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  1. Peachrocks

    Cars over-sparking - Career mode

    Had this after some of the chassis upgrades. I think it's 'aesthetic' so the car isn't 'actually' bottoming out but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that, I've only just got to grips with set ups. It's really annoying and it was an issue in last years' game too. Even at maximum ride height, I still 'bottom' out so it's definitely a bug.
  2. Peachrocks

    Disappointed by AI mistakes

    Yeah I've seen a grand total of 1 major mistake and the usual 1 or 2 dnf's average and I've done over 1000 race laps. Made a thread on AI in general trying to pool together thoughts. This doesn't count the occasional twitch or lock up they do which loses them about half a second at most.
  3. Peachrocks

    AI Discussion

    Hey all, There's a lot of threads on the AI and for good reason. It's a significant part of the experience. Granted AI is and always has been an illusion in any game but an experience can be greatly enhanced by a good illusionist. Right now... the illusion is pretty transparent. I should point out that I'm playing on Xbox update 1.02. I'll go over 10 laps at Hanoi as the 'inspiration' for this thread as well as other issues. 10 laps at Hanoi Started in 19th behind my team mate who out qualified me in 17th and that's about where the car belongs. Had difficulty set to 95. Usually I know the AI isn't as good in the race compared to qualifying but this was exceptionally poor on my part so I left it alone. Big mistake. I deliberately keep overtaking to a minimum on lap one while the AI trips over each other and tries clumsy moves that have no chance of success or bottle up behind each other going at a snails pace to the point where if you go off the racing line you can make a stupid number of positions. I try avoid such things or keep it to a minimum because otherwise I spend most of the race defending/losing positions to much better cars if I exploit this. However try as I might, by lap 2, I'm gaining ridiculous amounts of time on the cars in front of me. By lap 3 I'm in 13th place. Lap 4 i'm in 11th. Lap 5 I'm in 10th and lap 6 I'm in 8th. By the time of lap 10 I'm in 6th where I was considered to be 0.7 tenths a lap faster than Vettel in front of me in the 'second best car' Ferrari, only Riccardo and the Ferrari's and Mercedes are in front of me. It's true that my car is geared towards race pace rather than qualifying pace with emphasis on fuel management and tyre wear but this is ridiculous and also if that were true, my team mate would be flying through the field too. They were stuck in 18th. They had lost two places, one to me and one to a car weaker than them. I mean I've always figured that the AI doesn't accurately simulate the upgrades for fuel efficiency and tyre wear correctly and instead just translates those upgrades into 'go faster all the time' much like how when someone has a 'problem' it just turns down their difficulty setting (i.e mostly makes them slower in the corners) which is fine and all but having to constantly wonder about whether I've got the right difficulty from circuit to circuit and even session to session is incredibly annoying. This is compounded with issues in practice with practice program expectations being much higher then they should be (getting even green probably means is too easy for race/quali) though I 'think' they are looking into that. The AI drivers personal performance I should also point out I'm not referring to the stat numbers, which based on what I've seen out of one full season, don't seem to do very much at all, but maybe I'm wrong. My feeling is the AI's performance is down to a number that has a random variable and each driver has a number of how good it can be and a floor of how bad it can be at worse and it picks a random number from there each race, but that's just a guess. This is why you'll occasionally get races where Bottas beats Hamilton easily, even though on average Hamilton's 'number' for performance is higher but this isn't out of the question and has happened in the real sport. It is a fair way to calculate performance cus every one has good and bad days but only to a certain degree and only if the numbers are within the realm of reality. Red Bull's AI's are inconsistent at best. Especially Albon, he is woefully off the pace almost always sometimes struggling to beat the Alpha Tauri's and Alfa Romeo's. Verstappen on a good day does okay, but on a bad day he's getting easily beat by Gasly and Kyvat. I mean granted, I feel Gasly and especially Kyvat were very very hard done by Red Bull because of how Horner favoured Verstappen so much but there's no way they should be beating their Red Bull counterparts unless the stars align. Sometimes Gasly and Kyvat are where the Red Bull's should be. Stroll also tends to do way too well and was well ahead of Perez in the championship despite Perez's supposedly better rating. There's a few other minor inconsistencies but those would be more up for debate, however the ones I've listed are pretty clear cut. Simulation issues By this I mean, how the AI 'simulates' it's performance to things that are happening. Such as the track getting wetter, being in dirty air, when it has a problem etc. Most of the time, the AI seems to just 'lower' its difficulty accordingly. This is really obvious on some circuits like Spain as many reported where cars just couldn't get past others who were on much worse tyres despite having better performance all things being equal. I didn't have this problem too badly though I did in China oddly enough but I've seen others have it in Spain and it's... pretty bad, to the point of cars being two or three seconds a lap slower if they had someone in front of them. It seems to simulate dirty air by simply going slower or 'lowering its difficulty' rather than struggling on the parts that dirty air gives issues. A player dealing with dirty air has very different issues and usually can't remain as close to the car in front of it but the AI sticks to a car in front like glue and then if it 'can' outspeed them in DRS it powers past. If it can't, then it's stuck behind them basically forever. The rain is also pretty poorly simulated though this is more of a global issue rather than one related to the AI but I get the feeling this is for it's benefit because it can barely handle complex strategy situations like safety cars as it stands. It is always 15 minutes of this, 15 minutes of that, with no real variance and the 'right' tyre is always extremely obvious. You never get situations like in Germany 2018 where drivers pitting for inters and turned out being 8 seconds a lap slower. Granted that's an extreme example, but that's why rain is so popular in formula 1 and the way it's portrayed in game turns it into a bore. The other issue is simulating mistakes. Yes the AI will occasionally make an 'error' and twitch coming out of a corner here and there or they will lock up but that's usually as bad as it gets. I did see one driver make a 'mistake' and spin off into the gravel but that was a one time thing out of over 1,000 race laps. Sure I don't think anyone wants the AI spinning off and crashing into other AI every other lap, but as the last two races have reminded us this stuff happens in the sport and even more so when the track is wet. Right now regardless of the condition it's like they are pocket cars stuck to the track unless they are trying to overtake or defend. This would be pretty difficult to simulate in a way that's not totally obnoxious but I think it'd be appreciated. There's plenty more I could add but this has gone on long enough. What is everyone else's thoughts about the AI and what is actually realistic or within reason in terms of what can be simulated.
  4. Peachrocks

