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  1. XanderSJX

    Does your character name show to others?

    If you think about online/leaderboards, there it will show your nickname. I use my real name in singleplayer and never saw it in online session or on leaderboards. No worries
  2. XanderSJX


    They can't fix real car performance, Merc/RB/Ferrari and other teams don't allow them to mess around their real cars. Now as for performance in the game, as mentioned in 9999.. (I don't know how many) other threads, it will be done in near future. They (CM) just need more races which gives them more data, that is used to create performance for each team.
  3. XanderSJX

    My Team Car Body Choices

    Exactly, I prepared myself to write how it would be a big problem for CM, because teams don't want to have their nose on car with other name. And then I remembered RP.
  4. XanderSJX

    How do you qualify?

    Full qualy, with running depending of the team: Weak team: Q1 - wait 2min, do outlap and 1 fast lap, wait until 2-3 min until the end and go out again Q2 - do one fast lap at start, if around 11th do another in last min, if not that's it Q3 - one lap, whatever I get valid or not, don't know how I got there anyway Middle team: Q1 - same as Q1 above Q2 - same as Q1 Q3 - same as Q1 Top team: Q1 - wait for first wave to go in pit, then drive one lap Q2 - same as Q2 above Q3 - same as Q2
  5. XanderSJX

    Driving into/out of the box (manually)

    I found this list: https://www.yekbot.com/f1-2020-list-of-voice-commands/
  6. XanderSJX

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    On exit, driver on the left had advantage, but driver on the right accelerated better and got the overlap. At that point he had right to space and other driver must have been aware of him (unless he is "ultra realism" player, so he isn't using arrows to show cars near him). At that point and looking more closely driver on the left moved a bit to the right just before the wall, which for me it is 100% on him in that case. But I would need his point of view to be sure. On the other hand, if I was in position of driver on the right and knowing the track ahead I would slot behind other guy and finish the move at Les Combes.
  7. XanderSJX

    Question about F2 2020 and My Team mode

    Question was about F2 drivers from 2020 season, they are still not in the game as far as I am aware. And will be added when they add complete F2 2020 grid. @BarryBL do you maybe have any info if new F2 drivers will be available in already started My team/career or we will need to start new one?
  8. XanderSJX

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Try with new save, as for season 2 it can be as a result of engine manufacturer upgrading/downgrading their engine during season 1. I don't think there was performance update now.
  9. XanderSJX

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    If only they had Merc's or RB's lawyers, they would probably have it still
  10. XanderSJX

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    That would require Merc to run in low power mode. If they push just a bit not even RP will be in the same lap. But they will not do that as every time in last 7 years, after dominant win they turned down and there was a close race. Then if them and F1 are satisfied with viewing numbers, they put them back on full power and destroy everything again.
  11. XanderSJX

    Where is the logic to this

    If you notice someone who you think cheats, yes, you need to report it. With video proof it is easier to know for them what to look for, and also in how to prevent it.
  12. XanderSJX

    Practice programs time/level issues

    Goals depend of your car, so you will have different time goal for Merc in season 1, than you would have in Haas. For me it is like this: AI set for Q and R (100), in P1 doing track acclimatization, fuel and tyre. In p2 doing race pace and ERS if I failed fuel/tyre in P1, and trying Q program, but failing marginally usually. If I didn't get 100% resource points until P3 I will retry some of failed programs. But failing Q in P2 usually sees me getting projected position in qualy or even 2-3 position better.
  13. XanderSJX

    My Team - Performance just disappeared during race?

    Tyre temperature?
  14. Oh, so it was even more interesting, I enjoyed reading before breakfast, really nice mix of seriousness and laugh. On topic: agree on what @janbonator said above, it is possible that multiple accounts are used for farming pitcoins. Although my first guess would be that faster part of family/household took a race for other one in order to help them gain something. I did that on xbox for FH4, as my wife is far away from racing but she likes it just for driving around. So if she can't get some car or something I would do some races in her account and that would place me to similar times as on my own account. My first question here is: how do you know that it is one person that uses both accounts, is it by name? EDIT: okay, saw the other thread, which answered my last question.
  15. XanderSJX

    Fantasy Calendar

    Something like it was in 2012 or 2013, not sure. When they added Brands Hatch, Jerez, Imola and Estoril. If possible it would be cool to have something like that again. I know it depends of track owners allowing it. And even if they add 4 tracks we would again be "they could add just this one too" But yes, I agree with idea. Don't want to start with listing tracks now...