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    The sound of F1 cars in F1 2019 is wrong

    Everyone, please, try to pay more attention to what you listen. I think that this year the Codemaster Audio Team did another step forward in terms of "sound fidelty". In TV we hear a mix of two different audio sources mixed together to make that kind of "aggressive" sound (on the left channel we hear more of the engine exhaust sound, and on the right we hear the "normal" sound that we Always heard in past like in 2017). If you hear for example the Ferrari engine sound from "F1 2019 | Test Day 3 Kimi Räikkönen Onboard Lap Helmet Cam Angle" video, or the Mercedes engine sound from "Lewis Hamilton's First Lap in 2019 Mercedes F1 Car!" video that you can find on Youtube, you can clearly hear the raw sound that we hear a lot close (and better under some circumstances, not completely) in this upcoming F1 2019 game (they are trying to replicate the "raw original sound of the car, not the mix that we hear in TV, and about that they are coming close.). Obviously, you all are right about the fact that some details are still missing or are too low to be heard like some whistle sounds and so on...i hope that is a problem related to mixing and not to what the Audio Team recorded during winter tests. if so, they could add those details by editing and mixing, but it's not up to us to say how they have to work. By the way, thank you @issueskid for your Awesome work, and keep improving as possible you can