    2nd Driver

    Certainly hope this is a bug and not working as intended because otherwise that's terrible design.
  5. Peachrocks

    AI Penalties

    Yup mostly only grid penalties. I've seen one get a penalty for ignoring yellows but that's it. To their credit they are better at obeying blues when the player is involved so don't get penalties there either (vs. the AI they basically never got hit there but they wouldn't move over vs. players sometimes but this is no longer true). I think the AI 'can' get penalties but it avoids it. It didn't used to early on in one year and constantly got hit for speeding under safety car where the most of the field had 3 drive thru penalties.
  6. Peachrocks

    AI to fast in wet

    Yeah playing full traction control on wet is really slow and you'll lose a lot of time vs. the AI compared to when it's dry. Learned this last year. As well as for race starts. Eventually I learned how much slower traction control was on average in the dry too. There's times where I kinda wish I didn't know cus I'm not a big sim guy, I just like to drive the thing but most of the time it's fine being on medium.
  7. Peachrocks

    Your end of season retirements/moves

    Yeah Grosjean also retired for me too. No moves except Latifi replaced Grosjean and Sean Galael replaced Latifi at Williams. Was a bit disappointed, I like silly seasons honestly.
  8. Peachrocks

    Your My Team strategy

    The most important thing here is that you only need to invest in one category to get to spec 3 and thus all the upgrades in that area. However this comes with a maintenance cost increase so be careful. I made some mistakes but I figured in hindsight what I should have is focused on one area (Chassis) but still invested slightly into resource point generation for the other areas which is what I'd put money into first, get those passive resource points rolling in. I generally prefer investing in Chassis in general because of lower tyre wear and less weight but that's my preference. I'm at that point now and everything that's a part of the car is spec 2 and chassis is spec 3. Doing it over again, I'd have focused on the chassis during the interview questions I split between durability and chassis cus I like to get the gearbox upgrades done asap but you only need spec 1 to get all the gearbox durability you should need. The Powertrain gets a lot of upgrades at spec 1, so you can leave that, but the Aero badly needs spec 2, you only get 5 upgrades at spec 1. I also wonder about activities involving boosting the second driver stat. The simulator boosts do work and help their stats, but not massively as far as I can tell, I get the feeling you're still going to need a good second driver unless your car is far and away the best on the grid to win the constructors title. Was hoping to be able to train drivers up. I'm not sure about marketing, I mean the penalties are fairly negligible and it comes with a 10,000 weekly upkeep cost. Not a big deal, but it's not 0. The acclaim boost doesn't seem worth it at all based on what you have to pay and how long it takes to pay off. Which is a shame because my plan initially was to invest heavily in making money in the first season but one look at those returns saw me look the other way, unless I'm reading into it incorrectly. The other one 'may' be worth it but I wasn't clear on whether it helped 'all activities' or just ones that boosted the other departments. Player perks are really good and fairly cheap too with no maintenance cost so there is that.
  9. Peachrocks

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Eh a lot of people are driving the same boat with wheels so its very useful. Some people put two setups, one for career with their team and another for time trial. I'm a pad user and can't be bothered to get a wheel for one game (storage space is a thing). Ultimately I adapt any set up to the needs I have in the ways I know how and a bit of guessing and hoping and then immediately undoing.
  10. Peachrocks

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    And you're making me feel stupid and slow again. Wait a minute, I haven't got my usual avatar. There he is... Fits my team too, Slowpoke Procrastinati. We procrastinated so much we couldn't be bothered to put in the last three letters. (It only fits 22 characters) Any chance of you putting your setups on the f1 car setup page? :D.
  11. Peachrocks

    Quali expectations from team in MyTeam?

