound is the last that needs to be fixed .. The game has thousands of problems but i find the car engine sound one of the best ever made in racing games (and i have played many since early 90's) beside with Dirt rally 1 and Dirt rally 2..
  11. Made by the same devs though... Previous Dirt (and dirt rally games) is from devs that make Grid as well.. And while Dirt 1/2/3 and Grid 1/autosport/2019 (Grid 2 was too arcade) have proper arcade to simcade physics , OnRush has Android level physics, i am seriously anxious for Dirt 5
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