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    F2 2019 vs F2 2020 Comparison

    I agree on 1st part. On 2nd part, I think they presented career as always driving 1st F1 season in 2020 doesn't matter if you take F2 before or not. That's how they presented it and that's how it is. It may not be as you expected but I don't see a problem there really. It's more as you said with retirements. Hopefully they will update in next days and add F2 drivers to career/my team modes.
  2. XanderSJX

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Agree, you are probably right. I just don't like level of influence teams can get on rules in F1 (especially those "all must agree"). Let's hope that in future they will manage to give us this option.
  3. XanderSJX

    F2 2019 vs F2 2020 Comparison

    About last point: F2 2020 cars/drivers in career mode. I don't remember how it was in 2019 as I skipped it but your first F1 season in career/my team is with F1 2020 cars. So if it is supposed to be realistic you can only drive F2 2019 before that in career. If you want to drive F2 2020 at start of career, that would mean that your first F1 season is in 2021, and F1 cars at start have 2020 performance not 2021 (which doesn't exist). For other point I agree, I am just following forums now and waiting for these to be fixed before coming back to the game.
  4. XanderSJX

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    That's probably the issue that teams don't allow it. I mean F1 is only "sport" that I know where teams can decide about rules.
  5. XanderSJX

    Driver stats my team

    They need "mentality" or "form" or some stat like that. Similar as PES has with arrows: just put UP arrow to #1 driver in each team and DOWN arrow to #2 driver in each team. Or not each, only Merc/Ferrari/RB...
  6. XanderSJX

    Formula 2 (2020) is Amazing !!! But ...

    Well they did nail Ilott's consistency.
  7. XanderSJX

    Instant replay

    Instant replay duration is fixed I think. Full race replay is available only after race is finished. on results page.
  8. XanderSJX

    F1 2020 demo

    Based on some google search: you are right time trial is not in it. It says there is start of My Team (create team, take teammate) + 1st race in Australia. And split screen mode is there. Career, time trial, weekly events and multiplayer are not there.
  9. XanderSJX

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Based on this weekend, OP is understatement.
  10. XanderSJX

    F1 2019 vs F1 2020

    Fantastic post, very nice points made. About last part (recommendations), did you put those in Suggestions sub-forum? Maybe they are looking there more than here...
  11. XanderSJX

    How to add friends in the TT leaderboard (2nd tab)?

    I think that page should show your friends from PS platform, those who own the game and have set laps. For me (on Steam/PC) there are people that I have as friends on Steam.
  12. XanderSJX

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    No pit-wall tricks in-game, both team drivers get same chance. Just joking, but for Vettel probably in-game Vettel doesn't mind if rear is loose. So he drives like real Vettel would with stable rear end.
  13. XanderSJX

    Guys please help

    Some more details would help, try looking into this And provide details asked there in separate thread (if none exists with same issue already) in here https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/111-gameplay-issues-and-bugs-ta/
  14. XanderSJX

    My team completed

    Nice, I mostly meant about win number, it is different if it is 53 wins in 100 races than 53 wins in 220 races. As for flashbacks, AI and so on, don't really care. Everyone plays the game as they like. I mean Hamilton is "playing" it on easy for 8 years, but you can't say his results are not great. That was nice career, now you can try again and reproduce MSC-Ferrari or HAM-Merc records.
  15. XanderSJX

    My team completed

    That's some great results with 8 titles. How many races per season did you have?
  16. XanderSJX

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    He is not OP in game, he is underpowered in RL. Now, how they failed to implement that simple thing in game is not really clear... They probably wanted to make him closer to Lewis so that championships are not to boring, and they have likely overdid it.
  17. XanderSJX

    Best ai in recent f1 games

    But aren't trains realistic??? Depending of track, in Bahrain I was part of train but we changed positions and there was no 2 laps where first car was same. In Zandvoort/Barcelona I was in train and no way to overtake, especially if car ahead has better engine. I found it very realistic. If train is Ferrari-RB-Merc, I would expect it to turn around in couple laps. If it doesn't it's a problem. If train is Bottas-Max-Leclerc I would expect it to stay like that forever unless Bottas makes mistake (which he doesn't in game ).
  18. XanderSJX

    AI drivers cornering / line defense questionable?

    That behavior I think was always in F1 games, although it became much better then before. When I am outside, yes I have same as you they brake somewhat earlier. When I am inside, I am not sure. Because every time I make sure that they don't get their FW ahead of me under braking. That way when they try to turn in they will register car there and will not go for apex. That said, when I attack on outside I expect them to try to hold inside line and keep me on outside with enough space to the edge of track (including the exit). When I am on inside, if speed is similar I expect them to try to stay outside or even undercut me for better exit. This is still on only driving half of season, so not enough data as you.
  19. That's livery from tier 1 podium pass in new season. We all got it I think.
  20. XanderSJX

    Driver career AI

    Setup related maybe? Or tyre warmup, how long is your race and do you do formation lap?
  21. XanderSJX

    Throttle at 100 - how to solve this?

    @Daugaard did you try just to re-assign same control to throttle? In Control scheme, find throttle, mark it and press what you want to use. It could be that it registered as inverted. It happened to me in many different games, simple re-assignment fixed the issue most of the time.
  22. XanderSJX

    Does your character name show to others?

    If you think about online/leaderboards, there it will show your nickname. I use my real name in singleplayer and never saw it in online session or on leaderboards. No worries
  23. XanderSJX


    They can't fix real car performance, Merc/RB/Ferrari and other teams don't allow them to mess around their real cars. Now as for performance in the game, as mentioned in 9999.. (I don't know how many) other threads, it will be done in near future. They (CM) just need more races which gives them more data, that is used to create performance for each team.
  24. XanderSJX

    My Team Car Body Choices

    Exactly, I prepared myself to write how it would be a big problem for CM, because teams don't want to have their nose on car with other name. And then I remembered RP.
  25. XanderSJX

    How do you qualify?

    Full qualy, with running depending of the team: Weak team: Q1 - wait 2min, do outlap and 1 fast lap, wait until 2-3 min until the end and go out again Q2 - do one fast lap at start, if around 11th do another in last min, if not that's it Q3 - one lap, whatever I get valid or not, don't know how I got there anyway Middle team: Q1 - same as Q1 above Q2 - same as Q1 Q3 - same as Q1 Top team: Q1 - wait for first wave to go in pit, then drive one lap Q2 - same as Q2 above Q3 - same as Q2