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  1. PocoLoco319

    Grid (2019) Car Wishlist Thread.

    Classic Mini like this Of GAS and Honda S2000 or Mazda mx5 of first generation + RX7..
  2. PocoLoco319

    What tracks would you like to see(back)

    I agree for Istanbul and Jarama.. I would like to see Milano from the first one.. Generally i like city tracks more in GRID series over circuits... San Fransisco is shown already in first gameplay video i and i am very happy for it, also i am axcited for that city track in Havena/Cuba but there are some mediocre tracks in list in my opinion SPA Mount Panorama Jarama Catalunya GP, Laguna MAZDA , A1 ring Algarve Circuit of America, should be over Sepang and Silverstone , Zhejiang Circuit, i dont know that Sydney moorsport park track nor crescent valley which is fictional.. Autosport Raceway and more unofficial tracks would be wellcome to me no problem if they are not real (i can race with blind eyes in SPA , Monza , Brands Hatch) .. I guess in season 1-3 some more tracks wil be included
  3. PocoLoco319

    What i want to see in GRID !

    Yeah i paused in 0:20 and you are right you see normally the instruments , ok it is not detailed as in PCARS2 or GT SPORT but at least looks more detailed than GAS which was so ugly.. I usually use bonnet/hood camera or close chase cam but sometimes i like to play in cockpit , so i am happy with this! 🙂
  4. PocoLoco319

    What i want to see in GRID !

    I think you are in wrong place to set this list , go to Slightly Mad studios forum better lol! I would like to see all these features in GRID but as Aaron Dix says the most are not gonna happen
  5. PocoLoco319

    What i want to see in GRID !

    You are right loggy , spectacor mode when you join is very important
  6. PocoLoco319

    What i want to see in GRID !

    I opened this topic for everyone to say what exactly want to see in this new GRID game .. Here the first gameplay video we have : My suggestions so far: - Detailed cockpit view (already watched the first gameplay video and the cockpit looks dark and not detailed about as in GAS... (i was hoping that would be detailed like it is in Dirt Rally 2.0) - Demolition Derby is a MUST for GRID series! (at least as online event in custom lobbies) - Drift mode at least in online mode only as custom event! - Custom liveries and upgrades! - Daytime option and weather for all tracks/locations (already in gameplay video i saw wet track , first time in GRID series!) 🙂 - Nationalities flags over cars in race and in lobby for both offline and online! - Custom online championships like previous GRID games with point system! - Good collision and damage system like this of RACE DRIVE GRID! - Text chat both in lobby and in race like this of RACE DRIVE GRID) - No flashbacks online - Force shift up and down when gearbox is automatic List is continued... I would like to see your suggestions here.. 🙂
  7. PocoLoco319

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    Cockpit view is dark and not detailed again like in GAS , but this is not big problem for me as i dont use it often , also i would like to see nationality flags over cars for both online and offline like in previous GRID games.. Gameplay looks near Grid 1 which i love , looks promising to me.. 🙂
  8. PocoLoco319

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    Detailed one like this of DR 2.0 and not like that blury **** like in GAS..
  9. PocoLoco319

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    And not demo derby mode which i love, also could be better circuit selection, i dont like Sepang, China, Silverstone, there are way better circuits in my opinion..
  10. PocoLoco319

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    I am so excited i hope its close to Grid 1 - GAS and not to Grid 2 .. A more sim approach like happened with Dirt Rally 1 - Dirt Rally 2.0 over Dirt 2/3/4 would be wellcome for me!
  11. Is there any chance to get a new Grid / Toca game ? Codemasters released 3 Dirt games in the row (Dirt rally , Dirt 4 , Dirt Rally 2.0) without releasing any Grid - Toca game ... Many say that due to low CM budget company is focused in Dirt series which is more popular/profitable compare to Grid / Toca and that CM is not gonna release any game of these franchise anymore.. Personally i way prefer Grid / Toca series over Dirt series especially games like Toca 3 and Grid 1 - Grid autosport are my favorite racing games ever.. Can any CM manager to make clean if the company is planning to make any Grid / Toca game or at least to let us know that these franchise are totally abandoned so do not expect us to wait for nothing.. And its :Miatakias_GR i lost my old account codes and i signed up via facebook!
  12. PocoLoco319

    WE WANT GRID 4! - Main Thread

    There is not even Grid 3 dude , but yes we want a new Grid game whichever it is called.. Enough is enough , we got 3 Dirt games in the row its time for Griders now!