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  1. Miatakias_GR

    Adjustable race length in Career - coming in Season 2

    Must be Redbull Ring , last corner before start/finish straight..
  2. Yes that skimrish makes things less functional... We prefer traditional lobby screen like those of previous Grid games and Demo derby as game mode like previous Grid games too..
  3. What was that video jesped? Mod made by you? Updaded: Ok its a Barcelona city track of Grid for Assetto Corsa! Cm might to hire this modder for making your next Grid game..?
  4. Miatakias_GR

    Adjustable race length in Career - coming in Season 2

    Chris Sorry a question out of tropic, do you know if Project cars 3 forum is gonna be oponed in Cm forums soon to give some feedback?
  5. Miatakias_GR

    Update 1.50

    I preder also city tracks and point to point in Grid over circuits... Italy coast you talk about is actually the Cote d' Azure in France but Italy was in Grid 1 , the track Milano is one of the best city tracks ever in Grid games... I want them both back in Grid 19!
  6. Very bad idea i can say.. Was not anyone to stop this decision.. Really this thing destroys screens you can get in replays... There must be wash choice or something...
  7. Yes either is artistic choice or bug remove this scracthes ASAP
  8. Miatakias_GR

    Update 1.50

    Leo is PS4 user not PC so in PS4 might be noticable changes after patches
  9. Is this only lobbies update or there are some fixes as well? Assist on / off could be as an option also kick vote for everyone... I tried a bit it's exactly like private lobbies only difference is that there is the public option in session privacy..
  10. Ok that is great though text chat is not there for an other time i hope to add them later i would like also tv camera when you spectate others (currently there are only the gameplay cameras excepting cockpit ones) Also what about kicking system only host would be able to kick out of lobby?
  11. Miatakias_GR

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    I would like a greek city track more as city circuit with greek Island theme, you know narrow roads in a white and blue scenery windmills and sea... Anyway i will have dr2 soon and yes i am gonna buy Greece rally as dlc or whole season...
  12. Miatakias_GR

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    Message deleted
  13. Miatakias_GR

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    In fact we are saying them since 2013 before release of Grid 2 and none has listened to us so no hopes, just said once again..
  14. Miatakias_GR

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    They did same with Dirt rally 2.0, already added Paris so i would bet my money that they are gonna add tracks from Grid / GAS... I would love to see Milano city track or Nurbourgring gp from original Grid though...