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  1. paris fr steam pc. still the same after 3 weeks of improvement since yesterday I no longer have the server racent message not found, the jca loads a race and it stays on this loading page and nothing .. I even re-installed the 109 gigabytes of the game, but still the same IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY .. THERE ARE PHOTOS:
  2. v Platform: Steam Country: fr Place where error was encountered: Events / Clubs / Time Trial ...connect game simply Kind of error: no error but nothing.. not charging comunication with server no disponible. hello, will it finally repair the racenet server which still has not worked on R2 for 2 weeks? despite many messages the days passed and no improvement ?! guys we have to make a movement and boycott codemaster and race net, or get people to come together and sign a petition for justice? It will teach them to take people for a simple product and for im
  3. hello, will it finally repair the racenet server which still has not worked on R2 for 2 weeks? ha no no no its a fake ? RaceNet will return We're down for a little maintenance and should be back shortly 1 week..!!not work...
  4. pc france connection failed but i got 290mbps ? for several weeks, after a message on this site to report, on 1 2022 I was told it was repaired, and not 1 day of normal operation, and it no longer works .... again .... exactly the same as on dirt 1, why we definitely stop ... the racenet server is problematic, it's good to sell products, but behind you have to assume and ensure ... you have to buy another server right? is it time? even after 10 attempts always the same message.
  5. the service racenet is not available. pc Steam, fr. 3 weeks of bug, charging and nothing...dr2 racenet is broken....again.......
  6. c is the same impossible racenet not available, it trains ...
  7. Is down..in fr.. serious? the data got COVID-19 ?? Not happy...
  8. yes for bug its lighted changer can find, the engine does not work in cokpit view just after the hood view .... it's still a bug and more .... :(
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