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  1. @justbiglee confirm you've read this thread please. rather than hiding away all the time...
  2. yeah right... it will take them 5 months to plug in some numeric performance values, smh. In reality the true competitive order of the grid can be seen by the spanish gp. after that they can sit down and type in 'donwforce: 94/100, tyre wear: 67/100' for mercedes and repeat for the other teams. NOT a 5 month task.
  3. can someone actually name the top 3 bugs that NEED to be fixed?
  4. They need to programme an 'alternate driving line' for the AI. Whereby when an AI car is on the inside of another car going into a corner, it recognises it is on the 'alternate line' and assigns itself a deeper braking point and sharper exit angle when it has slowed down enough. (See Rosberg's deep overtake on Vettel at the 2014 Chinese GP for a similar example). I agree with RickLopez here that the AI currently seems to slow down early to reach the correct speed in order to navigate the corner on the normal racing line.
  5. NOPE. it's the 'look left' shortcut command which is being triggered, not right.
  6. I'd like to know if you can still run on slick tyres when the weather changes from dry to wet. In previous games you could run for a good 5 laps or so in the rain on dry tyres before needing intermediates. I'm wondering if CM have fixed this so like in real life F1, as soon as it starts to rain, slicks become very useless and dangerous and you need to fit inters asap. I just watch a youtube video of a scenario mode from f12014 where you are a ferrari starting on dry tyres on a clearly wet track. your objective is to come 1st which he did easily. But there was rain falling and the tyres were ki
  7. oh for f**k sake Codemasters! show us a god damn onboard lap! these cinematic laps mean nothing!! I barely know which corner i'm looking at with everything fizzing by!
  8. the damage system in CM's F1 games is probably the biggest let down. it really is poor.
  9. what am i not getting? my comment clearly talks about the acceleration. someone cant read comments!
  10. 1. has the dynamic weather improved? 2. has the online connectivity improved? 3. have the graphics been improved to next-gen standards? 4. victory lap? 5. any more classic cars/tracks? thanks
  11. holy craap! you are something else... the game has been out for a week and you've done 564 races? that's like almost 100 a day! get a new hobby
  12. Opinions are like ar$eholes, everybody has one.  And I don't agree with yours, I think it's a great game too you don't agree with his ar$ehole?
  13. LOL. I agree. it's like this is the driver's position in car!
  14. No. Impossible to implement 2015 data in such a short time. seriously disagree. when a new season starts, all CM have to wait on before releasing a game is the shape of the new cars and the performance order. modelling the cars could take a month with a good team of designers, and the performance changes are just values in a car performance file. would take a few days at most. thus during this year they can get all the next gen textures and menus up to scracth, then the final part would be the cars. so an april/May 2015 release is possible?
  15. the acceleration of the touring car off the line at the start in the first video is extremely unrealistic. it's like an F1 car!
  16. Heard that dynamic weather would not be in Autosport? is this true? if there is no rain, or transitions from dry to wet etc. I'm not gonna buy this game. Weather is an essential element of Motorsport. it completely effects any race when it changes.
  17. still awful after 4 years. if they have DRS behind you on a long straight, they cruise up to your rear and then attempt a half overtake: they pull out of your slipstream and then back in, hesitating before aborting the move. ridiculous.
  18. autosport is released next month so old gen is a reasonable choice from CM. F1 will come out in october (probably September) no it has to be next gen otherwise they will suffer in sales.
  19. how do i change my avatar? there is no option on the profile page. btw i love the new default avatars. little aztec faces!
  20. 2010: excitement for first game. but playing it now you realise how awful the car physics and handling are. Great graphics though and polish to menus. 2011: very buggy. but very fun with coop champ and tyre wear (+scaling). poor graphics. 2012: great handling, more polished package. again very buggy. removal of tyre wear scaling killed strategy element of 50% races. 2013: combination of 2011 and 2012 to make a good all around game. exciting races and slightly improved graphics. STILL very buggy. took months to get to a somewhat acceptable state. Much like in previous games, some parts seeme
  21. im sorry but what live the life 'feature' in f1 2010? all you got to do was answer a few scripted interview questions and repeated paddock interview questions. I like the idea, but not the implementation in that game.
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