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  1. Had this after some of the chassis upgrades. I think it's 'aesthetic' so the car isn't 'actually' bottoming out but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that, I've only just got to grips with set ups. It's really annoying and it was an issue in last years' game too. Even at maximum ride height, I still 'bottom' out so it's definitely a bug.
  2. Certainly hope this is a bug and not working as intended because otherwise that's terrible design.
  3. Yup mostly only grid penalties. I've seen one get a penalty for ignoring yellows but that's it. To their credit they are better at obeying blues when the player is involved so don't get penalties there either (vs. the AI they basically never got hit there but they wouldn't move over vs. players sometimes but this is no longer true). I think the AI 'can' get penalties but it avoids it. It didn't used to early on in one year and constantly got hit for speeding under safety car where the most of the field had 3 drive thru penalties.
  4. Eh a lot of people are driving the same boat with wheels so its very useful. Some people put two setups, one for career with their team and another for time trial. I'm a pad user and can't be bothered to get a wheel for one game (storage space is a thing). Ultimately I adapt any set up to the needs I have in the ways I know how and a bit of guessing and hoping and then immediately undoing.
  5. And you're making me feel stupid and slow again. Wait a minute, I haven't got my usual avatar. There he is... Fits my team too, Slowpoke Procrastinati. We procrastinated so much we couldn't be bothered to put in the last three letters. (It only fits 22 characters) Any chance of you putting your setups on the f1 car setup page? :D.
  6. Annnnd I didn't even know this was a thing. Makes sense though.
  7. Yeah there's usually about a 90% chance I get a safety car whenever anyone retires, admittedly the mechanic still needs work as well as mistakes and general mishaps on the part of the AI but whatever. I do mostly full length and occasionally half length races. I'm on Xbox and this was true even in 1.01 and is still true in 1.02.
  8. @mariohoHmm. I'll give that some thought. Not really oversteering, I'm more or less able to keep the car on the track though I'm sure the set up is not optimized for speed. The spinning usually happens on acceleration so, on throttle. Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. Much obliged. I thought as much mostly. Lowering the angles surprises me though. If anything I thought higher angles would be less wear since the car would turn more easily and thus put less pressure on the tyres. Shows what little I know :D. The only other detail i'll ask about for now is wheel spin on corner exit. I'm slowly turning off assists since i discovered mid last year that it's much faster without full traction control (yeah I don't do much online research) especially in the wet and on race starts. The problem is I'm having difficulty 'tempering' the accelerator, sometimes fee
  10. Yeah I figured as much in terms of the whole Abc thing and margin for producing results and things that work with other things. Setups might be a little orchestra but I'm just banging on the drums here. Let's keep this simple. Say I wanted to minimize tire wear. What would I change and what would be the potential trade offs of doing so? I think I know the answer to this but I want to check my answers.
  11. Just change it in the settings. You can only do it before a race weekend. Like before you start free practice 1.
  12. Okay I was unsure whether I should comment or not but okay here I go. Hi! I'm a pad nub (I like my pad and don't want to use valuable space for something I'll use for one game go away :D). I'm not too fussy on the setups, I usually just wait a bit and copy one of Styx's and modify it slightly, just the wings, I know what that does and can tell the difference :D. Every year at the start while I don't have that luxury, I think 'maybe if I just figured it out', I look into it and.... I can't figure out what anything does and just use the defaults with minor changes here and there and
  13. The thing is almost every year, Ferrari are considered 'ahead' of Mercedes at the start of the season, but Mercedes are notorious for sand bagging. There's no way Ferrrari should have ever been considered number one at any point during this year. I know it's corrected now, but doing a few races with Ferrari dominance similar to 2000-2004 was eye roll inducing. It was the same the last two years too IRC at first anyway. Also the Ferrari engine is also the best (and most expensive) in my team. Could it be there's just a teeny tiny bit of bias going on? Or wishful thinking of Mercedes domin
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