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  1. michaelb5097

    Manual Starts Help

    I've just tried what you said and the car still doesnt engage 1st gear, I dont know what's going on. I watched some videos on YouTube of people playing the game and it seems the PC users have the same issue but the xbox users cars engage 1st gear while revving up
  2. michaelb5097

    Manual Starts Help

    It's happened to me in every single race I've done
  3. michaelb5097

    Manual Starts Help

    Playing on pc with latest patch. In f12018 on manual starts, I held the clutch in and the car would select 1st gear ready for the start. In f1 2019 when holding in the clutch, the car stays in neutral, so when the lights go out i have to quickly let go of the clutch and tap gear up to select 1st which is costing me time everytime. Is this the same for everyone else? I have the clutch mapped to my gear up paddle just like in 18, nad also tried manual with suggested gear, manual with clutch and manual with no change.