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  1. Is there setting for speed impact on steering? I can check later when I come to my pc, but could be that. Unless you are using everything as default.
  2. Already in 2020 there is that behaviour, I think that is expected. So SEND marks that "racing" time of session is done and then when results screen comes on we get Final Classification packet. Best way to use that packet as delimiter.
  3. Well, now we know what "simulator" Merc is using. 😄
  4. After each practice session you "lose" 2 most worn sets, it is like that for long time already. So if you use 1 set of hards and 1 set of medium in FP1, that's it from them. But you should have at start of weekend 2 sets of hards and 2-3 sets of mediums. So after FP1 you should still have 1 set of hards and 1-2 sets of mediums. Now game usually limits 1 hard and 1 medium set to only become available in race and qually, that is why you probably can't use them in FP2-3.
  5. Note to EA/Codemasters for future (and all controller/wheel/keyboard manufacturers): please add if "pro" mode is selected that any hit gets as realistically represented. So stimulating muscles with electroshocks through wheels/controllers, hitting force feedback to 1000000% in moment of impact, etc. All in pursuit to make it realistic, just fighting for cause here, thank me later. Now on more serious note: I agree that it could be another option to disable/enable that restart/retire/replay pop-up after crash. But it doesn't really bother me to call it REAL ISSUE, since if I crash I know i
  6. There's idea for new feature in F1 2022: setting gearbox to manual disables changing gears completely. 😁
  7. Maybe you need to catch it in perfect way like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKXjx3DSnko
  8. Okay, that automatic change to lean sounds like bug. Try to repeat that and fill in bug report in technical assistance sub-forum.
  9. There are people that said pressing button on loading screen still works. Only thing is missing that button option is not displayed in lower right. Just make sure to double check.
  10. My "solution" in F1 2020 (and all before) was to do fuel/ers/tyre/race practice programs in standard fuel mix, which best represent how I will race. Never had any problem with fuel in race, always racing at 50%. If completing program is hard with standard fuel, just lift and coast more and use a bit of ers out of turns, should give enough boost for better time and save fuel for program goal.
  11. As cherry on top, missing pole-sitter is Mazepin in Williams I guess.
  12. Okay, so conclusion is: it is time trial, top time is 1:24.1, OP drives 1:25.0 and in last game OP drove 1:24.7. As someone already mentioned, by math 1:25.0 is slower time than 1:24.7, so don't see the issue. Or OP feels hurt that other top times found more speed than him in this game, probably since small change in handling model now suits them more then previous game. As for TT being faster than RL, always been the case, no issues there.
  13. Don't like usually to add to off-topic, but wouldn't it be bigger shame that you can by Senna/Schumacher/Prost for same money as Illot/Armstrong/etc? And I don't think that they will retire if they can drive with 50+ they can drive with 60+ years. 😁
  14. In my experience when I drive one game and then switch to other, it usually gets up to 1-3 days to get back up to speed. Recent time I noticed it was 2019->2020. I was doing career of 2019 on 95 for long time. Then next time I turned on PC I started F1 2020 for first time and I couldn't beat my teammate on 90. After few races in F1 2020, I was beating same teammate on 95 so had to increase difficulty. So just take some time, it is new game after all.
  15. And for grip keep in mind cars lost grip compared to 2020, so maybe that loss is implemented in game. 😉 This just means that corner speeds you did in 2020 are usually not supposed to be possible in 2021.
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