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  1. Guessing they are working on it. Because thats why we don't hear anything right now
  2. You know that the that are 6 paddles then 2 of them are Clutch paddles 2 of them are used for shifting so why shouldn't I use them for DRS and the Overtake Button? The other 2 the ones above the Shift paddles aren't useable in F1 2019. Which is a shame because Fanatec praises them as f1 style paddles. The clutch paddles don't work btw.
  3. I'm thinking about buying them but not sure if it will work because as far as I know in F1 2019 it doesn't. I wish it would as the F1 game is Partnered with Fanatec and the extra Paddles would be awesome to use for the new Overtakebutton and DRS
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