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  1. XanderSJX


    In my opinion... It's a new system, it will take some time to re-adjust and change way of thinking and usage from previous games. 👍
  2. XanderSJX

    Broken AI Since F1 2018

    ^ That's just Bottas revenging his teammate for what happened before that last SC. Now seriously, leader sets the tempo under SC. And when SC announces that it will go in, leader will usually slowdown as much as possible or come to almost complete stop. That can be seen in real races too. That's something you need to be prepared for and for me it looks as expected (Baku 2017).
  3. XanderSJX


    If Norris said that old way is not realistic, I prefer new way. Especially because it was noticeable when watching Hamilton in any of previous 2-3 years. When somehow there is non-merc car in front that races for position. He catches it, sits there for 2-3 laps, then attacks in 1 lap (using overtake in some parts of track not whole lap). If it doesn't pass he again waits 1-2 laps. That was ERS depleting fast and giving advantage when used. 👍 As for AI, did you compare yourself with your teammate or other cars? It could/should be that different teams have different ERS, so for some it discharges slower. I haven't noticed any difference with teammate for example.
  4. XanderSJX

    Brake and Traction Control Assists

    I don't think they are, here is possible explanation. Maybe if you start accelerating while still going in direction of left kerb (in Austria turn 3), with brake assist it could apply a bit of brakes because it thinks you are going off line. And with that it allows you to survive with more throttle. While doing the same without brake assist, nothing can slow you down and if you apply same throttle it could be too much at that point. I haven't used brake assist long time and I can say that I am always very cautious in that turn on acceleration, no full throttle for me until car is completely straight.
  5. Hello everyone, I just saw a video about secondary sponsor that is asking specific number of laps completed during weekend. Now I wonder is it possible to change race distance in MyTeam? Because if it is and this number doesn't scale with difficulty after sponsor is selected, it would be possible to: set lowest race distance -> choose sponsor -> change race distance to something higher > and you have it done the easy way.
  6. XanderSJX

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    Couldn't have said it better myself. 👍
  7. That was very nice season by looking at points, hope you had fun. I also set difficulty as you, enough to give challenge but also to be able to beat teammate with small mistake here and there. Fun is most important. What distance do you drive 50 or 100%?
  8. XanderSJX


    I understand, I see these games as FIFA F1 game due to licensing, but I wish we get from someone PES F1 game.
  9. XanderSJX

    Benefits of making a pre-purchase on Steam?

    ^That is just for Schumi edition, yes.
  10. XanderSJX

    Benefits of making a pre-purchase on Steam?

    For standard edition: none. If you pre-purchase or you buy it on 10th July it will be the same and in both cases you can play it on 10th the earliest. Only "benefit" is for Schumacher edition on Steam: you get 10% off if you own F1 2019.
  11. XanderSJX


    Correct We should ask them either to give us only silver Merc or to remove all non-used tracks for this season. Seriously, I agree with what you said but I don't look tracks and liveries with same logic. Track needs time as it is not just color change, so when they started doing the game they had full calendar (then they added 10-16-22 possibility to allow partly recreation of real season). That's why I don't see the reason to touch tracks. While livery is just color change, so for me it is different logic then one used for tracks. And if team shows official season livery then that should be in game. But for example white Merc from Hockenheim is used only in 1 track so no problem not having it in game. Third thing is cars, they (CM) don't change FW and sidepods during season (it could have happened few times but I'm not sure) while in real life teams change it all the time. So I understand that we in game have same FW in race 20 and race 1 while in RL it is something completely different. In the end, I would prefer that they add during season different liveries team uses and give us option to choose.
  12. XanderSJX


    Game is about F1 2020 season, and Merc will use black livery during 2020 season. So only right thing is to have that livery in game.
  13. XanderSJX

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    Here is the problem, it is not just, it is more like JUST.
  14. XanderSJX

    Lack of gameplay

    We will see in few days/next week. Just checked last year, normal edition came out on 28th June, special edition on 25th, #1 career episodes form some youtubers with 30+min gameplay on 21st June. P.S. I'm just happy it only took 3min to check this, or I would consider myself too crazy for checking this.
  15. XanderSJX

    Lack of gameplay

    Agree with what cpayne said. Youtubers could get release version few days before release (without day1 patch). I think it was like that last year, when they started their normal career/gameplay videos few days before release.