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  1. Did ok through the first three stages, not great, but the Cosworth isn't usually my first pick (hence the pick this time).  Stage 4...  got on the gas a tiny bit early around a turn and ate it on a rock barrier (about 1k into a long stage).  Limped through the rest of that stage, broken windshield, bashed in front-right and a flat (then rim).  Still better than the 1:30 penalty I guess.  Oh well, fun getting to know the Cosworth anyway.
  2. Had a lot of fun in Germany, and other than smacking a hinkelstein and maybe an off, I had a pretty clean event. Wales started out nicely but I got caught out by the right-hand-drive a couple of times, clipping something and sending me off.  Oh well, still have the last stage to go.
  3. Having a problem with Leagues and RaceNet.  I can run the Daily/Weekly/Monthly, but when I go into Leagues it checks for expired leagues, then says "RaceNet service not available, try again later".  Short of removing all remaining leagues (which I'm hesitant to do), I've tried pretty much everything else.  I'll keep trying... Edit:  Got into leagues, one of the leagues still on my list caused all the rest not to work.  :-( Anyway, not my best driving through Greece I guess, though it felt pretty quick.  Saved at final stage, will finish up tonight.
  4. Yeah, Greece is that way for me as well...  I always think of it as a high-altitude event, so shorter gears are usually a must in all cars.  Uphill sections doubly so...  :-) I'll run through Greece later today, I'll let you know if it's the same for the Mini.
  5. I'm back!  :smile: Thanks @ChristinaMc for getting that worked out, very much appreciated. Had fun through Monte with my Mini.  Felt the event went fairly well, though I still had some setbacks (went wide on a lay-by, missed the cars but clobbered the wall).  We'll see how well I can maintain coming up in Sweden...  
  6. Germany done, had a lot of fun through here with my Audi, pretty clean race overall.  Kept a safe distance from @SkyRex, now we'll see how Dannyboy does on those last stages...
  7. I was very lucky through most of this event, getting away with bumping trees and rocks, felt like I was keeping up fairly well to @SkyRex.  2nd to last stage I bounced my Audi sideways on one bank, reversed and got up on the other bank, fumbling with the gears.  On to Germany then... Nicely done SkyRex.  :-)
  8. I did alright on the first loop before service, but the setup I chose after service turned out to be wrong.  Last time I had that many off-track resets was maybe 50 hours in...  :-)
  9. Oh man, I'm glad that event is behind me...  @Porkhammer was right about the Audi, at times it felt like I was playing Carmageddon and picked up the jelly suspension "power-up". @SkyRex, very nice driving sir.  I think I got you on a couple of stages, just barely, but couldn't quite keep up.
  10. Figures, but I think I'll have more "fun" than you guys in the 037s...  ;-)
  11. I haven't driven the Audi much since the physics update (and wipe of all saved setups), so I'm working on setups as I go.  Not a bad event for me, but the car felt all over the place, so I obviously need more tweaking on the setup. Really looking forward to getting to know the Audi again, we'll see if I can hold it together in Sweden.  :-)
  12. One stage to go, and Sweden went as well as expected for me.  Getting better in this country, just very slowly.   @baunau  and @Dytut, you guys had a nice race going on up in front of me, sorry I missed it.  :-)
  13. Sorry for the late reply guys, been busy myself lately... First off, I had a lot of fun racing with you guys this season, a nice back-and-forth with nobody running away with it.  :-) RWD was a nice change from the AWD that I'd usually pick.  We could stick with the 2 wheels idea, just switch it to FWD.  I'd have to look over the specs for the Kit cars and some of the RWD and see if they'd match in HP/ton, maybe we could have RWD against FWD?
  14. This has worked for me recently too. I also check the standings whenever I have the option to, since this seems to force an update to Racenet as well.
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