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  1. zonincolin

    can't use my G27 wheel!

    thanks doops! it fixed itself not sure how, ran windows 10 update or maybe CM sent an update, was about to try vJoy but after setting it up while the update was running realized G27 is working somehow when i launched Grid. So the start button remap is ok all of sudden.
  2. zonincolin

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    The FFB on G27 needs alot of improvement, why I don't play. In Grid Autosport the FFB is perfect and spent too many hours in there! my fav game of all time! In Grid 2019 there's no rumbling effect, you don't feel the little bumps, this is crucial for me, also there's too much slack in the center even though deadzone set to 0, just copy the code from GAS! I thought this game was going to be a GAS upgrade, it's more related to Dirt rally or Dirt 4 codewise it sure looks like.
  3. zonincolin

    can't use my G27 wheel!

    This was working a month ago now the start button on game load doesn't do anything. When I hit enter and go to change it to G27 it wouldn't let me set as primary, so I ended up deleting it to try that, now I don't see a way to put the G27 back!! In my case the shifter isn't plugged in so I have to hack \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GRID (2019)\input\actionmaps\lg_g27.xml and change the start button to <axis name="di_button_7" /> this is typical for all the other CM games like Grid Autosport and works fine, it was working fine in Grid 2019 a month ago! WHATS UP!? There's no way I can plug in the shifter either so that's not an option! Thank you!