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  1. And with 40 real players will be nightmare too..
  2. Stadia will have 40 cars mode but no other hardware https://wccftech.com/grid-has-a-40-car-mode-on-google-stadia-thats-just-not-possible-with-other-hardware/
  3. Miatakias_GR

    Welcome to the new GRID

    message deleted
  4. Miatakias_GR

    Crash reports and resulting steps - updates here

    (PC USER) One day after update 1.1 i was in livery selection screen and the car did not show up on screen and i could not do anything , just to move cursor between liveries , also i could not go in back screen with B button (xbox gamepad) or forward with A button so i shutted up the game via desktop manager..
  5. Miatakias_GR

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Sir Smoke are u on PC? If u want find me and add me as MIATAKIAS_GR on steam , i have added some users to create some private custom matches until public lobbies arrive .. (hopefully)
  6. Miatakias_GR

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Add custom public lobbies in next update, as many times I try to find a game in matchmaking i find 1 or none players on Pc.. Last 24 hours peak is around 200 players abd it goes lower and lower every day.. Only custom lobbies can save this game!
  7. Miatakias_GR

    Where is this location

    I would prefer Milano from first Grid but Paris is very good city track... 🙂
  8. Miatakias_GR

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    My Ferrari lights the fire in the rain!
  9. Miatakias_GR


    Not one of my favorites..
  10. Miatakias_GR

    GRID 2 mp vs. GRID 2019 mp

    Its in a crucial condition in emergency but not dead, yet people just don't want play it as in current state the game is empty with many bugs and not actual mp, if custom lobbies are added many will come back... The core game is good with various improvements / additions the game can be really fun...
  11. Miatakias_GR


    Focus on improvements /bugs /additions like custom lobbies ect and let seasons for later, extra cars and some tracks are not able to keep players in game for long...
  12. I agree that custom lobbies must be in second patch or at least to be confirmed as soon as possible with options like in previous grid games + remove totally skirmish, fix weather details ect and bring back the classic beloved derby mode + drift mode in okutama sprint would be bloody fun... Also an other downgrade i noticed is in private lobbies i set 3 rounds mini championship but players did not earn points so the one with the most at the end to win championship, after any any race is shown the standing and u just go next race, bring back the classic point system of previous grid games... Assist on / off in private lobbies would be welcome too...
  13. Miatakias_GR

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    No i can't, looks completely broken, it freezes when i go to delete anything into text place... I ask from community managers to delete it! Actually is a Grid photo from my steam library..
  14. Miatakias_GR

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    Sorry delete above post , something went wrong..
  15. Miatakias_GR

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    An other lack i just noticed is about there are not trading cards , emotions , backround screens on Steam as in previous games.. Are gonna be added later?? (OK this is a minor detail compare to the rest thing are lacking)