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  1. afahoy

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    *is shown to be wrong* *storms off in a huff, calling everyone children*
  2. afahoy

    Change the RED forum Background to...

    On the other hand, everything is a much more finger-friendly size on mobile now.
  3. afahoy

    g920 or g29?

    Yeah I got mine for about £120; the clincher for me was that it came with 3 pedals – gotta be able to do those clutch kicks. I did later supplement it with a TH8A shifter, mind.
  4. afahoy

    Change the RED forum Background to...

    The red doesn’t bother me – it’s a thin border on the sides, and only appears in any large expanse at the top and bottom of the posts list, where there’s not much to look at anyway. Still, if it could be made the nice CMR2.0 teal just fit the DiRT sub-forums that’d be grand 👍🏾
  5. afahoy

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Except they have the indicator controls on the wrong side 😬