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  1. mscforever

    F1 2020 F2 Class

    Would it be 2019 class? or 2020? if it is 2019 class,when will 2020 come out?
  2. mscforever

    Mission Winnow

    mods did some good work but,with last years winnow "modded" thing... steering wheel looked like this... non original,it's just like early period of release...
  3. I bought a Deluxe Schumacher Edition,but at the preload it looks regular edition's id... Deluxe Edition Steam ID is 451621 now it's preloading and when I click on the logo of game-app shortcut,it says gameid 1080110 so would it turn into Deluxe ?
  4. mscforever

    Preload Deluxe Edition

    When will Deluxe edition available to preload on Steam?
  5. mscforever


    one more thing to this breaking news
  6. mscforever

    F1 2020 pre download steam

    that "early access" thing... 3 days before release... but I think that it will be only "available to download" 3 days earlier. still wait to play till the 10th of the month... am I wrong?
  7. How about a "deeply detailed" things about that edition? for example,more cars of him for example,maybe as a "challenge" or "story mode" some iconic races,just like 2000 Japanese,2010's first race as comeback,2012's last race as a farewell. I'd like to see more and more detailed things about that "Deluxe" edition. Not just 4 cars,and podium celebration...
  8. here is the Newey and Allison from youtube gameplay videos
  9. Did you notice that? in various gameplay videos today,I've seen James Allison and Adrian Newey on the podium. it's good to see someone real other than drivers on the podium
  10. mscforever

    My Team: option to create a team with 2 real drivers

    I like it that way really,as I said that before here. I want to manage two real drivers. "Team Boss" mode... I don't want to drive one of the cars,for a created team...
  11. I don't know about that.. But I feel a little disappoint. Because I thought that mode will be a "management" mode for 2 real drivers and 1 test driver. But it won't. 1 driver is "custom" and other is real.
  12. mscforever


    just like what did NBA 2K series... look at the interviews at the end of quarters,at the end of matches... real player/coach voices... a few words,a few sentences but.. looks good
  13. mscforever


    how about a team radio messages from driver's own voices?
  14. mscforever

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    Schumacher Special eh? I'll hope that this special thing is not only about "time trial" or etc... how about some iconic moments with that 4 cars of MSC?