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  1. Why Dirt 5 has not forum here? When custom lobbies will come for it , the game is out 9+ months and we only have matchmaking , especially on steam which is not crossplatform with xbox net online is desert....
  2. I love demo derby of Grid 1 as well , it was the best demolition style game ever made but i seriously doubt that demo derby is included in Grid legends as we saw nothing about it in the first trailer..
  3. I was expecting some new traler of gameplay from Gamescom 21' but nothing.. 😐
  4. Trailer I wanna see : - Derby mode - Good collision and damage system similar to Grid 1 or at least to GAS - Good and smooth handling closer to Grid 1 and GAS , i did not like Grid's 19 handling much.. - Better graphics than Grid 19 - Text chat and spectator mode - Crossplatform online MP with many options list is continued..
  5. Plans to be added derby mode? Handling and damage mode/collisions must be improved!
  6. https://www.gtplanet.net/project-cars-4-most-realistic-simulation-20201215/
  7. Ciao Flash , definately the cm reached an agreement with EA and not with Take two.. At least the upcoming games will probably have bigger budget....And EA last time is in remastered mood (Burnout Paradise , Mass Effect , NFS HP 2010, rumors for BF3) so i think its the time to reopen the discussion about RACE DRIVE GRID REMASTERED LOL!🤩
  8. Nice but there is a problem in that story.. Do you remember the problems between EA and SMS about agreement for NFS Shift 3? https://gamerant.com/project-cars-ea-kill-studio/ Its very interesting what is going on.. I would love my self a NFS Shift 3 with proper physics/handling (in first 2 nfs shift games both was terrible) with drift , drug modeand visual customizations.. Also to remind that EA has published official foruma games again back in early 2000's in PS1 ... They were good enough i was prefering the first 2 F1 games(96 - 97) on PS1 published by Psygnosis though...
  9. Once i heard this my face turned like your avatar's photo...
  10. For PC/Steam you can buy everything from here in good prices.. https://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/catalogue/search-grid+autosport/
  11. Check these cd keys sites and go with the best deal ! https://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/buy-race-driver-grid-cd-key-compare-prices/ I have bought many times games from those sites and always work perfectly! See instructions in sites how to activate it on steam , its very easy..
  12. Is MP still up and active?? I remember i had so much fun about in 2010 playing online on PC. I had tried it before 3-4 yers and it had still players online... Its one of my favorite racings ever on PC , unfortunately i sold my retail copy with some games more to a young boy..
  13. I dont say that PC3 is the perfect game , it has probably downgraded graphics compare to PC2 (and PC2 has downgraded graphics compare PC1 , better driving though) .. I agree that these suits are not so good , i think Forza games, The Crew 2 have this kind of suits but there are some pure motorsport suits and helmets to chose from.. Physics look simplified but all utubers say that the game feels way better on gamepad compare PC2... Personally i expect the game to be close to Toca 3 , easy enough to stay on track , competitive to master corners and you rarely lose the control that cost
  14. Hey dudes did you watch gamepla videos of the upcoming Pcars 3?? Looks a real good simcade to me , less sim that first 2 pcars games but i prefer simcades my self..The content is rich like over 50 locations=120 tracks in total and +200 cars.. Now we expect to see how MP is , last 2 pcars and also NFS Shift 1-2 had text chat i hope so pcars3 , SMS talks about new MP mode (hopefully will include mini events with rounds and not a single race like previous pcars games). Grid 1 remastered is not gonna happen lets move on , so are you in for Pcars 3?
  15. Yes i was not sure about it.. 9 years ago , i still remember the fun i had in Grid 1 online.. I was usuing Hamachi to play too but i have uninstalled it many years i did not know that it closed down too.. Many gameplay videos for Pcars 3 on utube already i think the game looks good simcade with rich content are you looking forward to it Assiemodis?? I will probably buy it on release!
  16. Buy it from any cd key site. i buy games since 2014 with no any problem , just find one trustful (Gamivo ,Enaba are ok i have bought from there) Check all the details , region , language ect and go for it! Its one of my favorite racing ever but be alerted on PC the servers for online mode have been shuted down since 2013 (because i have heard that on PS3 the online servers were up at least 2-3 years ago) so its only for single player something is a pain in the a$$ for all us Race Driver Grid old lovers!
  17. So CJack with my 1060 6gb +amd ryzen 1600x + 16gb ram 32000ghz have I any chance to decently run RDR2? I am interested in buy this game some time , i have played in a friend of my on PS4 and i know how good and realistic it is.. But this game is more for single as in online theere are not many things to do i heard + no text chat for communication + gambling games do not work for greece region i am afraid is not a game for me as i mostly play online in games..
  18. I did not know that RDR m2 has not text chat, i love text chat in games i hope they will not remove text chat from next gta game... Despite its in my wishlist i have not bought yet RDR2 because 1) i have many games to play, 2) its still expensive 3 i heard about bad performance in PCs... Gta v has poker in casino i think but as gambling is forbiddenin video games, i can't try it in any case...
  19. Its OK here sun still shines! I cut some gaming time and started an english language repetition 🙂 About Grid 19 you can find it 4-5 euros i think in various bundles/online retailers, in this price nothing can go wrong... But do not expect many players online! Flash stealth you mean? He upload some comments in cm forums occasionally mainly in topic about "Grid 1 remastered" or so... He is still a dreamer !
  20. Hi dear CaptainJack , glad you are back in CM forums it's been a while since we've talked `despite we are friends on steam.. Are you OK? About Grid 19 is not what we wanted.. It has some good parts like handling , sound , cars variety ect but the lack of content (few tracks , modes ) and mediocre graphics etc things that keep us away from playing it.. Dirt 5 is gonna be released this october and it looks very arcady but could be fun , there are already many gameplay videos on Dirt 5 forum of if you search on utube! 🙂
  21. LOL Dude Grid's 19 car engine sound is the last that needs to be fixed .. The game has thousands of problems but i find the car engine sound one of the best ever made in racing games (and i have played many since early 90's) beside with Dirt rally 1 and Dirt rally 2..
  22. Pcars 3 will have 140 tracks in total , Pcars 2 had exactly the same number with 60 locations in total so i expect 60 locations for Pcars 3 too..
  23. Made by the same devs though... Previous Dirt (and dirt rally games) is from devs that make Grid as well.. And while Dirt 1/2/3 and Grid 1/autosport/2019 (Grid 2 was too arcade) have proper arcade to simcade physics , OnRush has Android level physics, i am seriously anxious for Dirt 5
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