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    dr1 bug online

    hello as usual I still have problem of connection with dirt rally now it puts me online that the test has been modified and that it updates and nothing, it runs in loop without stopping ... I tested 30 40 times but always the same .... it's starting to do a lot with this games. codemaster at work take out a god name patch, do something for these servers who are from the sh ..
  2. LOKCY77974

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Is down..in fr.. serious? the data got COVID-19 ?? Not happy...
  3. Hi it s impossible ti connect racenet in dirt rally 1?!? There is still a problem on the server? How to stop having this message and connect quickly without trying again 36 times please
  4. Hello, since this afternoon I have encountered a problem when I want to play Dirt rally, I play with the cumulus rift cv1, but when I start the game it stays on the first page it flashes black and white and nothing happens. when i unplug oculus the game starts so there is a problem with VR?!? I did not have this concern yesterday if someone meets the same concern we have a solution to offer me please? In fact in VR the day is blocked on the first page of loading and nothing happens it does not even warn me to put the Oculus Headset on the head it blocks before and it remains frozen?!?
  5. here it starts again, it worked but not long, codemaster you have to wake up ??? invest in a racenet that works !!! and yes we do games so we take care of it too ... 😞
  6. dirt rally 1 works at the first attempt I managed to connect ... I hope it will last this time ... thank you ..
  7. yes we are sh ... for them ... boycotting the new codemaster game .. or so when he answers, it's just to ask questions and bring no solution ..
  8. me who had to buy f1 and grid, then the saw the worries ca not risk ... and hop a customer in less ...
  9. codemaster should give us money every time it happens and the fact that this problem is rare
  10. pity that codemaster should not misuse us every time this problem this product, it would quickly solve the problem, as well on dirt rally 1 and 2, because on the rally 1 c is a problem yet known for a moment but never nothing was done to solve this problem. I will still see with steam to get reimbursed because I'm fed up ...
  11. LOKCY77974

    Racenet error

    same for me, what is this error ... even dirt 1 c was already difficult to successfully connect, but it is 3-4 days it became impossible ..
  12. it is good to make new game but dirt rally1 it is 4 days impossible to connect racenet. and the dirt rally 2 impossible racenet unavailable error 3ae1154c5-55-58
  13. LOKCY77974

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    yes for bug its lighted changer can find, the engine does not work in cokpit view just after the hood view .... it's still a bug and more .... :(