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  1. @RedDevilKT, can you submit this for review? thanks
  2. I don't know, this is PS4, is this happening on PC as well?
  3. Platform: ps4 Pro Mode: Career Sessions: (NIght TIme Sessions) Description: There is a strange light haze that seems to be offset on the image of the Live TV Feed onscreen. Is worth mentioning that this does not happen in live-action or replay, but basically is like the haze is positioned wrongly. Instructions to reproduce the bug: Start your night session (p2 or qualy) and go out, try a lap and go back to boxes. Then go directly to the Live tv Feed and see it you cant miss it (Also is worth mentioning that you won't see this until you go out for the first time and go back to boxes oddly enough) The image is the best one I could find, since is very difficult to catch it on a photo, but is very noticeable if you are playing Please give it a try? @Faya
  4. Platform PS4 Pro Mode: Career Session: Practice 1 Description: During the daytime, I 've noticed that the Helicopter is moving very fast on the sky and turning in circles like a mad. This is purely aesthetics of course but affects the immersion (worth mentioning that it didn't happen every time, but aleatory) Can it be checked @Faya thks
  5. Max Sirman

    1.05 - Car constantly scraping in career mode [R2]

    Finally, somebody says this besides me (in which I didn't have any answer), this is not the same thing I reported but related as it is floor and track mapping This does not happen only to the player but also to IA.... Especially in Eau Rouge Is this is going to be Attended?
  6. @Faya Please guys take my humble thanks on this effort . The order makes more or less sense for the first 5 or 7 races... Renault engine upgraded aided McLaren a lot this season and this was specially the case after monaco. So I don't disagree on this order . On assuie McLaren was far for been what it is now... As a McLaren fan however, I am happy to fifth Sainz for 7 in my Renault (mclaren has a great package, but boy o boy Carlos is amazing this season)... So the order is not everything and I thing order + drivers abilities is doing a great great experience. Thanks Team
  7. Max Sirman

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    @RedDevilKT Can you help me with this??? Thanks
  8. Solo podes hacerlo en time trial y Gran prix... EN modo trayectoria esta seteado
  9. Primero que nada, intenta hablar en ingles o no te van a contestar jamas. Segundo, en modo carrera (te referis a career supongo) el horario oficial es el unico que hay (dado que es carrera oficial, corre con las circuntancias oficiales) Tercero, el clima dinamico solo lo podes cambiar previo a haber comenzado la trayectoria y no estoy seguro si lo podes cambiar previo a la practica 1 (una vez comenzado el fin de semana nada de eso se puede cambiar (tiene sentido que asi sea, dado que se formatea todo acorde a tu seleccion) Fijate en la pantalla de carga, antes de ir al centro de computos previo a la practica uno ( de apretar opciones, y ver si podes cambiarlo alli) slds
  10. Max Sirman

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    Thanks bro ... I m not trying to be disrespectful. @Faya all I am asking is to be aware that they have seen it. The only thing that I am trying is to help.
  11. Max Sirman

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    @jennyannem @Faya Anyone's there??? Crist is difficult to remain motivated to help whith the bug hunt. Is like speaking to a wall I m seriously frustrated
  12. Max Sirman

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    @Faya I can take end of the race screenshots with the full extend of the damage generated by eau rouge. Do you want them or is.this enough to be reported? Thanks
  13. Max Sirman

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???

    @Faya I don't think the issue is with the damage model, I think is reacting properly in doing contact with the track surface. I think the issue is with the track modelling Have a look at these after only one lap, and this gets worse as the laps goes on and even you get damage on the floor and side pods (left side)
  14. Max Sirman

    Eau rouge the nose cone killer???