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  1. Peachrocks

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Yup. They were definitely too slow before no arguments here but this isn't exactly the first time when a jackhammer was brought to deal with a small problem.
  2. Peachrocks

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Sorry but no. The AI is op in the rain and don't throw 'get good' at me. Difficulty is the problem and there's a reason why there is a number that lets us change it. The new patch hasn't fixed this either though I'm not surprised. I mean a little inconsistency from circuit to circuit I can adapt to with memory, I know which ones the AI is good on and can change the difficulty accordingly. It's not ideal but I can 'fix' this myself. This however, I cannot. For as long as there are changing conditions I can't do anything. In the new patch on Canada in my career in season 1 (I stopped my main career until this problem was fixed) I was in the Williams on 90 difficulty. No upgrades yet, I max out the efficiency first. Anyway, point is I qualify 14th. Not too bad, I mean a little above average, usually Im around 17th/18th but I can accept some variance. Problem 1, as soon as the race starts everyone is significantly slower for some reason. I mean, REALLY slow. I'm catching the top three teams and am second before rain falls on lap 17-18. Needless to say it all goes to hell after that. Running second over 8 seconds ahead of Weber in the Alfa (the top teams pitted earlier for new softs but I still got past all of them on track except for Hamilton) and I'm losing over a second a lap to Weber. I quit by lap 40 because I'm just too frustrated with the inconsistency at this point. I can't change the difficulty mid race, I can only 'guess' at where it should be in light of changing conditions but considering I qualified 14th and then was running second on merit and then was lapping slower than my team mate in 18th by the end of it? No. This is an unplayable, broken mess and 100% needs to be fixed before I'm touching it again.