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  1. afahoy

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    You can post useful things without being so condescending and antagonistic about it. Multiple people have told you your attitude is unhelpful to good conversation, so maybe take a step back and consider this. Why do you think people are so often hostile towards you? The common factor here is you.
  2. See, there you go again, implying things that aren’t true and then making jokes and arguments against them. I mean, can you quote any of my posts where I say the game is perfect now and that I don’t want it changed? I truly don’t understand why you seem to think we’re against improving the game. It’s weird.
  3. Yeah and you’ll have to come up another straw man to argue against.
  4. afahoy

    Season One, Stage Two

    Proper audio’s coming next week apparently. Don’t really care tbh, still sounds good 🤷‍♂️
  5. afahoy

    Season One, Stage Two

    Your loss, the M1 is great fun, and sounds amazing even if it doesn’t have the proper audio yet 😄
  6. afahoy

    no more marshall please

    Because time trial is a single stage using a “borrowed” car, so what you do to the car after you’ve set a time doesn’t matter. In career and online events, you’re using your own car and probably have further stages to run afterwards, so any damage you do or penalties you incur after crossing the line matter.
  7. afahoy

    Stil no ffb fix, no comms from devs

    It boggles my mind that you have the audacity to characterise people asking for more reasoned discussion about the game issues as “rabid and foam[ing] at the mouth”. Like, are you actually reading what people like me and Rallystu are writing? You seem have this idea that we’re some kind of white knights defending the honour of our beloved, but... why? Where does this weird belief come from? What have we said to give this impression? We’ve done nothing but try to rein in the more overtly hostile and childish attitudes in an effort to have productive discussions about the problems and what might be done about them. You basically have a straw man built up in your head. Stop attacking it and respond to what people are actually saying, and how they’re actually saying it.
  8. afahoy

    Community improvement priority.

    Some of us just grow weary of relentless negativity.
  9. afahoy

    Stil no ffb fix, no comms from devs

    Gamers rise up, eh?
  10. afahoy

    Stil no ffb fix, no comms from devs

    I agree with that. I have always agreed with that. At the same time, I can be happy with the FFB as it is. Is it perfect? No. Is it game-breakingly bad, distractingly bad? No. Would I be upset if it was left as-is? A little, personally, and perhaps moreso on behalf of the people for whom it does genuinely seem to not be working properly. Yes, the prevailing sentiment here, on Reddit and on the Discord server is that FFB and various other things should be improved. Once again, I’m not disagreeing with that. I have my own list of things I’d like to see fixed/improved. What I am disagreeing with is the childish, impatient whining and entitled demands that the “broken” FFB be fixed yesterday or the game is literally unplayable. I am also disagreeing with the notion that this forum, or worse, Reddit, is representative of the whole userbase. We all (well most of us) want the game to better, we just care enough to post about it here. Most people, though, don’t. They’re likely fine with the game as it is, or if not, will either stop playing soon, or make their grievances known.
  11. afahoy

    Community improvement priority.

    Only CM devs know that, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s some combination of: 1. Deliberate design choice. 2. It’s much more difficult (ie expensive/time-consuming) to implement in DR2 because of the way it would need to interact with the stage degradation and updates physics. Maybe there just wasn’t time or budget available to do it the way they wanted.
  12. afahoy

    Stil no ffb fix, no comms from devs

    That’s not how this works. You’re making a claim, I’m questioning it. And I’m not asking for “100% proof”, just some actual evidence that makes sense, not wishful thinking. If you want to discuss this, do so in good faith, don’t misrepresent arguments that you don’t agree with. And my evidence that people who are ok with FFB aren’t posting on the forums is the lack of forum posts from anyone other than a few regulars saying “the FFB is fine”.
  13. afahoy

    Stil no ffb fix, no comms from devs

    Do you have any numbers to back that up? No? No. You’re basing it on the few people here and on Reddit/Steam whining about FFB in variously precise ways. This should be obvious, but those people are not representative of the entire playerbase. The people who are fine with the FFB are almost exclusively NOT posting on forums or Reddit.
  14. afahoy

    Community improvement priority.

    1. Yes it’s the number one issue, the point was you’re greatly exaggerating how much of a lead it has. 2. They have addressed the problem, they are addressing it. They’re working on it right now. They’re well within their rights to just give us information filtered through PR, and you sound like a whiny child by demanding more. They’re under no obligation to have devs waste their time trying to appease you with technical details. Asking for a hotfix when you have no idea how anything works behind the scenes and in the game code is just ignorant. The FFB is adequate as it is, for most people. 3. Dear god listen to yourself. Nobody’s defending the company, we’re defending the notion of reason and sense. It’s incredibly immature to believe everything is all so simple and why isn’t it fixed NOW and blah blah blah. Doing things properly takes time, be patient. Maybe try to enjoy the game for what’s good about it rather than unhealthily fixating on all the negatives.
  15. afahoy

    Community improvement priority.

    The two effects are greyed out because, as I’ve said in various threads, they’re for gamepads: “Engine” wasn’t even an option in DR1, FWIW, and “Tyre Slip” just made the wheel stiffen up if your rear wheels were spinning with no traction. It only ever had much of an effect from a standing start; during a stage it basically did nothing. Furthermore, having the wheel go stiff when the rear wheels lose traction just competes with SAT, which does the opposite but for the front wheels.