    It's not accurate and is bugged. I'm qualifying 15th in my team on some 'better' races and they still tell me it's disappointing, despite being in the second or third worst car. I just assume they've drunk too much and fantasize about firing them, This applies to anything they say out of context, stupid or nag me for being under fueled. Yes I know i can go less updates but occasionally there is something useful, like if someone has an issue or the battery is high or low, though that's now annoying because he nags if it's 80% or higher and not being used. Even if I'm in the middle of a twisty section.
  12. Peachrocks


    @SavageXRDS The AI 'does' make mistakes but it's extremely extremely rare. I've done at least 12 full length and 3 or so half length races. I've seen ONE mistake, not counting the AI bumping and damaging each other which I think I've seen happen twice which again is very rare and probably not intended behavior and just something that happens. Oh and none of these instances occurred in the wet. So yeah, the chance needs to be increased a bit. Though I have a feeling they'll press the button too high and they'll be spinning off every lap if we press the issue. I mean as it is the AI can't handle rain complications in strategies despite the rigid nature of it. It'll pit for new dry tires when the rain is coming down and pit in for inters 2 laps later whereas a human is likely to extend their pit window as long as possible. It's a big reason I get such ridiculous results sometimes and why Claire keeps asking me 'who is my rival' and the answers are all drivers from the top 3 teams and I'm only barely at the back of the mid field on average. I don't particularly want to face a rival I have no chance of beating and basically have guaranteed lost acclaim, so you get a no comment because none of the four options are what I want to say. Though I'm 'just' 7th in the standings and well behind the top 6. She sighs in frustration when I no comment her or says 'looks like there is some work to do at the factory'. Yeah there is, your factory sweetheart. I answer every other question, even if it comes with a downside. What I wouldn't give to have a bigger say in the writing direction and gameplay impact of that angle of things.
  13. Peachrocks


    It's slightly off topic but it does annoy me that the AI doesn't make (more) mistakes in the rain. Rain is loved by many spectators in formula 1 because it breaks up the order and it requires a special skill set to do well in. The AI though? It drives through like it does everything else like it's on rails. Even the whole way weather works '15 minutes of this, 15 minutes of that' and everyone pits in at exactly the same time when the 'critical point' is hit and there's only a chance of a tiny advantage if you pit for the right tire one lap earlier. None of what happened in Germany 2018 or 2019. 2018 where drivers incorrectly pitted for inters and were 8 seconds a lap off the pace and 2019 which threw everything we knew out the window.
  14. Sadly this practice isn't going anywhere because for as long as a few people buy into it and enough people don't buy the game because it happens, it's going to make them a net profit which is all almost anyone who makes these decisions cares about. May be less true of Codemasters, but it's generally true of the video game industry in general. The idea of having free to play style micro transactions in a full priced game is extremely rude. Codemasters is far from the biggest offender and it's only cosmetic for now, but really I die a little inside when people just 'accept' nonsense like this because how long before we get full blown up free to play style mechanics in full priced games? It's already happened in some cases. So no, I have no patience for excuses like. 'You can earn it through playing and things sometimes have to be earned in games' and 'It's just there to speed things up' or 'it's optional' and 'It's only cosmetic' which the latter is an argument I used to go for but now that is being abused and it's a slippery slope and history has proven this time and time again. Here's the thing. If 'playing the game' to earn something is undesirable and thus you want to 'speed things up' something is wrong, you shouldn't want to 'speed it up', it means that the game is made deliberately grindy to encourage you to open your wallet. Games that traditionally allowed players to unlock stuff had a very clear path on how to do it and you could usually beeline to what you wanted and there isn't a time limit on it either. This is not true in games with a 'buy coins to do x' system. There's usually one way or another they want to trick people into paying for something that they didn't have to pay for before. In this case it's blatantly obvious because some of this content was available in 2019. The real funny thing? In this case, on a personal level I don't even care. I'm not hard to please when it comes to cosmetics on the most part.
  15. Peachrocks

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Annnnd I didn't even know this was a thing. Makes sense though.